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    [SOLVED] Intel i7 8700k vs AMD Ryzen 7 2700x

    So i've been watching some videos comparing the two and the difference is minimal or it's not at all. I do want to use this 95% of the time for GAMING, but i am playin on 1440p. I don't plan on OCing anything and as i understanrd they both have 3.7 base clock for single thread? So which one...
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Would doubling RAM compensate for 2950 tr lower i p c and single thread performance?

    Would doubling the RAM from 16gb to 32 fix the single thread isdues with amd 2950x in comparision with I9.9900x. Been looking at both to go with a Evo 970 1tb ssd and a Quadro 4000 for a mixvworkstatio doing rendering, encoding and runnins the likes of Premier, After effecrs, Solid works, 3d...
  3. F

    How do I enable integrated graphics?

    I think I will be without a graphics card for a month and a half. I wanted to use my graphifs card gt 740 but it keeps making a loud fan noise and no display. When I try to use it wothout a graphics card I get no sound and it says im using microsoft Basic render when I have an amd ryzen 3 with...
  4. A

    FPS drops after last nvidia update

    FPS Problems. Hi guys, I bought Bf5 yesterday and already played bf1 for a very long time. On Bf5 I started to play and with worked pretty well like 60 fps+ than yesterday I decide to watch some fps boost videos on youtube just to get that 5-10 fps more u know. Well after that I updated my...
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    Games alt tabbing twice a day

    When playing games there will be a time when all of a sudden it alt tabs back to the desktop. It does this twice, and only twice in the space of around 5 minutes before that's it for the day. It's inconsistent when abouts the second alt tab will happen but its within 5 minutes. This is a daily...
  6. E

    [SOLVED] Connect Wii (AV) to Portable DVD Player

    Hey, I am going away for the holidays, and want to take my Wii and Super Mario Galaxy with me. I have a portable DVD player that I want to use as a monitor for the Wii, but it has no ports for AV in. I need to connect the Wii cables to the DVD player, and so I need the red, yellow, and white...
  7. T

    YouTube Always Buffering After Modem+Router Switch

    Hi, so recently my ISP (Cox) sent over a new Modem/Router Combo (ARRIS TG2472G Rev 3.0) to replace my current one. Internet speeds are working fine, and everything else is working solidly (120 Down/10Up). The only problem that I seem to have been encountering is YouTube buffering on all of my...
  8. S

    under-heating semi freezing, HELP!!!

    computer semi locks up when it drops below 47 degrees Celsius. OK so, the computer works "fine" as long as the temp is between 58-72 ºC, but if it drops below that 58 degrees it will half lock up. the mouse and keyboard are completely un-responsive. but if im watching say netflix or listening...
  9. S

    I think I picked good parts, but I would like a professional to look over them..

    Hey there! I would like people to get an opionon about my build I have created and tell me what they think if I should change any thing or if I should change any thing.. These are the parts on pcpartpicker https://pcpartpicker.com/list/gydcV6 but if you don't want to go to it then I will just...
  10. cornell_digital

    PC build not running nearly as well as it should with the components I used. Can't figure out why?

    Hey all, I'm hoping I have the right category for this. I built a PC about a year and a half ago for video editing and it has never seemed to run as well as it should. I don't even know where to start to troubleshoot it. Here are the specs: CPU: Intel Core i7 6700k @4.4GHz GPU: EVGA GeForce...
  11. J

    Isolating PC on home network

    Hi everyone, I need help trying to figure things out here. I work from home on a company provided laptop that is currently connected to my comcast gateway (TG1682), like all of my personal devices, for internet access so I can connect to my company's VPN. I was given an old mini mac that I...
  12. W

    Is it worth upgrading to the new i9 9900k?

    I am currently in the process of upgrading my pc and I want to replace my current cpu, a i7 4790k, with a newer one. How ever the new i9 is almost 600 dollars and the new i7 does not have hyper threading. So is it worth getting the new i9 or is there another intel cpu that’s better for my price...
  13. S

    headphone jack not recognizing microphone

    hi, i bought an insignia ns-pah5101, a headset with microphone which uses the headphone jack, not a usb. although i can get sound to come out of the headset just fine, the microphone is not recognized by my laptop. in the recording tab in sounds, the headset doesn't even show. this is the case...
  14. FireFics

    Samsung 970 PRO 512GB on a Z390 AORUS MASTER

    hey guys! I have 3 m.2 slots available. Which m.2 slot should I install a Samsung 970 PRO 512GB on a Z390 AORUS MASTER motherboard?? is there even a difference? It's been awhile since I put a computer together. I am not up to date. thx
  15. K

    Windows 8.1 Toshiba Sat L750 won't turn on

    I have a windows 8.1 Toshiba Sat L750 one day it just shut down and never turned on again. I don't have access to any settings, I have tried all the hard resets. With the battery, without the battery..it just won't turn on. What does that mean? What's the next option?? Help!
  16. A

    Shutting down with light on the button

    My system hp pavilion sm4 when I shutte down the screen go blank but it still working the light on the key board are on.
  17. C

    Cooler master ML240r AIO cooler pump tempreture

    Hey guys, quick question I just noticed today my cooler master aio cooler ML240r's pump is quite warm. Is that normal? I read a few thread that the aio cooler pumps shouldn't be warm. Any one experienced this? Any help much appreciated.
  18. G

    upgrade my memory

    I have an ASUS X53E core i3. Is it possible to upgrade the memory and hard drive to accept windows 10 professional? I have a Hitachi 5.2 hard drive.
  19. K

    Please help me create a VM lab

    Hi all, I've been tasked with creating a VM lab for pentesting but definitely need some help. Can someone please help me put together a list of sorts of everything I will need? I was asked to create a list of any costs (virtual box licensing, a wireless adapter, etc.) we might incur, though...
  20. L

    Connect Mxqpro to surround sound

    I need help setting up my MXQ Pro box to my Yamaha RX-V581 . I purchased an optilink full to 3.5mm optical cable cord that fits but no sound comes out. It like it’s to old to connect to get sound. What can I do someone said convert it? The box only had one HDMI slot. I want to use my house...
  21. silversongshelties

    Upgrading RAM, 4 x 4 GB or 2 x 8 GB?

    I'd like to upgrade from my current 2 x 4GB (8GB total) to 16 GB or RAM. Max RAM per slot is 8GB. Out of curiosity, which configuration would you recommend? Which would give the best result for online gaming? My system is an HP Omen 880-109. I just added a EVGA GTX 1070 ti SL as an upgrade to...
  22. A

    Can i overclock my gpu and cpu after 5-6 years ?

    hey guys i have a gpu gtx 1080 and cpu i7 7700k i have a z270 sli pro mobo, i built my pc in october 2017. i have never ever overclocked any of my components. So my friend told me that after probably 5-6 years from now people with high cards will not be able to play on ultra and high settings on...
  23. K

    Did a major hardware upgrade, any problems to look out for?

    So I upgraded from an intel i5-3330 (extremely old I know) to a Ryzen 5 2600. After a few hours i got everything all plugged in and everything where it should be I went to put this upgrade to the test. Now I have had issues with OEM copies of windows before so I knew a reinstall was highly...
  24. S

    Cannot boot into an MBR flash drive

    When I was trying to reinstall windows by using a bootable flash drive which uses MBR partition, it just doesnt appear in the boot selection menu.I have tried GPT also but the problem is that GPT appears and the setup starts but my drive is MBR so it doesn't install , and I don't want to format...
  25. K

    Found a pc

    I found this pc on ebay is it wort buying https://www.ebay.ie/itm/FAST-Quad-Core-i7-Gaming-PC-Windows-10-Desktop-Computer-16GB-GTX-1050-Ti-4GB-1TB/192540992318?hash=item2cd456633e:m:msFjqCWA3FmEonjjIll9MqQ
  26. T

    NEW Pc Build! Help Emergency

    So i finished building my NEW and FIRST Build! Needless to say, it did not go so well, i put the power cord in, flicked the power switch to the ON position, and then i pressed The power button on the front case. HOWEVER, immediately there was this ELECTRIC sound, and smoke was immediately...
  27. M

    OneDrive as a backup solution from Office 365

    Hi, I was hoping someone can help me with setting up my OneDrive as a cloud backup solution since I just got Office 365. Right now, I am using WD SmartWare to backup my documents (~125 GB) that I save in my HDD onto an external HD, but I also want to save those exact same documents to OneDrive...
  28. Z

    gtx 980 vs 1070

    So my gtx 980 has died and EVGA are sending me out a replacement card. They don't have any gtx 980s so they're possibly going to give me a 1070 instead. What kind of performance gain/loss should i see at 1080p?
  29. L

    SATA SSD using SCSI drivers?

    Just built system and after loading Win10, discovered my M2 SSD seemed normal but my SATA only had a few Mg bit instead 500GB of space. All Storage seems to have defaulted to SCSI storage drivers not SATA?
  30. G

    Hp Pavilion scratchy noise

    This is the second brand new hp pavilion 15-ck019tx I have that’s making this irritating noise (YouTube vid...https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=6VWXax1Q50M). Surely it can’t be normal right?
  31. J

    Low FPS on Fortnite using GTX 1050 Ti

    My GPU is the GTX 1050 Ti (4GB) and my CPU is the Intel i5 7300HQ and I have 8GB of 2400MHz DDR4 RAM. No matter what, even slightly over clicking the GPU to around 1860MHz, Fortnite refuses to run at even a smooth 60 FPS on the lowest settings. Also, my GPU and CPU hardly ever reaches and never...
  32. siaan312

    is this too hot? also, 9 year old noctua nh-14 or new aio water cooler

    I tried testing my stuff and it appeared that if I play gta v online one 1 monitor (4 stars, using as many explosives as I can and as much fire as I can, and as many things going on at once as I can all while moving on a train) on ultra (everything on the highest setting possible including...
  33. E

    TridentZ RGB 3000mhz RAM only running at 2133mhz with Ryzen 1700x

    So a couple days ago i realized my RAM was not running at its base speed of 3000mhz, after messing with many BIOS options, clearing the CMOS, manually changing values, and talking with the support personel from ASUS i have been unable to reach the 3000mhz value. The max i have reached that the...
  34. J

    Which graphics card should I get on my computer

    Hi, I recently downloaded a game called No Man's Sky that has a minimum requirement of a nvidia gtx 480. I also recently saw another graphics card called the NVIDIA GTX 1050 Ti. Which one is better for my computer? Also, will the graphic card physically fit in the case? Current Graphics Card...
  35. A

    when i pressed windows key and prntscrn button, the save option wont show, pls help

    im tryng to screenshot, but when i press the windows button and prntscrn button, it wont show the option to save
  36. M

    Hd7750 on a 320w psu

    I'm using a 320w PSU in my hp Compaq 8000 elite CMT with q6600 and 8gb ram, and I want to add a cape Verde HD7750 one slot lower power consumption card. Will it work?
  37. T

    MSI R9 390 driver issues

    So about a couple weeks ago, my graphics card has been running into issues with games crashing once I join in them. It says: "A fatal error occurred in the graphics driver. Code:38 Result:'Device removed, Reason: DXGI_Error_Device_Hung:Graphics device stopped responding. There might be an...
  38. P

    Good PC-Low FPS on CS:GO First time having AMD

    Hello guys,i really need your help. I'm new on this forum and i really need your help because it's my first time having amd and it's my first time having this kind of problem. Well these are my specifications for the PC with the problem Ryzen 7 3ghz 16gb ddr4 3200mhz AMD Rx 560 4gb MSI 570 -...
  39. S

    EVGA GTX 1080 ti wont oc

    i'm trying to oc this damn card but it wont go pass 40mhz or else it will crash. and for memory clock it never crashes so it pisses me off.
  40. S

    System freezes on windows boot and fan starts spinning fast

    So this laptop i have (hp pavilion dv6000) wont turn on. the bios boots up properly but when its time for the windows to boot it freezes and fan starts spinning fast, no beeps just freezes. i have 2 harddrives for the same laptop (one is hp spare) both were used seperately before, one has...