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  1. W

    Asrock H110m R3.0 DVS no sound

    So the situation looks simple. The jack inputs detect that speakers have been connected, but there is no sound anyway I tried to update the BIOS, install new sound card drivers, but it failed. I also came to bios, nothing helped
  2. J

    Acer Aspire 4736z

    Is it possible to ad External GPU on this laptop I got Pentium R Dual Core 2.10 ghz and 1 gb ram
  3. O

    How to repair wireless keyboard and mouse?

    I have Genius mouse and keyboard the uses one dongle , that i have lost , i went to the web site and they said "The dongle, KB, and mouse require a code pairing process. One receiver is mapped with one KB, so if the dongle (receiver) is lost, unfortunately, it is not replaceable." i have...
  4. W

    Which of the following displays are best if I am getting them for the same price?

    So the following Monitors are priced exactly same where I live. Which one should I get. I am planning to use the monitor for gaming. Samsung 22" FHD Monitor SF355 with Super Slim Design Asus VH242H 24" Benq 22" LED Monitor Bl2211 (priced a little lower)
  5. P

    Graphics card recommendation needed

    I am building a cheap gaming rig . I am having . Core 2 quad 9550 2.8 GHz processor , 8 GB ddr 2 ram , g31 motherboard which graphic card is best value card
  6. V

    7950 crash after driver update

    Hello, I'm running a 7950 Club3D card. But after i install the drivers, it gives me a bluescreen crash, with weird artifacts in it. I tryd installing new BIOS on the card but that didnt work. If i remove the driver, i see in device manger "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter". I don't seem to know...
  7. A

    Tower on - No monitor signal

    Hi guys, I put together a custom PC last light and I'm having a few issues. Specs - CPU: Intel Core i3-8100 GPU: Msi GTX 1050 2GB RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4 PSU: Thermaltake RGB 650W 80+ Bronze So basically, when I power on the computer, everything works. All the lights on the mobo, all...
  8. L

    can't reboot and restart, black screen, error code 43

    Anything that can help is welcomed.. I have this problem..I tried to recover my nvidia 920m driver in my laptop in device manager since it has code 43 error, so I try to uninstall the drivers.. After doing so my screeN stuck, and I force to restart my laptop by holding on start button several...
  9. H

    can i use core 2quad on zeus-60 motherboard ?

    I have very old motherboard, zeus-70 lga 775 and i can't find any information about this motherboard. My question is , can i upgrade my cpu to core 2 quad?
  10. J

    Startup problem, corrupted file

    When i turn on my computer i got message that i have file in this location:\Windows\system32\osloader.exe damaged or it is malware or something and below that it says status: 0xc0000428 and when i press enter computer starts normaly and everything is fine but i just want to know is this...
  11. P

    Ram upgrade help

    can acer tc 705 mobo support 16 gb ram?
  12. A

    sound system problem

    I have checked every possible situation and found nothing wrong, but there is no sound in my toshiba satelite c855. simply one day all is well, the next no sound. anybody has a clue? Please
  13. H

    VR can I run it and is it worth it .

    I am running a 6600k at 4.2 and a bios hacked gtx 970ssc 4gb ummm I mean 3.5gb lol any way I am looking in to getting in to VR and was wandering 1 if my pc has what it takes and if so rift or HTC price is a factor I know the rift is 399.99 with controls and 2 Sensor and 59.00 for a 3rd for...
  14. L

    Gaming with AC adapter?

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask how to keep my battery life longer. Since my Acer Aspire A715-71G-5508 has an integrated battery, do I use the AC adapter always plugged, or wait to charge to 100% and than disconnect it and use the laptop without the adapter? btw play games. Thanks.
  15. xander_4

    hi im about to build my first gaming pc :3 but can it play pubg and some other games??

    so i have this old computer it lags alot on pubg so i decided to build my own gaming pc the gaming pc im about to build is cpu: i3 550 3.20ghz 1st gen or i5 750 1st gen motherboard: asrock h55m-le lga 1156 ddr3 gpu: asus gtx 760 df d5 2gb ram: ddr3 8gb hdd: 1tb blue wd10ezex sata3 7200rpm...
  16. J

    Battery Leakage keyboad

    Battery Leakage in keyboard whats the clear watery stuff made from just wanted to know the battery is camelion super heavy duty also what do I use to clean it is it safe to touch?
  17. A

    Can you put lga1155 socket cpu to a lga 1151 socket motherboard?

    I want to upgrade my cpu but i want a lga 1155 socket cpu but my motherboard has a lga 1151 socket.
  18. R

    MSI PRO-VDH Over Clocking

    Hi i wanted to ask about motherboard OverClocking i had a post about ram it didnt work at 3000mhz but 2133mhz i found out that it dont support that ram and now i want to ask for overclocking cpu and gpu i overclocked it slowly but after 3.5Ghz it went slower than stock and usage was 100% how do...
  19. M

    Build me a Budget PC

    Hello everyone! I am looking to build a PC. Not my first one, but I would like to keep it at $650, but be able to play games at a decent FPS/Graphics. I don't want to do a mini ATX build. I prefer AMD (sue me I know haha) but build whatever you want. This PC will be for just gaming. I have...
  20. S

    CSGO low FPS with GTX1060

    Hello guys, I have older PC (CPU Quad core Q9550, MB: ASUS maximus formula 2, RAM: 8GB Coirsair Dominator 1066Mhz, OS: Win10pro 64bit, SSD: Samsung Evo850, HDD:WD Black 1TB SATA, Monitor ASUS PQ279q, GPU: MSI GTX 1060 Armor 3GB, previuous one was ASUS GTX660). I am a fan of Counter Strike and...
  21. S

    Can we play gta 5 on dell core i 5 lap top

    Can we paly gta 5 on dell core i5 lap top
  22. M

    Usb turn off power

    Hi my matherbord is asus h110m-a And I have this problem my headphones and my mouse stay on after shut down pls help me
  23. S

    Adshir: Using Ray Tracing For Better AR Quality

    A small company called Adshir promises to bring ray tracing to AR, thus significantly increasing the quality of the images we see. Adshir: Using Ray Tracing For Better AR Quality : Read more
  24. B

    Cannot change username, unsubscribe http 500

    When making my account it used my name from google auth which I cannot change now. When I go to remove my account I get a http500 error. What should I do?
  25. N

    Question regarding ethernet cables.

    If my modem/router has slots for 4 ethernet cables to be inserted if desired, would it necessarily slow down my speeds if my brother hooks up another ethernet cable to connect to his computer? It seems that the wifi speeds are a bit wonky for whatever reason but when I'm connected through...
  26. S

    Build with a W3680 as CPU

    Hey there. I am planning to build a PC with older parts. I already do own a prebuild DELL T3500 with a xenon W3680, 12 GB 6x2 ddr3 memory and a quadro 5000/1050 ti (will sell the excessive gpu). I also have a used 650W PSU (XFX XXX 650 Watt), however I might swap it out for a new psu. I do...
  27. C

    fast computer build

    I want a computer that is pretty basic, but I do want to do some photo editing on it as well. I'm mostly wanting a fast processor. my price point is about 400-600.00
  28. T

    Can't seem to install Windows.

    I've been messing around for days trying to fix my computer and download Windows again. Had to create an ISO for Windows 10 through a USB flash drive. Once the installation has come to picking what Volume I shall install it on, it shows an error "The computer unexpectedly or encountered an...
  29. G

    ASUS Z170-AR MBO Won't Post??

    Running into a strange system behaviour. Strange for me anyway, haven't had this type of problem before. System (Desktop Build - See below) was running along fine and then just stopped. Like I had held in the Power Switch until it stopped. Its primary use is a media server running Plex and at...
  30. M

    Bluescreen On "Heavy" Games

    Whenever I try rendering something, or playing a "heavy" game, my computer gives up and bluescreens. I believe it's my new GPU that is causing the problem, though I am not an expert on this kind of stuff. The error is WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR Any help would be appreciated!
  31. M

    which one of these mobos

    Doing budget gaming comp. planning on using ryzen 3 1200. Not sure which mobo to go with, looking at one of these 3. which would you go with or do you have another suggestion in the same price range? ASUS Prime B350M-E ASUS Prime B350M-A/CSM GIGABYTE GA-AB350-GAMING 3
  32. F

    PSU cx 600

    hello. PC : Motherboard : sapphire x79n Pure Black CPU : i7-3820 3.6 ghz GPU : Msi Gtx 1050ti 4gb PSU : CX 600 short can my PSU run this system or do i need a better PSU ? any answer is awsome tnx guys :)
  33. M

    Will adding one more stick of ram affect my OC?

    Hello guys, i currently have 2x4gb ddr3 ram sticks (Vengeance® Pro Series — 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 DRAM 1866MHz C9 Memory Kit (CMY8GX3M2A1866C9B)) http://www.corsair.com/en-eu/vengeance-pro-series-8gb-2-x-4gb-ddr3-dram-1866mhz-c9-memory-kit-cmy8gx3m2a1866c9b and i want to add one more 4gb stick...
  34. S

    Are my things compatible

    I want to upgrade my PC. Here are the current parts Intel Core i5 2500 @ 3.30GHz Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. H61M-S2V-B3 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (MSI) CX600 Corsair I want to upgrade my GPU to a 1070 GTX will i be able to fit it on my motherboard and will my current CPU bottleneck...
  35. B

    HDD About to die, I need to make sure my SSD will be bootable.

    Hello, for the past 3 years I've been using an SSD, which has Windows 7 installed on it and an old HDD which I use for storing data. Unfortunately I messed up as usual during Windows installation and made the HDD part of the system and much worse, as I found out today, the HDD contains the...
  36. Z

    Cannot overclock RAM, System refuses to post

    Hi all, i have a frustrating problem. I recently upgraded my motherboard to a Ryzen chip which meant a new motherboard. The RAM i have is 3000MHz which should give sufficient performance. After building, i went into bios and found that my RAM was only running at 2133MHz, which i read is what...
  37. sforshivansh

    i3-7100 or R3-1200?

    I am planning to build a PC meant for everyday performance and some animation and video editing. Which config should I opt for- i3 7100 with a Samsung EVO 850 SSD or Ryzen 3 1200 overclocked to like 3.9 GHz with a gtx 750ti? Also I will do some 720p gaming.
  38. Mipetin

    Samsung C24FG70FQU 144hz curved gaming monitor issue!

    My monitor works properly when i am using 120hz mode in my monitor, but when i change refresh rate to 144hz the magic happens. To the screen appears flickering/blinking lines. What do i have to do? Any ideas? I am also using dual monitor setup. Photo of "lines"...
  39. R

    i`ve overclocked my gtx1060

    i used an afterburner to Oc my card (asus dual 6gb) and i`ve set +150 core clock and +300 memory clock. i tested my card in furmark and after 7 minutes i had 73 celcius. i didnt see anything bad, fps was stable. i didnt touch the core voltage. can i damage my card with that overclock?
  40. T

    i currently have a radeon 7950 his iceq 3gb, i was considering upgrading to a gtx 1060 3gb (for 250$ canadian) or gtx 1050 ti

    i currently have a radeon 7950 his iceq 3gb, i was considering upgrading to a gtx 1060 3gb (for 250$ canadian) or his iceq rx 470 (200$ canadian). Are these worth the upgrade? I have a ryzen 3 1300x, 8gb of ddr4 3000 ram (will upgrade to 16).