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  1. T

    Old system upgrade or buy new?

    My system: MSI Z87-G45 Gaming LGA 1150 Intel Z87 Intel Core i5-4570 Haswell Quad-Core 3.2 GHz LGA 1150 G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 GeForce GTX 760 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 Thermaltake Black Widow W0319RU 850W ATX 12V v2.3 Hey Guys, I know, pretty old system I built in 2014 and...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Need help designing new rig. Current one is no longer cutting it

    Approximate Purchase Date: Buying in bits, Spread out over the next month or so. Budget Range: If the plan is to upgrade my pc, preferably < 650 otherwise since I'm spreading it out over time really any reasonable budget < 1500 (less is better) System Usage from Most to Least Important...
  3. S

    Would these parts be compatible without any problems?

    And would the Power supply be enough? Partpicker says it would be but I'd like a 2nd opinion. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/cn3JZR Thanks
  4. V

    Is %84 NTSC Good?

    I ordered a monitor and 1: I'm a gamer 2: Heavy editor, so VA panel was my option, and I wanted it to be 144hz (for gaming ofc) So I ordered one with both what I want (it's not VESA compatible tho...) And it has %84 NTSC, is color accuracy good? And if it could be converted to sRGB, how...
  5. S

    game lag when play on high graphic

    when i play game like pubg on emulator on very high graphic it get lag on nvidea 1050ti 4gb send me some trick or setting to run fast the game
  6. H

    Does this motherboard support this graphics card?

    Does the ASUS MK PRIME Z370-A suport the MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming X (11gb)??
  7. Jeff_120

    [SOLVED] Msi pcie socket broke, is the second one as fast?

    I have an msi M3 H170 . Yesterday while doing some cable management I had to pull the geforce card, unfortunately it's the whole socket that went off with the graphic card!!! There is a line of pins but I don't know if something broke. So now I am using the geforce on the 2nd pcie slot (not sli)...
  8. C

    [SOLVED] New Build Won't Power - Missing CPU_PWR2 cord?

    New build won't power. The Corsair CX450 PSU does not come with a CPU_PWR2 cord. The MSI B450 Caming PRO Carbon MB seems to want one. I can't find anywhere whether the PWR2 is necessary (it seems so) or whether the PSU I have just isn't compatible. PC Part Picker did not give any indications...
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Need help finding a motherboard. LGA 1151 DDR3

    My motherboard has recently died on me and I don't want to pay for a new cpu and new Ram so i need a motherboard that is compatible with DDR3 Ram any suggestions would be appreciated preferabley on the cheaper end. I did have the Asus Trooper HII0 D3.
  10. A

    Motherboard to fit into cylindrical DIY case

    Hello i had an inquiry regarding if there is any motherboard that would fit into a DIY cylindrical PC case. The case would be about 7 inches in diameter. I am trying to make a server in the cylinder for a specific purpose and would love to be able fit the components in it. If you guys have any...
  11. I

    Accidently bent something

    Accidently bent this thingy (idk whats it called) while i was trying to get out the CMOS battery. Is my PC ok? Will it boot? What to do? Im scared to boot it.
  12. sidekick99

    Need help connecting F panel to motherboard

    So i have a jfp1 f panel cable and a 20-8 pin connector on my mobo how can i connect these? https://imgur.com/a/4ViUzyJ
  13. A

    Monitor giving No Signal after bootup

    Upgraded my CPU and Motherboard, Bought all the needed tech, set it all up, and now I don't get any signal on my Monitor, The last issue I was able to find was the Bios beeps telling me there was no memory, but I moved ram slots, and now all the Bios beeps are gone. Any ideas?
  14. B

    How's my overclock looking like? Ryzen 5 2600 w/ a stable 3.95Ghz and 1.275V

    Hello, this is my first time overclocking. I looked up some tutorials on youtube(because youtube tells you pretty much everything these days) and got right to it. For a month or so, I had my Ryzen 5 2600 with an Arctic Esports One Tower Cooler clocked at about 3.9Ghz at 1.35V. After reading a...
  15. zrkraus

    [SOLVED] Overclocking my gtx 1070

    Downloaded MSI afterburner with the interest of OC'ing my GPU, but whats entirely necessary? There's the core clock, shader clock, memory clock, whats really of practical use? If it makes any difference im running it on a asrock z370 killer w/ an intel i7 8700k.
  16. J

    [SOLVED] Cant put the push pins

    Hi! Im new to this forum, i bought my first pc, and tried building it on my own, the thing is that i bought an ID-Cooling SE 903, and no matter what i do i could only get 3 of the push pins seated, 1 fully pressed, 2 half, and 1 corner just didnt enter my asus prime b360m-A, and is on the air a...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] How wil Rtx 2070 perform on 1080p in games like gtav with i5 4690?

    Just want to know how bad would the rtx 2070 be bottlenecked at 1080p with that processor (i5 4690) and if there is acctually a big bottleneck. Not looking for much more than 60 fps , I like playing with v-sync. Wil also be playing games like AC , Just cause , COD , Rust , Tomb raider , gta v...
  18. A

    Rtx 2070 in a 2.0 PCI Mobo

    So I want to buy an Rtx 2070 which has a PCI of 3.0 and my motherboard has a PCI 2.0, my Gtx 1060 3Gb has a 3.0 too and it works but I want to know if the Rtx will work in my motherboard. Thanks.
  19. B

    [SOLVED] 80c when recording or streaming

    Greetings, I've just recently put together a new pc. I purchased a i7 8700 none k and I'm currently using just the stock cooler. While playing games like For Honor or Killing Floor 2 the temps get to the high 60's, sometimes reaching 70c. When I try streaming or recording videos however, all the...
  20. C

    Upgrading, i7-4770 doesn't fit into compatible motherboard

    Have been upgrading my PC and I'm at a loss as the i7-4770 has arrived and isn't fitting, for reasons shown in the following pictures: https://unsee.cc/02aec698/ On the board which the cpu is mounted, the... divets / indentations are in different locations. Motherboard: gigabyte ga-h57m-usb3...
  21. D

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 7 1800x 20 degree offsets still a problem in 2018?

    Hello, first of all, English is not my main lenguage, so I apologise if i write something wrong. I bought a 1800x last month and i did some OC. i saw a tutorial and i was able to push it to 3.95 Ghz using PStates with a 1.285 V but with a +0.18 on offset mode in the Vcore voltage and CPU LLC...
  22. D

    [SOLVED] how can i boost my frames?

    anyone know how to boost my frames in games up? Specs Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU AMD A10-9700 58 °C Bristol Ridge 28nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Single-Channel Unknown @ 1197MHz (17-17-17-39) Motherboard Dell Inc. 0XFRWW (AM4) 50 °C Graphics LEN T2054pC (1440x900@60Hz)...
  23. S

    What GPU should i Buy?

    What is the best GPU for my pc i 7 2600 @ 3.4ghz 8gb DDR3 1333MHZ might upgrade to 16gb 2tb HDD and 500gb HDD 500w psu can be upgraded! Upgrade History: Gpu from gt 530 to gt 1030 And psu from 250w to 500w black psu from KOLINK
  24. L

    Which is best?

    I’m looking into buying my first gaming pc, but with the new RTX cards coming out and the GTX 10-series cards running out of stock I’m losing some options. Also, there are some leaks for new a new ryzen 3000 series. I wouldn’t like to have any pricier than the 5th build. I also wouldn’t be able...
  25. K

    [SOLVED] Are Evga 600B watts psu enough for this specs below?

    Cpu: I7-8700k Gpu: Nvidia Rtx 2080 RAM: 2x8 GB 3200mhz Gskill tridentz rgb Motherboard: Asus TUF gaming plus (wifi) AIO liq cooling: Nzxt x62 liq cooling PSU: Evga 600B 80plus bronze SSD: 500GB Samsung 970 Evo HDD: WD Blue 2TB Fan: Default case Fan 3 x 120mm
  26. C

    Csgo runs horrible even at low settings

    I'm using an hp laptop till I build my gaming pc. It should run CS at 60+ fps according to benchmarks, but only goes around 25-35, with frequent stuttering. I've tried updating the drivers, CPU usage is fine, and only discord is running in the backround. Please help! i7 7500U 8gb RAM Intel HD...
  27. J

    Hook up soundbar

    TV has only hdmi inputs no optical output or anything else how can i hook up a soundbar to it and what all is needed to do so
  28. V

    Logitech G430 Mic Volume Issue

    Hi there, just hoping some people that are more knowledgeable could help me out. Essentially I have my headset mic set to 100, which is fine other than the fact my friends can always here people sneezing downstairs or when I eat food they describe it as one of those ASMR videos where I'm biting...
  29. B

    [SOLVED] Converting USB camera to dithering camera

    Hi I want to convert my USB camera to Dithering camera Is there any filter or the any javascript API Please let me know
  30. L

    EVGA 970 getting way too high temperatures after cleaning.

    Hi, i'm having issues with my 970. So i just finished cleaning all my computer, plug everything, turn it up, open AC Odyssey and i start hearing a really high fan noise, i check the temps and the GPU is at 80°C and 99% usage. So i decided to shut down the game and test another one, this time...
  31. S

    My graphics card is overheating

    Im using gtx geforce 1060 and its heating up to 85C while Im playing games (mostly Overwatch). Im pretty sure thats way too hot for the graphics card and Im afraid that its gonna get damaged. Every time I ask somewhere for a way to cool it down people just tell me that it doesnt need a way to...
  32. Shindouz Hirono

    Can my GPU support 4 Display?

    Currently equipped with a GTX 1060 Armour 6GB also equipped with 2 display at the moment one 50" TV and another one 27" gaming monitor Im thinking of setting another 2x 27" monitor beside the current one so that makes it 4 display in total. Will gaming witcher 3 hurt on the 3x 27" monitor such...
  33. R

    [SOLVED] Does a can of compressed air enough to clean this junk ?

    Dont know but i haven't clean it for over 3 years! https://imgur.com/a/NSr8192
  34. T

    1060,1070 with or w/o ti, 1080

    I am looking to upgrade my graphics card. Looking at EVGA and Asus, trying to understand which company and or model I need for what I want. I mostly play Black ops 4, WoW and Overwatch...I may stream from time to time aswell. Any recommendations?? my pc is this...
  35. G

    CPu usage at 50%+ percent when idle,tried closing some processes but another one replaces to hog cpu

    Hello guys, about the title, my Cpu usage is always at 50%+ when idle and when i open some programs like chrome it jumps to 90-100% and there is a noticeable stutter and slight freezing, so i looked at the task manager and i noticed there are two nvvsvc.exe running that hogs the cpu, i tried...
  36. T

    Can G.Skill Trident Z 3200Mhz CL16 be OC to 3200 with X470 (ASRock Taichi)?

    (warning: I'm a noob at this) I'm planning to buy a set of 2 x 16gb of GSkill Trident Z, the one with the cl16 (F4-3200C16D-32GTZ) for my X470 Taichi and plan to oc it to 3200mhz. My cpu is (going to be) Ryzen 2700x. So my question is, can i actually get it to 3200Mhz? Because I read around...
  37. M

    [SOLVED] DELL Precision T7500 / Win 10 Pro PERC H710 compatibility

    Hi guys, just bought a refurbished DELL T7500 from a computer company that sells new and refurbished PCs and workstations. Originally my T7500 had 2xXeon E5620 / nVidia Quadro 4000 2GB / 48GB RAM / 500GB WD hard drive / Windows 10 Pro 64bit. Upon purchase I asked them to install OS on an SSD...
  38. N

    [SOLVED] GTX 970 upgrade to 4k capable GPU

    CPU- i7 6700k GPU - 970 Zotac AMP extreme Ram - 16GB DDR4 PSU - 850 Bequiet Mobo - z170 So im planing to upgrade my GPU but right now i dont realy know which one i should buy. I also want to try 4k Gaming with it. I was looking at the 1080 ti but the price is rising so much in my country that...
  39. S

    [SOLVED] i7-8700k or Ryzen 7 2700x?

    Hello everyone! So soon i want to upgrade my CPU since i started to stream my CPU is not enough :( PC Specs i7-7700k MSI z270 SLI PLUS 32gb ddr4 ram 3200 gtx 1080 seahawk So here comes the questions most of the games im running they on settings medium high..... some of the games i have...
  40. F

    [SOLVED] How to choose the right router?

    You can see a lot of different opnions here Hi there! I'm changing my internet provider and I would like to change my routers as well because they are quite old (2014) and I'm not sure if they will handle my new internet. I had 15Mbps (not fiber) and now I'm changing to 100Mbps (fiber). I'm...