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  1. Sagar_20

    Which is a more powerful gpu? MX 130 (ddr3) or MX 940 (ddr5)

    Is nvidia mx 130 is a good improvement over the intel uhd 620??
  2. S

    Antec VP450P, is it able to power my PC

    My PC: Processor: Intel core i3 7100 Motherboard: Asus H110M-K Ram: 4 GB DDR 4 x 1 HDD: 1 TB Optical Drive: ASUS DRW-24D5MT Will Antec VP450P able to power my PC?
  3. V

    Can someone please suggest new router

    Hey Everyone, My ISP has changed over my service to NBN (Cable) and has given me a new router to use. However, the new router only has 100 mbps ports on it, which poses a bottleneck to the rest of my network. As it is all gigabit ports with a NAS attached with 2 gigabit ports. I am unable to...
  4. A

    Gpu clock unstable

    I’m fairly new to the pc gaming community, so I just got my first pc with a ryzen 2400g cpu, asus tuf x470- plus board, and a Radeon rx560 4gb gpu. My clock speed is stuck at 214 MHz while my mem clock is stuck at 625. Sometimes it bounces up but it usually goes right back down. Please help!
  5. I

    [SOLVED] Reviving my PC (upgrading)

    Hello community, its finally happening im tired of lowballing with low settings in fps games to be able to have a staple fps running. Im looking forward to rebuilding my pc but thanks to my very little persisting knowledge in hardware I have come here. Right now im sitting on an i5-4670k 3.4Ghz...
  6. M

    Textures Pop-in, is it normal?

    So i got a new PC two weeks ago and everything is fine but sometimes while playing open world games like The Witcher 3, i see that grass, buildings, and NPCs appear slowly while approaching them or pop-in. It happens too in Fortnite when i jump off the bus. The Witcher 3 is running at Ultra...
  7. F

    My I/O Shield is **** [See note}

    [Moderator note: No profanity permitted. Family friendly forum.] Take a look please. First time building. Why is Display Port like that? What did I do wrong? I have installed literally everything, spent hours for cable management etc and now I have to redo...
  8. S

    fixing amplifier channel left/right not working

    My sony dhc-mini MD 77amplifier channel not working, right isn't giving good sounds, it's being distorted and if I change the speakers or swap their connection it's still the same thing... I've searched virtually everywhere on Google and watched practically every video I can but none shows me my...
  9. T

    Macbook pro is incredibly slow

    My mothers macbook pro A1278 2010 (2011 early edition i5 2.3ghz) Became incredibly slow over a few weeks. Like 4-5 minutes just to load. She brought it to the apple store. They couldnt get it to boot past the log in. So they told her they wiped the operating system and reinstalled it. And they...
  10. AndrewFreedman

    Asus ROG Phone Launches October 18 in US

    Asus has finally announced that it will launch its Republic of Gamers-branded phone, the ROG Phone, on Oct. 18, when it will be made available for pre-order. Asus ROG Phone Launches October 18 in US : Read more
  11. A

    Brand new PSU, however fails to turn on

    I purchased this new PSU a week ago, EVGA 600 Watt PSU. However, when I was finished installing it, and I pushed the power button, nothing happened. Based on advice I got, I took out the PSU of my case and applied the Paper Clip test, which failed. I tried using my old power cord, as well...
  12. N

    Dell inspiron 15 Laptop wont turn on and chharger light goes off when plugged in the laptop

    Hi i was playing a game and I plugged in the charger in my laptop my laptop stuck for a while and turned off .before I plug in the charger the adapter shows led light but when connected to laptop the led light goes away from the charger and laptop won't turned on since then I want to ask if my...
  13. B

    Can you create two ISCSI targets on one hard drive on a NAS and have 1 computer connect to each of them?

    Hello, i just recently got a Thecus 4100pro NAS and i am trying to share the hard drive in it, but i am also trying to keep the files separate. I would really like to be able to create two 1TB ISCSI targets on the drive (the drive is 3TB) and connect 1 pc to one target and 1 pc to the other...
  14. D

    Faulty Brand New HDD? (Weird HDTune Graph)

    I have my laptop's HDD replaced due to its sluggish performance. However, I still feel that the performance with the brand new HDD is still slow. I verified the HDD that it is brand new from its power on time (less than 20 hours) and its 100% health. Therefore, I ran HD Tune from my Windows PE...
  15. S

    is this considered a bottleneck

    hello guys ma rig is 1080ti I7-4790k in time spy the demo sequence im getting like 30fps and ma gpu usage is 60-70% my cpu usage is like 50% is this considered a bottlenecking or just my cpu cant catch up with my gpu or is the demo sequence just bad optimalized (in the graphic test 1 and 2 my...
  16. S

    Windows 7 system - tried installing ubuntu and failed miserably.

    I desperately need your help with this: 1) Before this mess started, I was running two HDs (500gb<--Windows 7 on here, and 1tb<--- storage). 2) After repartitioning my 500gb to 398 gb to install ubuntu on the difference (~100gb drive, which I formatted to G::) I went ahead and tried to install...
  17. 2

    What driver do i update to and how

    heres my system info
  18. Z

    Upgrade from Phenom II to Intel i7

    My Phenom II X6 1045T is struggling to keep up with modern games. Many newer games don't support the Phenom II anymore. I'm also looking to get into VR soon, and the HTC Vive benchmark test says it won't be too good. I'm looking into the i7-8086k specifically, but I imagine switching from AMD...
  19. diamondpumpkin1

    ASUS CROSSHAIR VI HERO Compatible with Ryzen 7 2700x?

    I am putting together a new computer build on PC Part Picker and I came across a motherboard that fits my needs (a lot of USBs, SATAs, no on board video - because I always have issues). I found one, however PCPartPicker is telling me that the chip set may need a BIOS update with a CPU compatible...
  20. D

    Random black screen, i hear pc turn off and next thing is that BIOS texts comes and i need to login to pc again?!?!?!

    So i have had this problem now a along time and i have tried EVERYTHING to get it go away but nothing seems to be working. So when i play games or even idle on desktop my pc randomly shuts itself. There comes black screen and then all those BIOS texts (logo etc...) like when you turn your pc on...
  21. S

    yellow light on b350-f mobo and not booting.

    i have an asus rog strix b350-f mobo with a ryzen 3 2200g and 2 x 8gb of flare x'es running at 2400mhz. but the light next to the ram slots keeps popping up yellow and it just won't boot, i saw online that if the light is yellow it means that there is a problem with the ram but for the rest i...
  22. kikobie

    Best choice to upgrade from gtx 1060

    Hello guys Need help on deciding what to do. I recently got a Asus Gtx 1060 dual Oc and found out about a new 6gb deal in a store near us here in the philippines. They say its because of over production. My cpu is i5 3570k @ 4.4ghz max temps at 76celcius aircooled. Got 2 SSDs 1 120gb and another...
  23. V

    Mechanical keyboard switches

    Hey guys, I'm planing to buy a Corsair K70 Lux RGB keyboard with cherry mx blue switches. Why i want blue switches? Because i like the feel and the sound of the switches. When you press the button it just feels satisfying.Now the question. I'am a "youtuber" i can say and im wondering will the...
  24. O

    Gtx 1070 ti with intel core i5 8400 or i5 8600k?

    I am going to build a new gaming pc and was wondering about how much the Intel Core i5 8600k would benefit my games over a i5 8400 with a Nvidia Geforce Gtx 1070 ti (founders edition). I am not looking to overclock my CPU. Still, i will be using a z370 board because it costs about the same as...
  25. I

    Safe core voltage OC i5 8600k

    Hello. I OCed my i5 8600k to 4.8Ghz. Voltage is 1.232V and temps around 65°C when using cinebench. My mobo is msi z370 sli plus. I have on XMP, OCed by writing multilpier 48 and voltage auto. At 5Ghz I have 1,36V. 1. What else should I set in bios or windows options if I am missing something...
  26. H

    7700k with H100i Idle Temps at mid 40C, stress test temps at 80Ct

    I recently built a computer with an i7 7700k and a corsair h100i v2 aio. I wanted to OC my cpu but my temps were pretty high for 4.5 GHz. I thought it was the pre applied thermal paste that came with the h100i v2 so i bought arctic silver 5 thermal paste and reapplied it. Now it runs at an idle...
  27. 6

    HELP!!! With my Gateway laptop

    I have tried to restore back to factory settings with disk sent from gateway and after 3rd restore disk is complete I get error message... Restore failed - Can not find image path:C\IMAGES.TMP_DIR\Install.wim ???????? I don't know what this means nor what to do! Can anyone assist me with this...
  28. G


    is there a new version of this case that came out supporting upper ventilation or something? I found this but didnt find any differnece. Even tried contacting them but they simply repeated the title...
  29. M

    Graphics card choose

    Wich one is good msi 1070 ti or msi 1080
  30. R

    Is it safe

    Is it safe to buy "GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1050 DirectX 12 GV-N1050OC-2GD 2GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 ATX Video Card" ???
  31. F

    Webcam SPW-229 350K pixel, Spee-Shangai Industrial Co.,Ltd

    Gentlemen, It's about a webcam (SPW-229 350K pixel, Spee-Shangai Industrial Co.,Ltd) that I never used, and the system requirements on its box says - Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/NT/XP. Would there be a way to use this webcam in Windows 10? Thank you very much. Personal info removed Many thanks again.
  32. Z

    Setting up WiFi in a big house

    I'm having trouble getting coverage in my new home. The house is 20 years old and quite big, also has a semi-detached guest house that was built recently. Curiously, neither structure has Ethernet in the walls. And while the ISP-provided Actiontec T3200M router does well inside the main...
  33. A

    Might buy a desktop computer, have a question

    So I have an iPad mini with which I use to check email, do forums, and watch YouTube videos. I heard Microsoft Word is free for iPad and I plan to use it with a keyboard and mouse for the ipad (both of which I may buy soon). Is there any reason why I should buy a desktop? My brother will...
  34. H

    Pc wont enter windows

    Hi, i have a problem that i can't seem to fix and was wondering if someone could help me... my pc turns on and off the whole time and when i clear cmos it runs, goes into my bios but wont go into windows, it shows the windows logo and just hangs there...even trying to flash my bios does nothing...
  35. H

    Wich CPU for MSI 1080?

    Hello, Im planning to build a new PC but I dont know wich CPU and motherboard fits well with the 1080 ( I dont want to overclock).
  36. A

    What other GPU’s are compatible with rx580 in crossfire?

    I currently have an Asus b350 plus motherboard and want to connect a second GPU’s through Crossfire. Is that still possible and if so what Gpu’s would work?
  37. B

    Does ethernet signal quality depend on the desktop adapter?

    My adapter is quite old and thus cannot hook up to 5G wireless connections. Because of that, and because wired connections are faster (I believe?), I intend to run a ~20m ethernet cable through my house, connection the router and desktop directly. Should I consider upgrading my adapter, or will...
  38. G

    SilverStone Redline Series RL06 Case Review

    SilverStone, known for high-quality PSUs and innovative PC cases, is back with another Redline Series chassis. How does this budget model shape up? SilverStone Redline Series RL06 Case Review : Read more
  39. Z

    Can i Upgrade to Ryzen 5 1600 or 1600x with a 500w Power Supply?

    im upgrading to r5 1600/1600x, i have 500w, 1050ti, 4gb ddr4 x2 and ryzen 3 1300x right now, if im upgrading to the r5 1600/1600x, do i need to upgrade to a better power supply? :)