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  1. I

    Question 500ft cat5e cable not receiving connection from wifi repeater

    Hello. I am trying to run a 500ft cat5e cable from my wifi repeater to my PC. I terminated both ends using t-568B pinout and crimping tool. when i use a 5ft cable my PC detects the connection but my 500ft does not. whats going wrong? for clarification this is what I am working with...
  2. T

    Question Gamepad gives error after connecting (Power surge on the USB port)

    I bought a new gamepad ( Speedlink strike NX), and i have used it for around 2 weeks. One day i connected it to my laptop and had error saying that Unknown USB device needs more power than the port can supply. I went to the place where i bought because I still had warranty , guy connects gamepad...
  3. R

    Question Is a GTX 1660 Ti compatable with a gigabyte 78LMT USB3 R2 motherboard

    I have a older graphics card and I wanted to know if it was comparable and if it was better then a 1060 since it’s not to much more price wise I wanted to get the best for my dollar.
  4. thedoctor025

    [SOLVED] Drivers for new AMD Graphics Card?

    Hi all, I just installed a Radeon 7770 into one of my old desktops in hopes of upgrading it. Now I'm kind of new to all this PC stuff but I'm trying to learn. When I plug the graphics card into the monitor, the image looks all stretched and distorted, so I figured it was a driver issue. I tried...
  5. Exia00

    Question Asus Prime A320M-K problem

    Hi so i have a problem at the moment i just gave my cousin my old Asus Prime A320M motherboard and he installed a Ryzen 3 1200 in the system with a GTX 1050 Ti and the issue i am having at the moment is the audio (which i have no idea where to ask this anyways) and the thing is when i installed...
  6. R

    Question Pipeline DVR Deagate 1TB too slow

    I know it's a Pipeline designed to manage videos, but it used to be copying files at over 125MB/s and now it's crawling at less than 30MB/s. I've tried swapping sata cables, disconnecting and reconnecting the power cable and nothing. What's wrong?
  7. H

    Question ASRock Z390 Extreme4 additional USB ports

    Hi! After installing the front panel connectors, I see I still have free slots on the mb - both type A and C. Any recommended cards for putting these to use? Both front and rear options welcome. That was a weird sentence.
  8. J

    Question Opinion on CPU Cooler

    Hi, would like to get your opinion: My current PC specs are as following: CPU : Ryzen 5 2600 MB : ASRock B450m Pro4 GPU : Galax GTX 1070ti Casing : Thermaltake Versa H18 - 2 Front Intake Fans @ 140mm - 1 Top Exhaust Fan @ 140mm - 1 Rear Exhaust Fan @ 120mm (high speed about 3000 rpm) My...
  9. G

    Question New monitor and card not displaying anything!

    Problem summary: new monitor and graphics card since yesterday but after hours of trying cannot get the new monitor to go past the motherboard password once entered (yes it is the correct password it's only a simple 4 digits) even if I have it disabled while connected to my old monitor then...
  10. santiago7245

    Question Bios loses boot drive

    My new build will do random restarts under 0 stress and never when I'm around. Intel 9600k, gskill ddr4 16gb, Gigabyte ud z390, Intel ssd 200 gb w10pro boot drive. I've changed the sata cable switched, sata ports and everything is smooth for a couple of days until I see it at the bios and I...
  11. W

    Question Help me choose monitor for gaming

    Time to replace my old monitor and i'm looking for some advice. I would like to buy a gaming monitor, 144hz, low response time etc. I'm just a bit unsure which monitor would be best to get at the moment. Recommend anything thats not too pricey and around 25 inch :)
  12. K

    Question Exploring M.2 PCIe SSD . . .

    SO another Technology that I have not used is the M.2 PCIe. SO here goes: What are the Pros v. Cons of PCIe v. SATA? I assume direct connect is faster over cable. Little interference from other components. PCIe is faster, etc etc etc . . . I'm assuming they have the same MTF Can I use the...
  13. F

    Question Metro Exodus hardware question

    Should I be able to play Metro Exodus on 1920x1080 on ultra spec (minus ray tracing) with the following hardware? *Core i7 8700K *16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM *2-way SLI GTX 1080 8GB
  14. C

    Question New PC build windows transfer

    Hey guys, hope you're all well. I'm in the process of building a new PC and essentially starting from scratch rather than replacing certain components of my existing PC. I currently have Windows 10 running which I got through the free upgrade they offered back when it first released. I've...
  15. J

    Question I moved my RAM over a spot and now I don't know what's wrong

    I bought an upgrade to my ram yesterday from 2x4gb to 2x8gb. When I installed the new ram I didn't know they needed to be in 1, 3 or 2, 4 and installed them right next to each other. So while I had some time today I moved one of the sticks over a slot. Now my computer is freezing up and I just...
  16. V

    Question Monitor takes many many tries to get going

    So i've got an old Samsung monitor that works well, once it gets going. i have to turn it on and of 20-30 times before it will flicker into life over 10 more flips of the switch not sure if there's anything i can do
  17. O

    Need help figuring out Win7 complex problem

    Hi! My PC suddenly had issues getting past the boot screen. It would just get stuck before getting to the login page. After a few dozen reboots where I'd let it keep booting for an hour each, it finally got to the point where it downloaded and installed Windows Updates for three reboots, after...
  18. PaulAlcorn

    Core Combat: Intel Xeon W-3175X vs. AMD Threadripper 2990WX

    AMD's Threadripper 2990WX challenges Intel's pricey Xeon W-3175X in this battle of the behemoths of the processor market. Core Combat: Intel Xeon W-3175X vs. AMD Threadripper 2990WX : Read more
  19. T

    Looking for help with my internet problem

    Hi, my name is Zack I recently move my pc setup from the living room in to a separate room on the second floor. I had good and stable internet before but since I move and plug my pc with a much longer ethernet cable it seem that my internet is fluctuating and have worst download and upload...
  20. F

    Added a new router as access point, can't see devices.

    I have a TP-Link AC 1750 connected to cable modem. IP - DHCP range is 100 - 199 My PC is hardwired to this router. All fine. 2nd Router, TP-Link WR1043 is set up downstairs over ethernet from router 1 lan port to router 2 lan port. - IP - DHCP disabled. I can login to...