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Forum discussion tagged with Icons.
  1. Question Windows 10 big icons get pixelated

    Hello everyone how are you doing? i have an issue with windows 10 it also happens in windows 7 and 8 problem is that some big icons get small and pixelated and some do not if i rename the icon it gets fixed but after a couple of minutes it is pixelated again some times it does't happen for a...
  2. CottonEyeJoe69

    Question Desktop icons on secondary monitor

    A few days ago my desktop icons all moved from my main 2k monitor to my seconday HD monitor. Auto arrange icons is off and both monitors run at their native resolution. I also reinstalled my graphics driver. I can move the icons by hand but as soon as I restart they're all on the second monitor...
  3. I

    Question Change Videos, Pictures, Downloads, Music etc icons in navigation

    I have been trying to change the icons in Windows 10 file explorer (desktop, downloads, etc) on the left hand side (with the hard drive disk icons) with no luck. I can change the icons appearance under "C:\Users\name" but not on the left hand side navigation. I've tried a bunch of tweaks but...
  4. Question Jagged edges on some icons, text and games using 32" TV

    It doesnt matter If I use fxaa or x8 msaa or change the resolution, It always looks like this My GPU is a 3gb 1060 and the resolution of the TV is 1366x768 It also happens with any bright color
  5. Z

    [SOLVED] Why do game icons keep shrinking or damaged...?

    So basically I arranged my game shortcuts in one folder. I changed most of them into a better looking icons usually 256x256 size using https://icoconvert.com/ . This is my Game Folder.png Sometimes the icons shrink like this Icon shrink.png Sometimes they are okay. Sometimes they are not...
  6. The Blue Infinite

    Question Icons keep on deleting

    Icons keep on defaulting even after I restore the registry. It's happened like 3 times now. They keep on turning into those default earth and page icons. Any help is appreciated.
  7. T

    Question Missing Icons

    I've made this thread before, but somehow I can't find it, sorry to duplicate, I'm not familiar with this new UI. My icons are missing from desktop, and file explorer, deleting iconcache didn't help, and making new User also didn't help, but everything is fine with my other User, the problem...
  8. T

    Question Icons On Desktop Disappear, Only The App Names Shows Up

    I don't know why, but icons are disappearing, File Explorer also doesn't seems to work, but the thing is, If I switch users, everything works perfectly, I can see my desktop icons on the previous user(the faulty one). any idea? Here's the screenshots: https://postimg.cc/Hrh3KCW1...
  9. [SOLVED] Restore default icons for hard drives?

    Hello, I've installed an app called HDDLife and it changed my drives icons to these ugly things. I've also uninstalled that app to see if it fixed itself, but nothing is ever that easy, now i'm stuck with these icons. If someone would help, I'd be thankful! Thanks.
  10. F

    Question Icon Placement/Icon Size

    I have one Monitor in front of me which has the Taskbar and is primary monitor if gaming fullscreen. The second monitor is on my right. So I have my main application on the main and the second is free, so I place my icons there so I dont have to minimize current applications to make use the...
  11. S

    Question Unable to POST with MSI b450M PRO-VDH motherboard with amd ryzen 2600.

    I assembed high end machine with MSI b450M PRO-VDH motherboard and AMD ryzen 2600, but ended up with no POST. All fans are working fine. I doubt no boot issue is related to bios not upgraded. Can anyone please confirm?
  12. logancruise

    Question can i run watchdogs?

    hello sir.plz kindly look over my issue. I have justcause 2 game on my pc. accidentally I replaced the setup.exe file with the setup file of PES game. PES game came downloaded along with just cause 2 .i thought we should replace the pes files in justcause 2 folder. so finally setup.exe for...
  13. C

    Monitor Audio Issues with Xbox One

    I bought a monitor the other day. It had no headphone jack or speakers. So today I bought some computer speakers, a MINI HDMI to RCA converter, a 3.5 mm jack to 2 RCA female converter, and a RCA coupler (to attach extra cords and stuff). My plan was to hook up an HDMI cable to the Xbox One...
  14. CornFlakeJake

    Question Windows 8.1 Installer Wont let me Make Bootable USB

    Hey guys, so the title pretty much says everything. I downloaded the windows 8.1 installer, and after the download corrupting 3 times, it finally worked. I launched it and it asked me to enter my product key. Weird, but I entered it, accepted the terms and conditions, then it wanted me to start...
  15. J

    Question So, anyone got info on 1660 TI?

    Finished my HTPC'ish build. Decided to run a 1660 TI, cause it fit the price point I was looking for. Having a really wierd display bug, HDMI and Displayport both. whenever I am running Windows 10 it will randomly pop up a black screen, for maybe 3-5 seconds, then the display kicks back on...
  16. Z

    Question Gtx 660 performance edition smells lile its burning

    So last night i was playing some games like league of legends and garys mod and i went to sleep i work up this morning and woke up my computer. After a few minutes i noticed a burning smell coming from the computer and i opened it up and looked for any problems the sm was coming from the gpu...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] Can it affect it ?

    Hello does hitting your pc to the front-top or just to the top cause some damage it happened to me and it's a long story. It looks like it works fine but i have ocd and I need to know.
  18. ysdrone

    [SOLVED] SSD life remaining drop 1% every month.

    I use Kingston SA400S37240G. I check the Kingston ssd manager and the life remaining is 97%, I only used it 3 and half month, is this normal? I usually use it for download video and movie. 50gb++ write and transfer every month. and it's in my laptop, ssd temperature 45-53c. Is the ssd life...
  19. L

    Which of these laptops would be best for general programming/emulation?

    Hi there, I'm looking for a laptop for university, and the minimum specs required are: Windows 10 operation system Intel i5 Processor 8GB RAM 256GB SSD storage Connections: (WiFi, LAN (optional), USB-C / USB 3) I've looked online and found some refurbished ultrabooks within my price...
  20. L

    Question How to pick up RAM for specific motherboard (ASRock B450M Pro4) and processor (Ryzen 5 2400G)?

    Hello. I'm choosing RAM memory for my new build for home purposes. I'm looking for 2x8Gb modules working on 2.9Mhz. So here is the thing, QVL list from ASRock is not updated since processor is coming out (speaking the words what tech. support asnwered me) and only couple models what they are...