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  1. B

    Laptop use with High Power outdoor WiFi?

    I need to use a wifi-connected laptop on a vehicle around my property. I am considering a high power outdoor wifi bridge/access point. That part is easy to understand. My question has to do with laptop side of the connection. How does high power wifi work when the wifi connected laptop is...
  2. M

    GHZ vs. Thread Count

    I'm looking at two CPUs and right now I'm thinking of either the 85 8600k (overclocked) or i7 8700. I'm mostly doing gaming and I may be doing some editing in the future. Which is more important, higher GHZ in the i5 or higher threads in the i7? Also can someone explain what threads are...
  3. Ilijas Ramic

    Problems installing drivers

    Radeon software 18.4.1 ( or any other below ) has not been installed. Error 1603
  4. M

    Please advice on 1600W power supply

    Hello, I am looking for a power supply of 1600W because I may run 4 1080ti or higher power GPUs. CPU has not decided but probably 7900X or Threadripper. The case is Dark Base Pro 900. An important factor is silent or almost silent as I am very sensitive to noise. Future proof is good as I may...
  5. J

    Lenovo T410. laptop only starts when plugged into the charger.

    Lenovo T410. Replaced system board because the battery charger circuit quit. Now the laptop only starts when plugged into the charger. New battery. New system board completed the "as new" charge to 100% withing about 2 hours. Charger can be unplugged after starting, but after shutting down needs...
  6. M

    USB pen drive not showing up in My computer as well as in Disk Management

    Hello,I just got this new Hp 64 gb pen drive and it worked fine for a few days and later on it stopped showing up in my pc. When I plug it in I can see it in device manager > Disk Drives and the status says it is working fine. Also when I go to notification area I see the0 "Eject Mass Storage"...
  7. C

    My computer won't turn on but motherboard still gets power.

    My computer won't turn on. The green light turns on on my motherboard but nothing else happens, no fans, no nothing. I tried replacing my psu with the same model but still nothing.
  8. V

    G2020 or i3-3220 processor for hp 8300

    I know i3 -3220 is better then g2020 in some way. I might see some betterment while playing games.(which I don't have plan too) I will be buying another hp 8300 desktop ( early one have g630 processor) the desktop will be on around 16 hours (give or take) daily. Sure the psu is only...
  9. T

    FPS Drop For A Min But Temps Shows Nothing Overheat

    Hello thanks for helping. Here my spec (based on dxdiag thing) Laptop - Alienware 15 R2 Proc - Core i7-4710HQ Ram - 16,384GB BIOS - A00 Display - GTX980m / Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600 Ive asked many people and once in this forum about my problem which the FPS Drop like some minutes and go back...
  10. M

    Hi I'm still in the process of fine tuning and making sure every part will work as expect.

    Hi I'm wondering if these parts will be Compatible with each other Hopefully If they are I stop changing stuff cause this has been so frustrating to do if you can tell me if they are good to go I'll greatly appreciate it and if not what changes I'll need to make...
  11. K

    What is the Best Combo for a CPU + Motherboard + RAM for around 250 dollars?

    The PC I have is a pre-build and the model number of the PC is h8-1230z Specs: AMD FX - 8120 460 Watt HP Powersupply HP Pavilion Elite Angelica Motherboard M3970am 652951-001 Am3b AMD AMD 7570 Graphics 1 TB Seagate The purpose of the build is to get good gaming performance as well as a well...
  12. PootsMaster

    DVI-D to HDMI adapter not working

    i bought the said adapter and tried to plug my hdmi monitor to it, but the monitor gets no signal and the pc doesnt recognize it. However, oddly when i tried to plug in a VGA monitor using the DVI adapter along side another HDMi adapter, the pc detected the display, but received no input signal...
  13. G

    How should I setup 3x90 mm fans in my PC case to get the best airflow?

    Just wanted to get your guys' opinion on the fan setup. I have spaces for 2x 90 mm fans on the left window and another space for a 90mm fan at the back. How should I install fans there to get the best airflow. Keep in mind that my PSU fan also acts as an outtake.
  14. abhisheak

    Wireless streaming of audio (on old system)

    Hi, I have a 2.1 wireless Sony speaker system (SRS D9) which has only 3.5mm audio jack input. I want to play audio wireless-ly from my windows laptop and android phone to it. Kindly suggest some device to stream wireless-ly. I am also planing to upgrade my system to something of audiophile...
  15. johnstilwell22

    Best Motherboard & CPU for under $400 USD

    I am looking to upgrade my AMD FX-8310 cpu to a better one for heavy gaming. From what I see, there are not many better cpu's for the AM3+ socket, so I am also looking to upgrade my motherboard. So what I am asking is, what is the best CPU and Motherboard combination for under $400?
  16. G

    What is the ideal resolution supported by most 2016 FP games?

    I have two Titan X Pascal in SLI. I want a 4k 16:9 monitor and Gsync support ideally, but there are the ultra wide 21:9 screens. But they loose half there vertical resolution which I don't like. Now these usually curved 21:9 don't particularly appeal to me, but if they work great with modern FP...
  17. J

    Is a GEFORCE 950 a good graphics card for gaming?

    It's my first graphics card and I bought it for gaming. I don't know if it's as good as a 980 or 970. Please tell me if I need something better for games to not lag. Mainly gta5 on pc.
  18. R

    matching the power of speaker and amplifier

    I have 2 750 watts speaker 8 ohms what is power of my amplifier will i need?
  19. W

    cheapest lga 1151+ pcie 3.0 motherboard

    anyone know where i can pickup the cheapest lga 1151 mobo for evga gtx 1060 6gb and i5 6500 for gaming but for cheap
  20. T

    Upgrade old system or wait out for new pc?

    wondering if you can help me out, current build is: pentium g840 gts 450 8gb ddr3 i have a 16gb 1600 kit currently only using 8gb of it due to restrictive lenovo motherboard. i have £250 (about 300-330 bucks) and im looking tk upgrade my pc cause its stuttering a bit in gta v and due to 100%...