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    What are the chances of components failing?

    Getting the anxiety for being a rookie building his first gaming pc in a few days. My parts are mainly from amazon and newegg. My cpu is from microcenter. What if a part is dead? I don't want to feel the shock of knowing that I wasted money. I've been separately buying my parts instead of...
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    Good Basic Computer

    I currently own a Toshiba Satellite with a Core I3 chip and it's getting to old to deal with all of the stuff that floods me when I'm on the internet. I use my computer to write novels and correspond with people via mail and Facebook. I play a few simple games but nothing more complicated than...
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    PC dead after a water damage

    Hello everybody, in June I was studying for finals downstairs, then I came upstairs where my PC was and I saw this huge rain coming down the roof window. It hit the PC quite bad. Didn't start at all... I left to the USA for the summer and I came back today after 3 months. I hoped that it would...
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    Desktop no power. Replaced PSU and MOBO.

    No signs of life from this thing. Tested PSU and it works. Can't test MOBO as I only have one confirmed operational PSU (the new one) PSU is a CX750M and MOBO is a Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P. Screwdriver in the power button pins doesn't do anything. Case is confirmed working and fully operational...
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    Okay, I have the opposite problem that many have on here.

    So, I finally decided to install an m.2 nvme 500 g. Every was fine until I decided to disconnect an HDD from the power supply. Mind you, it isn't even connected to the board, it's a backup drive, with movies and such on its With the power disconnected from that drive and the M.2 in the socket...
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    GTX 1080Ti Strix black screen after driver install

    Hello! I recently bought a used Asus ROG Strix 1080Ti and after putting it in place and booting up it worked okay. I installed the drivers through windows 10 auto update. It worked still and then I restarted the PC and it booted up and sound works (makes the sound of USB device connecting) and...
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    Overwatch FPS drops

    So recently I bought myself an i7 7700k, when I play overwatch my FPS is very good but I get some FPS drops that seam kind of odd when looking at other streams. When I stream Ill play in a team fight and be at 220 fps and then the next fight in the same EXACT place be at 190 dropping to 170 ...
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    Please help me with my CPU heat and Bios settings

    Hello everyone, Before i start let me say this is my prefer build and it has worked for 5 years. I love the simplicity and many of you may no understand it. I am looking for advice from guys who get it and really understand CPU and Heat-sinks and Bios. I just upgraded my rig from a Asus Hero 8...
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    Fortnite new monitor fps

    So guys Im new in to all of this about specs and stuff I currently have a 4:3 1280:1080 and I play fortnite on same resolution Im curious to now if I buy new 16:9 1900:1080 monitor and play fortnite on same resolution will I have lower fps and if I do will it be big loke noticable?Btw Im using a...
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    Z270i How can i make this all work ? usb 2.0 + 3.0

    Hi guys i know they are afew posts regarding this however none state my exact situaion, I have a Corsair h200i case which has a internal fan hub required 2.0 . I currently have a horrible adaptor to convert my 3.0 header into a 2.0 and for the mean time its working out okay. However im...
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    Alienware 6500u i7 | will bottleneck RTX 2080 ti?

    I have Alienware laptop 13 R2 - 6500u i7 2 core 4 thread. 2.50ghz and i want to run the RTX 2080 on the famous Alienware graphics amplifier, but will i be having issues with my CPU? Obviously i want to reach 250fps + in gaming or 170 minimum intel® Core™ i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz more info...
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    Advice regarding serial port

    Hello, I had the motherboard MSI B75MA-E33, but unfortunately it had a problem and I had to replace it, I bought this recently: as I wanted to add a serial...
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    How to connect Philips spa 4040b 5.1 home theater to lg 32lb 5820 tv? Please suggest

    How to connect Philips spa 4040b 5.1 home theater to lg 32lb 5820 tv? Please suggest
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    Alternative to Avast SecureLine VPN

    Hi, I updated my free version of Avast A/V and this popped up, to promote their "Avast SecureLine VPN" and remedy those issues. I have comcast/xfinity for my ISP, and I like the heads up, and want to be have security and privacy. Are there steps I can take, and/or get another free/lower cost...