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  1. D

    Question Why Does My Windows Crash When Sharing Files Over The Network

    Recently Ive created a home file server out of an old pc . Ive created the server using windows built in file sharing over our home network , however when copying over large files (more than 10gigabytes) the server just freezes completely (The screen is still on but is completely frozen and non...
  2. X

    Question Use wifi to transfer files while using wired for gaming

    Is it possible to use both wireless and wired at once without changing up in setting (make it automatic) if u wondering why when i transfer files via WiFi is because wifi speed can go up to 350mb/s while my wired (Ethernet cat5) is only 100mb/s Yes i know i could go buy cat 6 and be done but I...
  3. R

    Question What router to go with?

    Hey all, so have a fairly limited budget but am looking at getting either of the routers below and am after some opinions and reasons as to which one. 1. D-Link Taipan DSL-4320L Tri Band AC3200 ADSL2+/VDSL2 Wireless Modem Router NetGear Nighthawk X4S D7800 Dual-Band Router Linksys AC5400 Tri...
  4. faslanetech

    Question I can only connect to my SMB shares if WIFI is connected on my PC Tower.

    Hi All...OK, So when I'm home and want to connect to my shared folders etc that are on my network, I can only connect to them successfully if the tower is connected to WiFi, even though it's already on Ethernet and can be seen on the network from any phone, laptop, tablet etc. IF I disconnect...
  5. S

    Question Which file sharing protocol would be the best for remote access and supported by Windows 10?

    I have a little home server. I have set up an SFTP and SMB share. The problem is that SFTP is not supported by Windows 10's File Explorer, SMB is good locally but as I read feedback, it's pretty dangerous to open it on the router. The reason why I need it to be supported by Windows is because I...
  6. E

    Question First time using Bluetooth, not working

    So I tried Bluetooth for the first time connecting my Smartphone and PC. I got them paired but then tried to send a photo from the phone to the PC and keep getting file not sent. I have no idea what is happening. Any other tutorials I need to see?
  7. Jan Rick Bertumen

    Question Which is better: GTX 1050 laptop or RX 560X laptop?

    i have been canvassing laptop in my country and found a similar 2 priced laptops (around $800 when convertedto USD) the former has an i5 U-model cpu and a gtx 1050 mobile and the latter has an ryzen 5 H-model with an rx 560x some guys say that rx 560 mobile is the same as the rx 560x despite...
  8. F

    Which Graphics Card Should I Get?

    So I can get a 750Ti, 950 and 460 all by Nvidia. They are all around the same price. Which one should I get?
  9. L

    32" Curved or 43" 4K for a GTX1080?

    I'm unsure if I should go with a 40" 4K or 32" curved monitor. For curved, I'm looking at an LG 34UC88; for 4k, I'm considering 43" Acer ET430K or 42.51" Dell P4317Q. However, I'm open to other suggestions too. Uses: some work, multitasking, streaming and gaming. Most of my gaming is single...
  10. J

    battery problem help

    is anyone having problems with their battery on a Toshiba satellite p55w-c5208 the 4khd edition?
  11. Z

    Ryzen 3 2200g + Asus strix b450 + gtx 1050ti

    What ram is good and compatible with these components? thanks
  12. M

    My fortnite is locked and I can’t change it, please help!!

    When I load up epic games launcher everything works fine and the resolution is perfect but when I click on ‘launch’ fortnite the game loads up as a thin slither of a screen, I have tried numerous methods including changing the resolution of the game and even uninstalling and reinstalling. If you...
  13. H

    Screen is 'stretched' (windows 7)

    the screen is stretched, i tried going in screen resolutions but there is no recommended option and the highest (1024 x 768) is still stretched. I tried looking for updates for my graphics driver in windows updates but there is no updates. i have intel (r) hd graphics.
  14. mousegolf

    Asus Q-Connector for Z370-E Gaming

    I am looking for a Quick Connector (Asus Q-Connector) for my ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING motherboard. This would be just for the header for the Front Control Panel. A link with a Part Number would be great! It would look something like this older model Q-Connector
  15. N

    Ryzen 5 1600 vs i5-7600k + more questions

    I'm tied between the both. I was heading towards i5 and trying to get out of the AMD phase but then I seen the Ryzens and did a little research and it seems its a tie if not the Ryzen seems better. I need advice. Right now I have a GTX 1060 that I plan on building with the rest of the parts so...
  16. D

    Wi-Fi randomly turns off when I sit down at my PC

    There was no desktop category so I posted here. My computer is an old computer (2013), but it works great and I love it. It had no wi-fi capabilities when I first bought it, so I bought a linksys Wi-Fi PCI Adapter. Problem solved. Everytime I sit down at my computer and touch the metal on...
  17. spieff

    Corsair/Msi hydro 980 Ti reaching 85c under load.

    My 980Ti is reaching way too high temps for what it is. Idle i get about 45c (room temp about 20c) Under load i usually get 82-85c. Heres what've done so far and the aprox. temp losses. -Changed the case, gained 1-2c -Changed the radiator fan, lost 2c -Added fans to the case, lost 1c -Changed...
  18. R

    Are these temperatures ok?

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and not a gamer (just as ASUS FAN). Could you please tell me if these temperatures are ok after a stress test? Onlly 8GB of RAM because my 16GB pack had a problem and i'm waiting for the new ones.
  19. M

    I think I might have a virus because my computer is laughing at me (serious)

    Ok so just today I noticed that my computer was making a weird laughing noise at random times, I even had somebody else here and they noticed it too. I also saw it on an audio monitor, so I'm not just hearing things. It also seems to change a little bit every once in awhile. I don't currently...
  20. A

    trying to find out what memory to get for i7 7700k cpu / 1080ti GTX

    whats the best memory to get for a i7 7700k processor / GTX 1080 ti? what is best speed I should get for this build? going for 16 Gb set