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  1. V

    Desktop or Laptop

    So I am hopefully gonna get a gaming computer but kinda confused about buying either a desktop or laptop. because I know that it s hard to change and upgrade the laptop and sometimes impossible. but I can take it anywhere to play games. What do you think?
  2. W

    Motherboard and amd card compatibility

    Right now I have an amd Radeon his 7870 turbo iceq graphics card that won’t boot up with my intel dq67sw motherboard, can somebody please tell me why and/or help me to get it booting up. Thank you for your time.
  3. D

    Howto adjust Mafia 2 Resolution before opening the game? (PS I hate windows 10)

    So My system used to run Windows 8.1 (which is sh*t), and Mafia 2 ran fine on my weird TV (Max resolution being 16:10 1680 x 1050). I then upgraded to Windows 10 (which is just as, if not more sh*t than windows 8.1). I uninstalled and reinstalled Mafia 2. Now whenever I open Mafia 2, it runs it...
  4. P

    No monitor signal when hdmi cable is plugged in.

    Reposting to try and get some help. Finally got my computer to turn on, but the monitor won't get a signal from the monitor. My Motherboard is an MSI 970 Gaming with no dedicated GPU, an Nvidia GTX 950 graphics card, and a TR2 430w PSU. Can anyone help?
  5. B

    Lenovo Y520 Battery Upgrade

    So, I just purchased the Lenovo Y520 about a month ago, and absolutely love it. It's portable, cool, and light. However, I have one MAJOR gripe. It's something that a lot of reviewers complained about, but I didn't know it was this bad. That's the extremely tiny battery in the laptop. When I say...
  6. R

    Asus UX410 UA

    I bought this laptop but I have issues with the cpu fan. It's always running on 3000+ RPM (Cpu temps are about 40 degrees which is kinda low) and there is no option in bios to tweak it. Is it normal behavior or is there anything I can do to lower the RPM ? It's pretty annoying like this...
  7. E

    Gtx 960 help burning

    Recently bought new pc parts, i tried to start up and the fire appeared from the gpu, is it possible to fix it? Why did it happpen? I'm in a bad situation helppp :(
  8. P

    VGA Graphics Card HELP

    I have plugged in my VGA cable to graphics card and PSU , then I noticed wire on right isn't connected to anything but is apart of the wire connected to PSU and graphics card ? Help
  9. M

    Black Screen/Monitor goes to sleep after BIOS splash

    So what happens is completely random, this happened once a few weeks ago and didn't happen again until a few days after and then everything was fine for a few weeks and today it happened again. I boot up my PC, it shows the Asus splash and then my monitor goes to sleep. Everything is running...
  10. N

    ASUS laptop wont turn on

    Hello my asud E502M Laptop just shut down. I have tried removing the charger and pressing the power button with no success. The lightd are on but the screen is blank. Please help me on how to turn ot on..
  11. keiwina

    100% SSD usage at idle (Service Host:Local System)

    Well I see that disabling superfetch doesn't affect if using an ssd. I have update all drivers, I don't know other solution, please help me. This isn't affecting neither the ram or cpu. I have windows 10 running on a crucial 480 gb ssd and a 1tb mass storage. Ryzen 5 1600, 8gb 3200mhz
  12. K

    Want to buy a new modem

    Hello, I have fiber optic with phone and tv. I was looking for a new modem, currently have a ZTE ZXHN F668, the one which was given by them. I tried to find one but didn't work that well. I'm not used with the terms from this domain. I am paying for 1 Gbps up and down and I get on speed test 80...
  13. O

    Sound card/headphone problems

    So my friend just bought a pair of Refurbished Audio Technica ATH-M50Xs and Sound Blaster Audigy FX 5.1 sound card. The problem he is having is that when he plugs in his headphones in to all but 1 jack it does not recognize that anything is plugged in, therefore he gets no sound. The jack that...
  14. R

    SMPS output voltage drops

    Hi, I am facing one issue in SMPS unit which droping the supply voltage 9.3V(inplace of 12V)and 1.5V(inplace of 3.3V). And SMPS not supports to CPU post boot . I tested faulty SMPS terminals and not any shorts observed. For same motherboard I was varified with good SMPS and its working...
  15. W

    Computer crashing, mostly when playing games

    Hello, I've been having this problem for some years now and i still havent managed to solve it. What happens is the computer randomly crashes, BSOD or just freezes, could be when gaming or just browsing. The computer is a bit old with the specs as follows: AMD 925 HD 5850 Asus M4A785TD-V EVO...
  16. C

    Anyone know about any cheap monitors that are good for the gtx 1070?

    I'm looking for a new monitor, but not anything more than 100 dollars due to budget right now. I'm looking for one that works with the gtx 1070 and preferably 1080p (or like 1600x900 resolution)
  17. D

    Low spec PC games

    hello I need some games for my bad laptop Specs: Intel HD graphic,Intel Celeron 1.4 GHz 4GB ram windows 10
  18. V

    1x to 16x PCIe For Rendering

    Is it ok to use 1x to 16x pcie risers to improve render performance? I have 3 extra 1x PCIe slots available and I'm wondering if it would work if I used a 1x to 16x pcie riser and connected a GPU that way. I'm looking at 2 products, the best configuration would be if I could get a 1x to triple...
  19. C

    I want to disable my integrated graphics card on a Toshiba Qosmio X-70B

    Lately my Laptop started crashing,games didnt run as they used to,and desktop started glitching. Setup specs : - Toshiba Qosmio X-70B - i7 4720hq - 16gb ddr3 - Intel HD Graphics 4600, Amd radeon r7 m380 - Integrated Display 1920x1080,Samsung 1920x1080 monitor ps. its my first time making a post.
  20. S

    Internet so slow, but computer really fast with ssd

    I've recently upgraded my acer i3 8gb ram laptop to 750 evo, the performance is reAlly fast but only the Internet is super slow. What can I do to fix this Thanks
  21. Vladdorin

    PS4 Pro keeps losing picture on Samsung TV

    Hey all, So I recently purchased this TV: I have no issues with it when hooking it up to my gaming rig. However, when I hook it up to my PS4 Pro, I...
  22. N

    Monitor only goes to power saving mode

    Hello all, So i just bought a new monitor (lenovo L24q-20) and when i hooked it up to my pc and started the pc, the monitor goes into power saving mode). My last monitor used a dvi cable and this one is only hdmi, problem is, i dont have access to my old monitor anymore. Any suggestions? Last...
  23. IAmTheTofu

    Cheapest places for computer parts?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my current FX 6300 and HD7950. I'm planning to sell the card on eBay and buy a GTX 970, and to buy a used i5 3570k later down the road. Anyone know of better places to look aside from eBay and Craigslist? Also, If you have any suggestions on a graphics card...
  24. J

    How would I sleeve a Corsair RM power supply cable?

    The question is a bit more complicated than that let me explain. I have a corsair 24 pin motherboard cable I would like to sleeve, the issue is that the side that plugs into the motherboard is the standard cable with one wire missing making it have 23 metal pins inside of the connector but the...
  25. V

    EVGA SuperNOVA NEX750B BRONZE Fan has lost 2 blades

    Ive had it for about 3 years and and it still runs great but the fan has lost 2 blades in the last 2 days and i would really like to replace the fan since they are very similar to a regular case fan. however it looks like the fan on this particular PSU is wired directly into the main board. I...
  26. H

    What should I upgrade first?

    From a GTX 950 2GB -> GTX 1060 6GB or From a i3 4160 3.6GHz -> i5 Skylake/Kaby Lake
  27. Laceyn

    I5-7500 idle temps

    So I am using the cryorig m9i with my I5-7500 and my idle temps are around 40c and my temps when playing games like dark souls 3 and wow are never about 63c. Just want to make sure these temps especially the idle temps are good. I thought the cooler would generate better temps then stock cooler...
  28. Q

    I Just bought a new graphic card and i need help please

    I just installed my new Nivdia GTX 1050 ti into my pc and i have a Intel pentium G3240 Cpu. i was wondering why do i only get 50-80 Fps in CSGO? Can someone please help me!!!
  29. D

    My Laptop is HP 245 G5 notebook .Does my laptop run GTA 5 ??

    RAM 4GB Graphics -AMD Radeon R4 Graphics (2 GB) Display-1366 768 Processor - AMD A6-7310APU ( 2.0 Ghz) Laptop name - Hp 245 G5 notebook Does my laptop support GTA 5 ??
  30. 5

    What is my motherboard size

    My motherboard is 20.7 inch by 8.3 inch (PC is a HP 571889-001 XW9400 Workstation) I have no clue what size case to buy Plz help [two posts merged by moderator]
  31. Sprunk1995

    New budget gaming PC

    Hello everyone, I am new here to Tom's Hardware, so i am building a new budget PC for gaming and i have chosen the following parts: -Case: Corsair Carbide Spec-M2 ( -Power supply: FSP HEXA+ 500W...
  32. G

    Coolermaster hyper 212 evo installation

    Hi, I have my pc for 3 years now and never had temperature problems, until now unfortunately. So while playing GTA V, my CPU (I5 3750k NOT overclocked) reaches 90 degrees Celsius. Since I have the stock cooler, I was thinking about getting the Coolermaster hyper 212 evo. My main question is...