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  1. Z

    Question Laptop has specific keys that have stopped working.

    Hello, sorry if I'm doing anything wrong, this is my first time using this forum. I have an Origin evo-15 laptop where the semicolon, right arrow, and comma keys have stopped working. The first time I had this problem was about a year ago. What would happen is, slowly over time, more and...
  2. spardason

    Question Noob question about ram

    Hello! Ok so, i have 2x4 gb RAM ddr4 , 2100 mhz and i bought today 2x8 gb RAM ddr4 3000 mhz...now my question is, how important are the mhz? whats the difference? all my life i thought the GB was the important part and not the mhz, but it makes me think, because other people seem to care about...
  3. MarshTheBacca

    Question My Desktop can't Port Forward but my Laptop can on the same Network?

    I'm wanting to host a Minecraft server without using Hamachi, it's usually quite simple as I've port forwarded in the past before, except this time there seems to be no apparent reason why it's failing. I go onto https://canyouseeme.org/ to check if my service is visible to the internet, and it...
  4. toxicwarrior7

    Question Extreme Screen Tearing

    (Check signature for PC specs.) I recently got a GTX 1050 2gb and i'm loving it. Last week i updated the nVidia drivers as usual, but then all of a sudden after the update the bottom half of my screen has extreme screen tearing - during videos, gaming, and even dragging things across the screen...
  5. T

    Question Rog CrosshairV11 Hero not recognising boot drive

    Hello, Just fitted this motherboard and each time I boot up I get the message "Reboot and select proper boot drive". Problem is, the correct boot drive is selected in the bios. When I get this message, I have to go into the bios and immediately select exit and save (even without changing...
  6. L

    Question (Urgent) are you suppose to remove the tape on the m.2 slot for optane

    I need help building my pc rn but im not sure if installing a m.2 for a ssd or optane is diff so i ran into a problem if the optane needs the heat sink tape or now please help this is urgent
  7. Question Please help recurring GPU issue! (White lines)

    Please help! GPU producing white lines across the screen (see image below) This has happened before - I solved it by uninstalling all drivers with DDU and changing PCI slot. But now none of these work, I have made sure my motherboard drivers are all up to date. Mother board output works fine...
  8. F

    Question Update firmware for LITEON CA1-8D128

    Im trying the update the firmware of my drive model number: LITEON CA1-8D128 I cant seem to find any places to update it.
  9. A

    Question Should I overclock my 4790k

    So I have had my i7 4790k for about 3 years now, and am wondering if I will get extra performance out of overclocking it. I have a gigabyte GA Z97M DS3H motherboard with a Corsair CX 600 watt psu. Right now I am running the 4790k on the stock air cooler but have a brand new Corsair H80i V2...
  10. L

    Question Am I right to assume my GPU is DOA?

    Setup: CPU: AMD - Athlon X4 860K Motherboard: ASRock - FM2A68M-HD+ Micro ATX RAM - 2x4gb DDR3-1600 PSU: EVGA - 430 W 80+ Certified So up until recently, I was using a GTX 1050 as my GPU but got a really good deal on an RX 570 (8GB OC) and decided to take it. I put it into my build today and...
  11. J

    Question GPU Issue?

    Firstly, thanks :) SO. I've had this issue for quite a bit of time now. For some odd reason, my games tend to get choppy after around 45 minutes of use (this is a variable, it could be much sooner). Restarts tend to fix the issue on some occasions, however, it's a pretty large inconvenience. I...
  12. Question Gamidas Chione 240R Fans RGB doesn't work

    I have Aorus h370 Gamin 3 Wifi ... I installed yesterday Gamidas Chione 240R RGB on my thermaltake view 32 RGB But the RGB didn't work on fans ... Any possible reason ?
  13. P

    Question Taskbar notifications - turn off?

    Is there a way to turn off all Windows 10 taskbar notifications? I'd prefer not to have the taskbar pop up at any time other than when I move the cursor over the taskbar area.
  14. M

    Question Gigabyte Z170X - ultra gaming m.2 slot compatibility

    Hi there, I would like to purchase an m.2 ssd, namely Samsung 970 evo 2280 and I am not sure if my motherboard is compatible with it. I can see on the box that it says it has 1 m.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 22110 slot but I am not sure if it supports m.2 ssd sizes up to 22110 or exclusively 22110? Has...
  15. V

    [SOLVED] System runs for 30s after boot, then reboots

    Hi guys, I recently got all components I ordered for building my first PC. When I connected everything and pressed the power button, PC turns on and stays that way for about 30 seconds and then reboots. And continues along the same pattern. I tried everything suggested in the sticky in this...
  16. C

    Question Problem when installing windows 10

    Hello everyone, Just recently, I built my very own pc. When I was trying to install windows 10 via a USB bot drive, the program initially appeared to install successfully, but when it proceeded to restart, i encountered an error, which showed this ( i got it on video, apologies for the grainy...
  17. S

    Question best type of ram for asus tuf gaming laptop

    would this work in my gaming laptop https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233961&ignorebbr=1 I'm not sure what pins or in my laptop but it says its a high performance memory 8 gig ddr4
  18. K

    Question Asus Prime B360-Plus \ H370-Plus with i7-8700 - will be not overheat ?

    Hi folks. Planned to grab Asus Prime B360-Plus with i7-8700 (non K), with cooler Be quiet! Shadow Rock 2. I'm worry - do it will not overheat for such motherboard chips ? (little amount of power phases etc) Why not Z370 - critically presence of PCI slot. Any kind of overclocking does not...
  19. N

    [SOLVED] Is my Samsung 970 Evo ssd working properly?

    Hi, I just purchased a new system for my work. It has Samsung 970 Evo Nvme ssd 500gb as the boot drive, which is installed in the primary pcie 3.0 x4 slot. When I power on the system, after bios screen goes away, the windows loading screen (where the dots move around in circles) will be there...
  20. D

    Question Bizarre wifi problem...

    I have a Dell Inspiron 5537 laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit. Intel Wireless N7260 network card. There is coffee shop where I've been a frequent visitor for years. I've never had an issue connecting to their wifi. The last couple times I've been there, not only have I not been...