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  1. VickyTech

    [SOLVED] Could not format USB pendrive - Write protected ?

    I have a 16GB HP pendrive which I was using in my samsung TV. The pendrive is now working only in that TV and It is not working in my PC. The USB is detected and it shows in "This PC" . But when i try to format it, it says write protected. I also found that it is in RAW file system. Tried the...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Hard Disk visible but not useable after returning from trip

    Just came back to the US from a week long trip overseas. When I fired up my desktop initially everything seemed fine. I have a 2TB hard drive where all my games and apps are stored, and a 120GB SSD for my OS and other smaller files. Upon trying to download the Halo: MCC, I discovered there is a...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] Format without losing data

    I am going to get a new motherboard next week and install Windows 10. I will install Windows to an SSD which doesn't have any personal data. I also have an internal HDD which has all my files in it. Will I be able to only format the SSD or is it necessary to do both of them?
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Do I need to format old drive when installing new SSD?

    I have a quick question for you guys. So I'm planning on getting a new SSD to upgrade my PC, I want to install new Windows on it also. My question is do I need to format my old HDD. I don't really want to because I have a lot of downloaded games on it and I have slow internet so Installing them...
  5. O

    [SOLVED] Bymistake *Format on HDD,regain fully data 1tb possible?

    Hello,i am in really difficult position guys,i had all my family memories and more stuff on this HDD,1tb and it was almost full.i formatted it by mistake and i would really like to regain all the data back if its possible.. someone that has done it before and knows for sure how to please help me...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] How to format a secondary SSD that already has windows OS installed

    I recently bought a Dell XPS 15 but chose to upgrade the stock M.2 NVME SSD right out of the box without even turning it on. I am now trying to use that same SSD from dell for my main PC at home to use as extra storage but not have it boot from it since I already have been using another SSD in...
  7. J

    [SOLVED] WD 10EZEX that wont format

    my 5 year old WD HDD 1TB 7200RPM won't format since I tried to repartition the drive. After a while when I try to format it comes back with a 206 error code I tried with both Win10 disk format and with my AOMEI SW and neither can get this done. Is there any way to completely wipe the disk...
  8. sigio

    [SOLVED] Usb Flash Drive Write protected error

    Hello ,I have a kingston datatraveler 100 g3 usb flash drive that everytime i try to copy files it says : disk write protected.I searched for a while and found several solutions that didn't work.. Here is just a short list of the methods that have NOT worked... 1. windows format 2. going to...
  9. C

    Question TV Doesn't support MP4, need best alternative.

    Hi, Want to play videos via USB on my TV, however the supported formats are as follows: DivX3.11, DivX4.12, DivX5.x, DivX6, Xvid1.00, Xvid1.01, Xvid1.02, Xvid1.03, Xvid 1.10- beta-1/beta-2, Mpeg-1, Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4, H.264/AVC No idea about formats, which should I use ? Also how can i convert a...
  10. J

    Question Batch File Script To Format Partition

    I want a batch script to automatically format a partition in windows when any program copying files pop up "Insufficient disk space" Anybody please help me,
  11. G

    Question Why is my IP adress not the usual format

    I am trying to use my default gateway and my ipv4 address but the format does not look right Can someone help me please
  12. A

    Question Issue with HDD to NVMe cloning

    Hi, I recently buy a 1Tb M.2 from XPG : So I downloaded Macrium Reflect to clone my current RAID 0 HDDs to my freshly mount SSD, but got a issue telling me that : The target disk has a incompatible...
  13. New Void

    [SOLVED] How do I install Windows 10?

    Hello, I have made a Windows 10 boot drive on my Sandisk USB and formatted my M.2 NVMe PCIE SSD. I then go to settings, Update & Security, Recovery then Advanced start up. I select in the menu to use my Sandisk UEFI to custom install Windows 10 to my Drive 2 (My M.2 NVMe PCIE SSD) and enter my...
  14. U

    Question Is it possible to format this USB (LABVIEW 2017 PDS LINUX)?

    My dad gave me this USB-stick and said it was completely useless. I have tried many ways to format it and remove the read only but it doesn’t seem to work. Is it just impossible or does someone know a way? Don’t know how to add picture without URL so this is what’s on the back: LABVIEW 2017...
  15. editor1

    Question What should I do about cleaning network ?

    Hi I had a home invasion and no items stolen. There was evidence that the person sat down in pc chair. My acct's have been messed with. I keep all of my accts and passwords on a text file. So its either data theft or keyloggers. I have OMV NAS(Odroid SBC), 2 tablets, mifi Router(at&t cellular...
  16. P

    [SOLVED] What do I have to do before I install my new hardware?

    Hello guys. I'll be buying a ryzen 3600 and a b450 tomahawk to replace my old fx 9370. But before I put together my new pc, what do I have to do? Do I have to delete everything from my hard drives? If so how can I do that. Excuse me, I haven't done anything similar before so I don't know how to...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Is it not possible to format a drive larger than 2TB as FAT32?

    I have a 3TB Western Digital Green drive that I would like to format as FAT32, but despite everything I read or see on the Internet, despite formatting as Admin from the command line or using several partitioning utilities, I am unable to format the drive larger than 2TB. I'm using Windows 7, if...
  18. D

    Question Questions about my formatted external harddrive

    Here's the story: i wanted to turn a small partition of my external harddrive into a recovery disk or something, can't remember what it was exactly. it was some backup function in windows, that's all i remember. But instead caused the harddrive to be formatted, losing all my files and being...
  19. T

    Question getting a laptop working with a broken screen?

    So I have an ASUS ROG G751JL-DS71 laptop with a broken screen. It didn't come with a hard drive, I've had to put one in myself. I ultimately want to run the computer headless, but I've run into a problem. Due to the broken screen, I can't see what I'm doing, and pressing the key combination to...
  20. hayalbaz

    Question Did I destroy my brand new card?

    Hello everyone I have been struggling with a problem the whole day and can't figure it out. My specs: 2200g 2070 MSI Armor 2x8 gb corsair 3000MHz Thermaltake smart 750W MSI gaming plus mobo b450 I wanted to dual boot linux and windows so I decided to install...
  21. ozzy_7

    [SOLVED] I think I just bricked my netbook...

    Ok, I really fudged up this time. I was attempting to downgrade from Windows 10 Professional to Windows 7 Ultimate on my Acer TravelMate B-115M. I'd done it several times before on different PCs, laptops and netbooks. I wanted to do as fresh and clean of an install I could do, so I chose...
  22. E

    [SOLVED] Will I lose my USB files once I booted/install Win 10 from it?

    Hi, I'm trying to 'reset/format' my computer, drives and reinstall Windows 10. This would be my first time doing so, I want to make sure I don't make a mistake that I'll regret later. I downloaded Media Creation Tool and installed it into my 64GB USB Drive, and I placed most of my backup...
  23. LilZpai

    Question Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk.

    I just built a computer from some older parts earlier today, and have been pulling my hair out because of this error that occurs when trying to install Windows. Here's the error: So far, I've tried changing some settings in the BIOS, such as changing from IDE to AHCI as some guides have...
  24. hftvhftv

    Discussion Very Few Answers Marked as Best Answer Anymore

    Compared to when I joined this forum in 2014 to now, I find that a lot of new users rarely if ever mark a post as best answer anymore. The alternatives I've been seeing are upvotes and likes. Isn't it redundant to have a like button, an upvote button, and a best answer button?
  25. S

    Question How To Recover all Data From Completely Formatted Hard disk ?

    I was trying to install Ubuntu along with Windows by using Bootable USB, during installation process i selected erase all data and then proceded accidently. I lost all my data from C,D and E Drive, It Formatted my Hard disk completely. I tried many softwares like easeus, Minitool, Icare etc. to...
  26. G

    Question Win10 running slow even after formatting

    Hi everyone! I'm by no means a computer expert, so here I am asking your help. My laptop was running pretty slow, not fluid, so I tried formatting it (following the Step-by-Step option in "Settings"). It got better, but STILL feels like a fresh clean Win10 laptop should run better. It's a...
  27. P

    Question reinstall the w7 OS on 860 evo

    Hello guys, as the question says, how do I do it? should I format from the start or do something else? because I've seen that there is talk of secure erase and also to reset it to factory values. I the first time, from the start, install it as if it were a hdd disk. Now I need to re-delete the...
  28. D

    Question Will I ever be able to retrieve this data completely ?

    Hey. Recently I asked my brother his external 3Tb hard drive because I needed to make a save of some of my files to reinstall Windows 10. But here comes the part when I messed up like a fkin idiot: so I also asked him for a USB key in FAT32 to put Windows on it, the thing is, after 3attempts, it...
  29. J

    Question Wiping old hard drive from laptop to use as extra storage for new laptop.

    How would I go about formatting or wiping out my old HDD to use as extra storage for my current laptop. Are there any risk to putting an old HDD on my new laptop?
  30. K

    [SOLVED] Can I install windows through motherboard USB ports? - USB 3.0 CASE PORTS BROKE

    Can I install windows from my motherboard USB ports? My USB 3.0 port on my motherboard has plastic from a cheap cord stuck in it, tried everything to get it out, don't wanna break anything. Is there anyway I can just use the USBs from my motherboard or will they not read?
  31. I

    Question Case compatibility/ front panel cables

    hey, I'm buying a new case, how would i know if the system i already have will be compatible The base of my system will fit (e.g. PSU, motherboard, drives, fans etc.) How do i know if my current optical drive and cables to front panel will be compatible with a new case? I currently have a...
  32. M

    Question is this dead pixel?

    Just bought a monitor from newegg. When i turn it on i found that there are some reddish spot on the screen like this View: It is a dead pixel or graphic card issue?
  33. S

    Question Recieved different GPU version from ebay.

    I ordered the MSI RTX 2060 Ventus OC from a notable seller on ebay and was surprised when it arrived to see that it is the XS version. The same listing has also been revised to say "XS" in the title but I am 100% certain it didn't when I purchased it as can be confirmed with the email...
  34. P

    Question Why are Asus' AMD graphics drivers provided with chipset drivers so different from AMD's?

    I have an Asus Prime X470-Pro motherboard and recently updated the chipset drivers to the most recent version, which is The AMD chipset drivers that Asus provides install like the Adrenaline software, which is sort of confusing. Anyway, now the Radeon settings advise me that my...
  35. Duureejs

    Question PSU

    Hello,do you know if this is suitable for games? Bestec ATX-400W 24 Pin ATX Power Supply 400w or Modecom FEEL 3-350ATX PFC And who is better?
  36. C

    Question Will adding 2 more sticks of ram slow down my timings?

    Here is the spec's CPU: Intel® Core™ Processor i9-9900K 3.60GHZ 16MB Intel Smart Cache LGA1151 MEMORY: 16GB (8GBx2) DDR4/3000MHz Dual Channel Memory (GEIL Super Luce RGB) MOTHERBOARD: ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 4 -CB ATX w/ 802.11ac Wi-Fi, ARGB, USB 3.1, 2 PCIe x16, 3 PCIe x1, 6 SATA3, 2 M.2...
  37. D

    Question Should I wait for Navi?

    Hi, Hope y'all can help me, please. I'm looking to purchase a new GPU at some stage in the next few months. I'm really just wanting to ensure 1080/60 gaming for the coming years, with a possibility of 1440p. My main limitation is probably my Antec 520w HCG PSU. My board is an Asrock Extreme 4...
  38. K

    Question Ryzen 5 2600x and rtx 2070 or ryzen 7 2700x and rtx 2060 for gaming and streaming at about 2k and 144 fps?

    I am building a new system and want to figure out what will be better for gaming at 2k and 144 fps as well as some streaming. My options are ryzen 5 2600x with rtx 2070 or ryzen 7 2700x with rtx 2060. Here is my build Thanks in advance.
  39. Q

    Question Monitor does not work with new PC

    I recently had a new PC built and am having serious issues with connecting one of my monitors. When I first booted the PC I used a ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q that worked perfectly, as soon as I plugged it in it worked like charm. After setting up the PC and installing/updating all the drivers I...
  40. B

    Help with Xbox one s!

    Hello i am new to the forum,and i would like help with a situation. My xbox one s power button broke so i cannot turn it on from there,i can turn it on from my controller but sometimes my controller loses connectivity with the xbox so my question is: Is there any other possible way to turn on...