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    Question PC not turning on after power outage

    Hey. I'm asking for a friend. He had a power outage the other day and now his PC wont turn on anymore. He removed the PSU and held down the power button to release any static in the components. That did not fix his problem. He also tested another PSU that was in another computer in his house...
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    Question HDD usage goes up to 100 after my pc is not able to start.

    Hello, so the other the day my (desktop)pc turn off completely while I was using it, afterwards, it refused to start, I tried some basic stuff like checking plugs, turning the PSU on/off but nothing worked, so I decided to take the computer apart, clean it, and then try again, it worked, but...
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    Question PC not booting to OS after cleaning.

    So this morning my father and I decided to clean out his desktop using a can of compressed air and to re-apply thermal compound (since we built the PC together about 2 years ago). Long story short, we managed to boot the computer up and enter the BIOS just fine, but once we tried booting to...
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    Question Got a new ssd now pc will not even boot

    Got a 1tb ssd drive today and went to plug it in and it did not boot so I unplugged and It did not boot on my motherboard there are 4 red leds of CPU dram vga boot and the red light is stuck on CPU anyway if you know why please tell me have a good day
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    Question Pc not turning on all of a sudden

    Hi, so I was working with my pc at night and everything was working fine. I put hibernation when i was done with my work and then switched off from the mains. The next day, my pc is not powering on when i press the power button. My motherboard led lights up. When i press the power button, the...
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    Question Computer Not Booting Up

    I built my first pc and it isn't booting up. The only things that are working are the rgb on the motherboard, the graphics card, and the power supply. Nothing else seems to be working. It also says no signal on the monitor. Here are my specs View: https://imgur.com/95tvILR