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    Question (Budget pc - workstation home office mining low crypto)

    Hi Guys, I hope is the right section for this question. I'm trying to build a low budget pc for work from home (I am a reseller online and I collaborate with some websites + do some mining for the lower crypto. Like Bytecoins etc. I already have a spare a Samsung M.2 SSD 250 GB and I would...
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    Question Suggest a new System

    Hello All, I want to build a new system, so looking for suggestion. My budget is approx 450-500 USD. Need suggestion regarding CPU, MObo, RAM and optional graphic card. I already have a case, SSD and others. I prefer intel cpu. I use Adobe products a lot, photo and video editing sometimes. I am...
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    [SOLVED] How to use my old HDD in a new set-up?

    What do i have to do and is it even possible to be able to use my old 2TB HDD in my new set up as i don't want to waste money on a new HDD as it seems stupid to do so.
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    Question Should i go i5 9400f or r5 2600

    I am planning to buy new PC for gaming and i m gona learn 3d software (blender). I can go with either of these combo I5 9400f + Gtx 1660ti R5 2600 + Gtx 1660 Ram - 8gb x 2 PSU - corsair vs 550w Storage - 240gb ssd n 1tb hdd Help me with those cpu + gpu combo. Both conbo cost same as i5...
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    Question Upgrading to a new PC ( Windows 10) from a current Windows 7 OS

    So here’s the issue: I’m still running Windows 7 and didn’t bother to get the free upgrade to Windows 10 during the free period because I was not a big fan of it. The news broke loose that Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows 7 starting next year. This rises security issues that I don’t...
  6. J

    Question Use for a second PC

    Hi, I currently have a perfectly optimal pre-built gaming PC with up to date specs. I am interested in building my first PC with a budget of $500 Australian dollars max. I am wondering what I could potentially use this new pc for since I already have a perfectly fine gaming pc. I don't...
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    Question Windows 10 Installation from USB - Media Creation Tool Issue

    ERROR: 0X8007025D I am trying to install Windows 10 Pro on a brand new PC build, similar to this: View: Hardware: Mobo: Gigabyte Z370P (F11 Bios for CPU compatability) CPU: I5-9600K EVGA GTX-1060 SSC 6GB ADATA 128gb SSD...
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    Question New pc parts!

    Hey everyone hope you are all doing well :). I ordered new pc parts yesterday for my new pc build. these are the parts: i didnt buy from the us btw. just something i used to show you the parts. Anyways i was told by some people to change out the 2700x for...
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    [SOLVED] Need help with newly built system please

    Hello I recently built myself my own system and everything went great it worked and I was pretty happy but while playing a game I attempted to (alt + tab) in order to check something else and my screen just went black. I left it alone for a couple hours still black so I shut down the computer...
  10. J

    I have an apple 6 smart phone .recently I lose connection to system provider and just shows searching

    My iPhone 6 can not connect to system provider
  11. M

    Gaming PC Build - Good or Bad?

    Case: Silverstone rl05 CPU: Intel - Core i7-7700K CPU Cooler: CRYORIG - H5 Ultimate GPU: GTX 1070 Founders Edition Motherboard: MSI - Z270 GAMING PLUS ATX Memory: Corsair - Vengeance LED 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 SSD: SanDisk - SSD PLUS 240GB 2.5" Solid State Drive HD: Seagate -...
  12. Q

    While twitch streaming, my PC loses internet a hour in

    Hey everyone (not sure if this is the right sub forum to post this in) but I seem to have a problem that I can not figure out how to fix. Whenever I stream to twitch, my PC will just randomly lose internet (and it is only my PC). I used a power line at the start and thought it was the power...
  13. N00bishReasoning

    Black Screen after starting games on Ultrawide monitor

    after booting a game it loads for a bit then immediately cuts out sound, the monitor then goes black and disconnects. i have to to hard reset for it to work again. Temps are fine Specs~~~~ CPU-i5 4690k GPU-ASUS GTX 970 400+core clock 130+Memory (Overclock) Motherboard-Asus Z97-A Ram-8gb...
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    Does my GPU Not Work Because Of A Driver Problem?

    Recently, I tried putting an Asus r7 250 1gb gddr5 in my pc, but once i turn it on I can see everything in my pc running but there is no display whatsoever. However, I did not install any new drivers and did not disable my intel onboard graphics drivers either. IM just asking is the reason my...
  15. J

    When did GPUs get so damn expensive?

    I have been looking to build a new PC because my old one is just getting... Well old. And upgrading wouldn't have much effect, so why not build a new one. But as I gazed at the store, thinking "Oh I can probably get a 1070 for like 350ish somewhere" I was shocked when I saw that the average...
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    Is this a good PSU at all?

    My friend is building a PC and he said if this power supply is any good, personally I am more experienced in motherboards, GPU's and CPU's. So I was just wondering if this one was any good...
  17. xXThaiDyeXx

    Medium level gaming pc cant play games anymore

    Hi recently I had to help a friend who had a hardware problem so I let him borrow my motherboard with the cpu still in it and the power supply to troubleshoot what was preventing him from starting his pc up. Now I have all of my parts back and I put everything back in carefully, and everything...
  18. M

    Microsoft Office 2016 Update Question - Windows Update vs. Click to Run

    I just noticed that on a friend's computer his version of Windows 10 and Office 2016 allow him to get Office updates with the "Give me updates to other Microsoft products..." box checked in Windows Update. I also noticed his version of Office doesn't have the "update options" box under the...
  19. S

    CPU problem but im not sure

    i just built a new computer and i was just doing normal things i always do and all of a sudden my comp just restarts on me, not sure what it was but my cpu temps are good, the only thing that i had open was WoW and then i pulled up chrome then it happened not sure what happened. My cpu is intel...
  20. L

    Need help debugging BSOD

    I've been getting a consistent BSOD and can't seem to find the cause. Here's the pattern: 1) Boot up after being shut down for a while (i.e., overnight). 2) Do whatever for some amount of time. Could be seconds or hours, browsing online, watching a movie, etc.). 3) Start up graphics-intensive...