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  1. jjj22

    Question Nothing turns on when I plug the 24-pin into the motherboard ?

    So my PC won’t turn on for unknown reasons and I have tried everything from resetting CMOS to taking everything apart and putting it back in. I have made sure everything is compatible. Or thought I made sure. All my parts (I have no other parts it’s my first time building): GIGABYTE B550M DS3H...
  2. S

    Question PC refuses to conduct BIOS checks, after randomly switching off?

    Recently made my second ever PC after 8 years. It was running fine in Win 11 and I left it to start downloading my apps ect. When I returned, it had powered off and now refuses to switch back on. I have literally tried to reseat everything on the rig (except CPU) but it refuses to boot. It...
  3. Julian976

    Question Pc turns on but there is no signal on the monitor and the keyboard isn't working

    Hi! We recently had a power outage at our home. After that I tried to turn on my pc and the cpu fan, all the other system fans and the gpu started spinning but my monitor did not receive any signal and my mouse and keyboard didn't light up. I also had the same issue a few days prior where my pc...
  4. J

    Question Problems Booting with New Memory

    I recently upgraded to 4x8 of Corsair Vengeance RBG Pro rated for 3600mhz on my system. When first installed and turned to its rated speed of 3600mhz my system wouldn't boot. I fixed that problem by updating my motherboards BIOS to the newest version. The computer works as it normally should...
  5. D

    Question New build turning on only sometimes and won't turn off ?

    I just built this pc & all hardware is brand new except for the gpu specs- -i5 13600k -GIGABYTE Z790 AORUS Elite AX -corsair vengeance ddr5 -cooler master hyper 212 black rgb cpu cooler -corsair rm850x modular psu -seagate barracuda 2tb internal hdd -gtx 1660 super -chassis- be quiet! dark base...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Problem with PC startup and TPM errors

    Hello everyone, these past few days i have a particular problem with my pc. It started 3 days ago when i pressed the power button and nothing happened. So i tried again and PC started for a few seconds, then shut down an started up again, this time booting into windows fine. In the event viewer...
  7. L

    Question Desktop PC turns on in one building, but not another

    Hi everyone, I don't usually come to message boards without trying an extensive list of options beforehand - however even the savviest of tech people I know can't seem to get their head around this, so maybe you can help me. Backstory: I have a desktop PC with a Gigabyte H510M-H motherboard...
  8. S

    Question PC having either VGA or Memory booting issues. I'm out of ideas. Long detailed explanation of my problem

    Here's my RIG: Intel Core i9 9900k Nvidia 2080 Super FE 32gb Trident Z RGB RAM CL16 16-16-16-32 Asus ROG Z390 Maximus XI Formula 2 1tb Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD Corsair RM850 Gold certified I have had this rig built since September 2019 with absolutely no issues at all until about a...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] PC wont boot need help tried everything

    Hi i built a PC a month ago and 2 days ago i shut it down and left when i started it again it went into BIOS and has failed to boot into windows since, it gets stuck on the gigabyte logo , i have tried enabling csm, fast boot disabled, resetting CMOS multiple times, tried booting with one ram...
  10. F

    [SOLVED] New PC not booting/

    Ing I just built a new PC (it's only my second) It doesn't boot, and it doesn't give any video signal, the DRAM mb led stay on for some seconds, than it turn off for a second and the CPU led turns on, then the CPU led turns off and the DRAM one turns on. If anybody knows what is the problem and...
  11. D

    Question New PC turns on, fans start spinning increasingly faster & PC shuts down about 20 seconds later

    Hello guys, I just finished building my new PC and I can't get it to work properly. When I turn on the PSU and then press the power button the PC turns on, the RGB comes to life, the fans start spinning slowly. Some of the motherboard´s EZ debug LEDS turn on: The red CPU led turns on first for...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] Why my lenovo m90p cpu is not booting with amd hd 7570ddr5 graphics card?

    My cpu was working properly till I not inserted the GPU. I am a person that cannot use PC without GPU. So, I bought AMD HD7570 DDR5 GPU and installed it in my PC. But my PC is not giving display since then. And if I remove GPU and connect VGA Cable to motherboard port, it works normally. Can...
  13. TheRomster

    Question My Pc is lighting up but the monitor isn't showing any signal

    My pc has been freezing recently and now my pc will turn on but won't show anything on the monitor, the pc shows light and everything seems to be working but nothing shows on the monitor. I have tried different monitors, different HDMI cables, and have moved which HDMI goes in what slot. All the...
  14. G

    Question My newly built PC boots up, then clicks off ten seconds after, and repeats.

    Hey all, this will be a sort of long post but I have nowhere else to ask. My specs will be at the bottom. I’m new to PC building and have almost completed my first PC. Following several tutorials and hours of building I managed to put together a decent looking mid range gaming PC. However...
  15. kry123

    [SOLVED] New PC build won't power on, Asus prime H310M-A motherboard

    Just added new components to my pc, but there's only light on the ethernet area of the motherboard when booting up. I've checked all the cables for power 24/4pin and made sure they are snug, I even tested 2 other power supplies I own. I pulled everything off the motherboard and did a test...
  16. Treeman594

    [SOLVED] Pc not booting

    I just installed an i7 4930k into my Lenovo thinkstation s30 and it will no longer boot. Is there a possible incompatibility with the motherboard and the cpu. It previously had a Xeon 1620
  17. Ryzane

    [SOLVED] Is my CPU or my MB defective?

    So I recently ran into a rather big issue with my PC... I tried to restart it, after not doing anything unusual, and ever since, whenever I try to start it, the power turns on, the fans start spinning, the components with lighting light up and then... nothing. No video output, no power turning...
  18. Hurkymartin

    Question Pc not booting to bios trued everything and ides what’s wrong

    So I just got a few parts for a pc I wanted to build as I had parts for older PCs that I upgraded List: CPU: i5 6600k Ram: 16 gb hyper x ddr4 fury Motherboard:Asus prime B360M-A Gpu: gtx 980 Power supply : Corsair Rm850x Noctua cooler 500gb ssd The motherboard turns on for about 3 sec turns...
  19. MarrufooPapi

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 installment not working !

    I had a HDD in my system and I upgraded to a ssd so I reset my pc to start everything fresh with the new ssd , I installed windows ISO to a usb and reset my system . But I’m having a problem where when the windows is done it just goes to bios , (keep in mind I remove the usb when it says...
  20. ryvan10

    [SOLVED] PC won't boot sometimes

    Lately ive been having an issue where my pc wont turn on sometimes when hitting the power button. The motherboard lights turn on, the ethernet indicator flashes but the power supply makes a quiet clicking static noise and doesnt turn the system on, no fans or anything. Then when i flick the...
  21. TripleJTH

    Question PC won’t turn on

    My pc shut down normally last night with no issues, this morning I tried turning it on and it wouldn’t start, I’ve tried different power sockets etc, but my microphone is lit up and my gpu has a light too, and the USB ports are working, but when I start the pc, none of the fans start, case...
  22. Attila05

    Question Upgrading from single channel to dual channel. Pc wont boot in

    I have been upgraded my ram from 1x8 to 2x8 GB (they are the same, I also checked the number of the product) and when I turned on the pc the monitor was balck, no signal. I removed and put back the CMOS battery and it didnt change after all... I tried with 1 stick and it was the same result as...
  23. Togrof

    Question Date and time not updating even after replacing CMOS battery

    My pc lately is not booting up after a cold restart i mean if i switch on my pc after a long interval it is not booting up,pc lights up and fans are spinning but no signal on monitor...but after force restart with button it boots up and eaverything works fine but again date and time is not...
  24. P

    Question PC not turning on after power outage

    Hey. I'm asking for a friend. He had a power outage the other day and now his PC wont turn on anymore. He removed the PSU and held down the power button to release any static in the components. That did not fix his problem. He also tested another PSU that was in another computer in his house...
  25. F

    Question HDD usage goes up to 100 after my pc is not able to start.

    Hello, so the other the day my (desktop)pc turn off completely while I was using it, afterwards, it refused to start, I tried some basic stuff like checking plugs, turning the PSU on/off but nothing worked, so I decided to take the computer apart, clean it, and then try again, it worked, but...
  26. T

    Question Got a new ssd now pc will not even boot

    Got a 1tb ssd drive today and went to plug it in and it did not boot so I unplugged and It did not boot on my motherboard there are 4 red leds of CPU dram vga boot and the red light is stuck on CPU anyway if you know why please tell me have a good day
  27. S

    Question Pc not turning on all of a sudden

    Hi, so I was working with my pc at night and everything was working fine. I put hibernation when i was done with my work and then switched off from the mains. The next day, my pc is not powering on when i press the power button. My motherboard led lights up. When i press the power button, the...
  28. C

    Question Computer Not Booting Up

    I built my first pc and it isn't booting up. The only things that are working are the rgb on the motherboard, the graphics card, and the power supply. Nothing else seems to be working. It also says no signal on the monitor. Here are my specs View: https://imgur.com/95tvILR