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  1. J

    Help! Looking for Upgrade for a GeForce GT 710

    Hi, I'm hoping the folks here can help me because, with all the graphics cards on the market I am totally stumped on which would be a decent upgrade for my computer, specifically so I can play more modern games without the graphics and FPS tanking. As stated, I currently have a GeForce GT 710 in...
  2. A

    Dell Inspiron 14 M.2 SSD Installation

    Hello everyone, first time posting here. I hope someone can help as I desperately need this laptop for my work. Last week my laptop started getting really slow and eventually just stopped. On reboot it says that there are no hardrives installed. So I made the assumtion that the hdd had just...
  3. x7.uae2

    Do I really need to update my newly bought 2tb 860 Evo ?

    I just bought my first SSD 860 Evo (2tb) and I'm debating for days wither to update it first or not the reasons for that as follow: 1- after searching it turned out in rare cases some updates ruin the SSD (can move data but games always freeze / cannot boot SSD / etc...) 2- after going to...
  4. G

    Is this build good value?

    Hi, I'm thinking of building a PC to get back into creativity and build up my portfolio to stay relevant for my career aspirations. I will be using this for graphic design and web development but mainly video/photo editing and would like to game as well. To keep around my budget I've managed...
  5. S

    U-Verse Ethernet to Fiber Optic LAN

    Is it feasible to take internet off the ethernet port on a U-verse broadband modem and then broadcast that signal over a private fiber LAN for a distance of ~1 mile? I have a house that is 1 mile from the road where U-Verse passes. ATT will not do the drop back at the house. I could run the...
  6. Y

    Dell Inspiron 580 and onboard audio

    Hello friends My mother has an old Dell Inspiron 580. Recently the onboard audio stopped working. The error message reads 'no audio device plugged in'. Neither my brother nor I are techies - I live remotely, so he has been assisting her. He has reinstalled all drivers (including the Realtek...
  7. T

    1070 TI or 2060 ?

    Hello, I want to upgrade my 1050 TI , but i don't know what should I buy between a 1070 TI or 2060 or anything else that's worth the upgrade. I originally wanted to go for the 1070 TI but I am unsure. Thank you.
  8. R

    Whenever certain phone connects ping skyrockets

    My sister has a Samsung galaxy j7 prime. I've noticed that whenever she is using her phone, my ping skyrockets to 1000+ and when she's not, I average around 50-60 ping on CS:GO. I've tried everything to my knowledge to fix it but it seems it's out of my ability. I've tried QoS on my router...
  9. R

    [SOLVED] Headphone Noise After Installing New Graphics Card

    Hi, I installed a GTX 1080 today and it's works great, except I hear noise through my headphones even when I mute the computer volume. I had a GTX 1050 ti before and it never did this. It gets annoyingly loud when I load up a game, then it stops during a loading screen, then it starts back up...
  10. D

    [SOLVED] Could use some advice and guidance on proper steps for GPU installation.

    Hello, so I will be getting a fully functional gaming PC soon that does not have a GPU and will be running on integrated graphics. This is because I will be installing the GPU in my current PC into the new one. So I just wanted some advice and guidance on the proper procedure for installing and...
  11. H

    Extremely high GPU temperatures on PC ( help appreciated)

    Extremely high GPU temperatures on PC Hello guys, was wondering if anyone could assist me, recently my GPU has been kicking up a real fuss playing even the least demanding games (League of Legends, MTG) etc and I'm confused as to why, I'm running a GeForce GT 705 and its temperature peaked at...
  12. J

    What is the best NVMe(M.2) for Maximus VIII Extreme?

    Hi! I'm planning to upgrade my storage to an m.2 SSD. I'm currently using Samsung 850 EVO SSD. Is M.2 NVMe compatible to my MOBO(Maximus VIII Extreme)? Can you guys suggest the best m.2 that's very compatible with my MOBO(Maximus VIII Extreme)?
  13. Q

    Computer Build Help

    Good Odd Morning, I used to have an i7 3770k build, didn't realise after the years have gone by we're in the 8th generation and it's a burden to hunt for lga 1155 motherboards. So i'm looking to make upgrades for a gaming desktop I currently have ; WHat i'm looking for -60-100 fps on average...
  14. T

    ASUS TUF B450M or MSI B450m Mortar

    Which one is better, both of them has the same price and forget about the rgb it has, what i prioritize is the bios ( i want to overclock the APU ), performance, durability and the features it has Specs: -Ryzen 5 2400G -WD Caviar Blue 1TB -Be Quiet! System Power U9 500w -Crucial Ballistix Sport...
  15. B

    CPU running at 50*C idle with AIO cooler

    The computer's been shutting off randomly when under load and the idle temps are at 50*C and jump from 70-90* under load. Cpu I'm running is an I7-2700k and I've pulled apart my Corsair h100 to check the pump and its working fine. Fans are spinning up fine. My CPU jumps from 0.9 to 1.2V at idle...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Getting Epson xp-340 to resume after poweroutage

    My Epson printer is near the modem at the other end of the house from my PC and tablet. I want to use a smart plug so that I can turn it on and off remotely. My brother laser works perfectly via smart plug, but the Epson still needs someone to press the ON button after turning smart plug on. Is...
  17. T

    Evga classified 980 ti-- is it worth it to get 1440p 144hz monitor

    So i was recently given this evga 980ti as well as 500 bucks in micro center gift cards. I have been looking into getting a second monitor for a long time and definitely want to start gaming as well as working in 1440p. my current setup is as follows: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bRt8jy...
  18. O

    three display setup

    Hey. So recently I bought my self a new dell monitor. I have a Dell u2414h and a Dell S2716DG and an LG tv. Ever since I got the screen every time the computer turns off the screens the S271DG(main) doesn't come on, I need to turn it off and on again which is really weird. Anyone knows why is...
  19. K

    My games look bad even on high settings

    i got a new monitor for christmas and its a 24'' curved 1080p samsung monitor. i decided to update my drivers because apparently they were outdated by 11 updates. so i updated and before i updated i was running far cry 5 on medium settings at 55 fps and after the driver update i was running it...
  20. K

    Esign where in my email link?

    I get an email that say e signature needed to finalize loan and release funds and there is a link in the email but I click it and there is nothing to sign. I know this may be a scam but how do I e signature?