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  1. Malik Da'na

    [SOLVED] Games stuttering.

    Good evening everyone, My problem is my PC starts to stuttering in every open world game, even tough I have a pretty high FPS, This problem starts happening to me after 1 year of me buying the PC, like GTA V I was playing it with very high settings and I wasn't having any issues or any...
  2. Z

    [SOLVED] upgrading gpu or cpu first

    So i'm currently thinking of upgrading my crappy pc ( i can buy a used i5 2500k it's not used that much but i guess you can say it's in mint condition) I can also get an gtx 1050 ti 4gb Windforce OC edition but idk which to get first. I wanna be able to play games at high settings tho not every...
  3. ASaltyBunion

    Question Gta V is dropping to 50 fps even when my hardware usage is below 30% on everything

    With the new Gta V casino update I decided to spend a lot of time in the casino. While I was there I noticed my fps would go from 60 outside to 50 a little while after entering. After this I thought I might look at task manager and see if anything was being used and everything was barely being...
  4. C

    Question Slow Download Speed

    Hi guys, I am having an issue with my download speed. I remember that back in April and May, my wireless desktop PC was able to get about 70 Mbps down and now my down speed is at 10 Mbps. The office computer that is plugged into the modem/router with an ethernet cable is capable of going over...
  5. D

    Question GTA V very laggy on decent rig

    Hello, So, I really don't think that my PC is that bad. It's a few years old, but I'm really confused. Specs: CPU: Intel Core i5 6402P @ 2.80GHz RAM: 8,00GB Single-Channel Unknown @ 1066MHz GPU: 3071MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB MOTHERBOARD: MSI Z170-A PRO (MS-7971) (U3E1) So, basically...
  6. A

    Question 1080p gaming gpu

    Hi, I´m currently running my PC with a Ryzen 3 2200g on a Gigabyte AB350M-DS3H, 8gb 2400mHz Corsair Vengeance LPX, and no GPU other than the iGPU in the processor. I´d like to play some GTA V or similar games at, at least, 1080p and 60fps. What GPU should I buy? I´m traveling in a few weeks to...
  7. A

    Question [HELP]Asus TUF Gaming Laptop

    Hello Guys, I just want to ask, what can I do to better my graphics in GTA V. I am not even sure if what I'm experiencing is normal, but I get a lot of stutter while playing even for the lowest settings. Which I believe should not be the case, I want to know if I have a defective laptop, so I...
  8. liwahadri2

    Question GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 Question!

    guys can i run gpu gt 1030 on my pc lenovo v520 15ikl ?😕 Specs: G4400 3.0Ghz PSU: 180W Ram: 4gb ddr4 2400mhz HDD: 500GB WD Blue
  9. S

    Question Nvidia quadro 5000 for gaming?

    I've got a quadro 5000(2.5GB) for free. Actually I have GTX 650 2gb Synergy Edition. So should I replace it with the quadro? I won't use it for work, just for gaming and normal use. I play FIFA 19, GTA V usually. Wich card will do better?
  10. Question What would be my next upgrade?

    Sorry about the long post... Hello, i currently have a pc with these specs: Ryzen 3 1200 @3.7ghz OC MSI B350 Gaming Plus 2x4gb 3200mhz GTX 1050 2gb Corsair CX550M 120gb ssd w/ Windows 10 pro X64 240gb SSD with games 500gb 5400rpm HDD with games 1080p 60hz monitor I mainly play games and use...
  11. P

    Question Texture pop-ins and slower loading times

    I got my pc a year ago, I know the CPU isn't on the better side but the store was out of ryzens at the time. So I set up the pc at home and I instantly stress test it, everything is fine and working how it should, fast forward to about a couple of months ago and I start noticing texture pop-ins...
  12. T

    Question Low GPU usage (<10%) whilst playing GTA V among other games.

    I know there are many threads about this issue, however, none of them seem to match my case very well. PC Specs: Zotac GTX 1060 6GB Intel i5-6400 (2.7GHz base clock, 3.3GHz turbo) Gigabyte H110M Bronze rated 500W PSU non-modular. Standard 1TB hard-drive. I've had my PC for two years now I...
  13. jakethegreat908

    Question Will a 128 MB dedicated VRAM run GTA V?

    I have GTA V. Can you tell me how much FPS will I get on the lowest settings? Low FPS isn't a problem unless it is in between 1 - 5.
  14. Question GTA V 1% GPU Usage ? need some awnsers.

    Hello, Yesterday i installed GTA V and i noticed my GPU was only using 1%. I've looked on google for about 2 hours to find awnsers and a fix but no luck. Today i installed a clean windows so that checks out some issues where people are talking about. Installed latest drivers got GTA installed...
  15. F

    Question 100% USAGE

    I7-8086K and when im launching and playing GTA V it uses 100% of it. is that normal?
  16. W

    Question Low GPU CPU usage GTA V

    So i've been playing gta recently and in story mode i get from 90 to 120 FPS average on medium high settings, with 40-50% GPU usage and 40-70% CPU usage. On solo online sessions i get 40-80 FPS with 20-40% GPU usage and 40-50% CPU usage... On public full sessions I get 30-60 FPS average even...
  17. W

    Question Low FPS Low GPU and CPU usage GTA Online

    So i've been playing gta recently and in story mode i get from 90 to 120 FPS average on medium high settings, with 40-50% GPU usage and 40-70% CPU usage. On solo online sessions i get 40-80 FPS with 20-40% GPU usage and 40-50% CPU usage... On public full sessions I get 30-60 FPS average even...
  18. R

    Question Best settings for Gta V I5-4670k Gtx 1060 6gb

    What are some good settings for at least 60+ fps? I've a 144hz monitor if there is any settings for 144 fps it would be even better CPU: I5-4670k (4ghz) GPU: Gtx 1060 6gb RAM: corsair vengeance 2x4 1600mhz and different brand 8gb HD: 1tb
  19. D

    Question After 15 minutes of playing gta 5 games starts to stutter with little lags.

    Hello. After 15 minutes of playing gta 5 games starts to stutter with little lags. About 6 months i was playing on better settings than now and it didnt lag at all. Now i try to play on lowest settings and after 15 minutes fps drops every 2 seconds. Tried most of the things online but didnt...
  20. TheHyland

    Question Transferring HDD with Windows 7 into new PC with Windows 10 installed.

    I've bought a prebuilt and I'm currently waiting for it to arrive. The new PC will have Windows 10 installed, which I'm happy with. I have a HDD in my old PC with my old files and games installed. Is it possible to install my old HDD into my new PC purely for access to my files with out it...
  21. E

    Question Any way to increase transfer speed between drives?

    I have a rather new setup. DELL Inspiron i7, 16GB RAM, 512SSD and 1TB HDD. Two external drives: Seagate Skyhawk 4TB, Seagate Terascale 4TB Windows 10. The external drives are obviously with SATA 6GB/s interface. They are connected to the laptop through an Insignia USB 3.0 docking station...
  22. D

    [SOLVED] No Post No Beep

    I'll just provide the TLDR version of my story... I am building my first computer and can't get a display output. Tried only with HDMI (I don't yet have a monitor) on two different TVs. Fans spin and MOBO lights up. No (or not enough) power to the keyboard to illuminate its backlighting. I have...
  23. T

    Upgraded MB, CPU & RAM - Now only black screen, fans are running

    Hello! I have built many computers before but this one has me beat. I just finished upgrading my computer with an Asus ROG Strix Z-390-F, new CPU i5 9600k 3,7 ghz, and new DDR4 RAM 16gb 3000mhz. I have 750W PSU, 2 ssd and one hdd along with a two year old Asus GPU from my previous build. I...
  24. Z

    [SOLVED] I7 8700k Performance Issues

    Hey I Have A 1080Ti And Recently Upgraded From A i5 8400 To A i7 8700k To Try To Avoid The Potential Bottle Neck On The 1080Ti After Installing The 8700k My PC Has Been Overall Laggy, Very Light Performance Games Struggle At 30fps And Seem To Have 1-2 Second Input Lag I Have Checked All...
  25. rosorys

    About Pc gamepads

    Hello. I was wondering how can i see if a set pc gamepad haves pressure sensitive triggers.I've heard that if it haves xinput they will work ,but i cant find conformation. Thanks in advance.Sorry if its a stupid question.
  26. J

    Trouble connecting power to GTX 760 via PCI-e

    Hi all, I have installed a GTX 760 running of a 550w EVOLVEO PSU. The graphics card has a 1 x 6 pin and a 1x 8 pin connector - but my PSU pci-e leads is a 1 x 6 pin with 'PCI-e' written on it and 2 x 4 pin cables - one of which goes into the mobo and one which would appear to be redundant...
  27. D

    Random shutdowns, CPU overheating?

    Let's start this off by saying that I don't have a lot of knowledge about PC's. Lately I have been encountering a very consistent and annoying problem. Every time I try to play a game, the PC decides to shut itself off after a while. The PC is able to turn right back on after shut down. It...
  28. M

    i3 8100 idle temp 55 degree celcius. Is it normal ?

    Chassis fans all are working. i3 8100 I recently bought looks bad. Idle temp (in UEFI screen) rises up to 55~56C. Does it look normal ? My old i5 4460 temp is 46C even without a case fans.
  29. Z

    Can't get the boot order to change in the bios!

    Hello! Hope someone can help me out there! I recently installed a SSD in my Acer Aspire e15 7th gen laptop and cloned my Windows 10 OS from the factory installed HDD to there. I then switched the boot order in the BIOS and wiped the HDD. However the laptop doesn't seem to boot from the SSD...
  30. 1

    No display on monitor when booting, but it works on reboot

    (Sorry for bad english | I am not very tech savvy | spec at bottom) I have recently built my first computer (2-3 months ago). Ever since it was put together I have had this problem with the display on the monitor. Problem: When I press the power button on the chassis it seems like the computer...
  31. B

    CPU temps higher after installing USB 3.0 dedicated expansion card

    I installed this expansion card with 4 dedicated USB 3.0 channels at approximately 5 Gbps per channel for use in an Oculus Rift room-scale setup. After installation however my idle temps have shot up from around ~30 C to approximately ~70 C reaching a max of 100 C on boot. I also have an AIO...
  32. 2

    DDR3 motherboard for FX

    Simple question what is the best DDR3 Motherboard todate modern or from the past. The most features ports compatibility and for me AMD socket FX I have I 9590 8 core. Need a fantastic board.
  33. A

    CSGO, no loss, no choke, 250 fps, ping of 70 but stuttering

    Hello, I recently purchased a desktop with a gtx1080 and an acer predator xb271hu. After setting everything up, installing steam and csgo, fixing my config, enabling gsync, setting monitor to 144hz, ultra settings, launch options of +exec config.cfg -novid -tickrate 128 -refresh 144 ... I played...
  34. S

    I7 8700k worse than my i7 7700k?

    Ok so I build a new pc and imidietly after putting it together I noticed how much slower it booted and opens files than my old system did. I know I 8700k base is 3.7 i oc to 4.5 and still felt it was slower. Any suggestions? If not I'm going to sell it or see if I can get a rufund. Ps my i7...
  35. R

    Charging light going full green and not orange why

    My model name is Fijitsu v1010 and blink only red when I connect the adapter the charging icon goes green please help how to fix that problem
  36. D

    windows 10 update caused headset mic to disappear, realtek manager won't open

    My headset is brand new and works, but my laptop won't recognize its microphone and uses the inbuilt microphone instead. I just bought my headset yesterday, a hyperx model with only a 3.5mm jack connection. I know it works, because it works perfectly with my phone. I also know headset mics have...
  37. R

    CSGO, i5 2500, Asus radeon r7 240

    Hi, is this pc good for CS GO? I wanna know how many fps can this pc run it.
  38. B

    gaming problem. nividia graphics for me.

    how to install nividia graphics on intel core i3 6006U cpu 2.00ghz
  39. R

    Upgrading Motherboard, CPU and Ram and. I need to know the necessary step to take before actually replacing the compnents.

    Hey guys, As the title suggests, this summer, I'm going to upgrade my PC by upgrading the motherboard, CPU, and Ram. I'm also going to replace my case. However, i don't know what steps i need to take before actually replacing the components. My PC is a prebuilt one, it's an Acer MC605...
  40. K

    USB Device over current status

    Today I woke up to try to turn on my computer, and was receiving the "USB Over Current Status Detected" message. I have attempted unplugging the USB 3.0 cables that I believe lead to the front panel (where there are damaged USB ports) but I still receive the same message when I boot it up. I...