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  1. Thomasww615

    Question New build constantly shuts down + blue screens

    Hi everyone, I recently upgraded my PC which involved buying a new motherboard and upgrading my RAM from modules which I already own. However, once I had finished the build I have noticed that my PC will either just occasionally shutdown and restart under load (No BSOD) or it will occasionally...
  2. A

    Question PC is Giving Random Restarts. Help !

    Hello, My PC started giving me random restarts with any blue screen a single message, restart, and automatically get back again to Windows SPECS My PC is only a low-end PC CPU: i3 4150 with Stock CPU cooler GPU: Intel Integrated GPU only RAM: 16GB RAM 1600MHZ PSU: (280w PSU) FSP GROUP...
  3. I

    [SOLVED] PC shuts down at random times then restarts.

    At first the pc would shut down and restart primarily while gaming, which made me think that it was a temperature problem. However recently, it started started happening while doing light gaming like league of legends with capped FPS or while watching youtube videos. I have recently installed 5...
  4. E

    Question PC rebooting without any warning, leads to black screen, and goes back to Windows 10 sign in screen

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to asking for help so please ignore any mistakes I make. Anyways, the real problem is my PC. Whenever I'm doing anything it'll just restart it without warning or BSOD, it just goes to a black screen and then back to windows sign in screen. Any suggestions, ideas, or help...
  5. N

    Question Computer randomly restarts about once per day. Possibly from Bluetooth dongle

    Hi, I have had this issue for about a week now. Every day at a random time my computer will completely restart instantly with no warning or BSOD. I got a minidump from the first time that it happened but windows has not given me another since the first time. This is what I get when I analyze...
  6. J

    Question New PC keeps crashing

    My PC keeps crashing with no blue screen. It also keeps showing an error in event viewer where it cannot create a crash dump, but it doesn’t tell me why it restarted. I have set it to provide a complete memory dump and even tried to specify where it should go, but maybe I am doing something...
  7. Deadlyxxx

    Question My computer restarts literally random

    Hi I have the following problem. My computer restarts literally random, whether I'm playing or doing nothing, it restarts on its own. It is NOT a temperature because everything is literally normal and as I said, even while sitting on a desktop without doying anything it restarts. I changed the...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] My PC kept restarting if I watched videos or played video games ?

    Hello to all. First of I will start saying I live in Europe so sorry for the bad English. Okay so I decided to share my experience I had with my PC. It started randomly restarting if I play video games or watch Youtube videos. Now I had a hunch it was the motherboard or CPU.. But I read on the...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] PC randomly resets, can't pinpoint cause at all ?

    PC has been randomly resetting all month, I'll be running image editing software or watching videos or just leaving it idle, and it will reset with the fans still spinning and the lights still on--no BSOD or any useful errors in Event Viewer. Sometimes the machine refuses to post after reset and...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] PC randomly restarts only while gaming.

    Hi, I recently started to experience this weird issue where my PC would randomly restart without any error message. This is only happening when playing games and happens anywhere between 0-15 mins into a game. Looking at the event viewer it seems to be a Kernel-Power error with code 41. I have...
  11. AgentF03

    [SOLVED] System randomly restarts

    Hi... So my PC started randomly restarting 3 Months ago... it came out of no where and the System worked perfectly fine before. The Eventlog showed a fatal Error: Kernel-Power, Event-ID: 41. First things I did were changing settings in my system, updating all the drivers (BIOS, GPU, CPU, etc.)...
  12. Quentius

    Question PC randomly restarts after installing GPU

    Hey everyone, A while ago I sold my old Graphic card (RTX 2060 6GB) since I wasn't playing games anymore. A couple days ago i recieved a graphic card from a friend to use so I could still play games sometimes (Geforce GTX 750Ti). After installing the GPU my pc randomly crashes sometimes, and...
  13. X

    Question My PC has restarted on its own randomly twice

    As per the title of the thread my pc has restarted twice and I don't know what caused it. The first time it occured was almost a week ago and the second time was yesterday. Description of the first restart: ~Was playing Escape From Tarkov ~Happend loading into a match ~Game froze, my 2nd...
  14. W

    [SOLVED] Computer restarts seemingly at random, maybe when under load ?

    CPU: Intel i7-6700 RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3200 GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 650W G3 Storage: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 120 GB, 250 GB & ST2000DX002-2DV164 2TB OS: Win10 (Sorry if that's not enough system info, let me know what else I need and how to get...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] nvlddmkm.sys causing random crashes on new PC

    As the title states, I've been extremely frustrated with my newly built PC because it constantly crashes at random intervals, mainly when playing video games. I know I'm not the first person to have this issue, however all of the fixes I see stated online simply do not work for my case My...
  16. B

    [SOLVED] Pc blue screen and random restart issue

    Guys... I'm defeated. I've had this PC a couple of years now without any issues other than needing to reinstall windows a couple of times because you know how they can get sometimes, you just need a refresh. I want to say.... 4-5 days ago, she's been getting the "error" blue screen (while the 2...
  17. D

    Question Windows 10 PC Randomly started restarting it's self today.

    So, never had any problem like this but today, oh man, my PC keeps restarting every almost 2 hours. The screen freezes, the sound does too and after a little while it just restarts. I checked out the windows event viewer and I get 2 errors at the same time. Here is everything I could find...
  18. Skelbo

    Question Random restarts and freezing

    Self built PC 2 years ago. It was fine in the beginning for a short while but it soon started freezing at the slightest touch of the case. Later on it started randomly freezing even without touching the case. Then it started randomly shutting down. Afterwards randomly restarting - mostly happens...
  19. kryxus

    [SOLVED] PC randomly powers off and then restarts ?

    Hello everyone! For a week now my PC acts weirdly. It powers off, all the LEDs and fans stop and then restarts. This is so random I can't reproduce it at all, sometimes it happened mostly while I was playing Minecraft and CSGO, tried running other games like Cyberpunk 2077, The Withcer, R6S...
  20. M

    Question PC restarts when starting/playing games

    Hey, I've been having this issue for a few weeks now. First it started with my not being able to launch or play Squad because that caused the PC to restart. A week or so ago I installed League of Legends to play with my BF, and it happened in that game too just when I was about to load into the...
  21. The7969

    [SOLVED] How to fix a very unique bootloop: Automatic Repair Fail, Won’t Boot to USB, More

    My dear friends, I have a huge problem. A problem that I have searched and searched over dozens of forums, google search results, YouTube videos and more and none have seemed to face my exact problem, so here it is, in detail: A few days ago, I was just browsing the web and watching some...
  22. aluizgollo

    [SOLVED] Random restarts while gaming, even on super light games

    Hi there! I'm having some kinda random PC restarts. It started happening after I bought my RTX 2060, but not exactly after, more like a few weeks later. I'm not sure how much these 2 informations are related to each other. They are not totally random restarts, they happen when GPU is being...
  23. E

    Question Brand New PC Random Restarts Without Warning

    Hi! My newly built PC keeps randomly restarting without warning. It started doing this about a month ago. There's usually at least a week between occurrences. This week though it happened on Friday and then again today. No warning, it just restarts and acts as if nothing happened. I'd really...
  24. J

    Question Random reboot playing games for a while

    So to put into context some low end games mmorpgs such as lotro, swtor are absoulty fine but when i play FF15, Rust, PUBG to name few after while maybe 20-1 hour in the pc will crash, things i have done i did factory reset of entire pc fresh reinstalled windows, reinstalled uptodate drivers ...
  25. OBJProductions

    Question Ibuypower cpu restarts while playing games.

    My pc keeps restarting randomly while im playing games Ex: It will go completely black, do the glitchy audio like the sound it makes when something freezes, then goes through its whole booting up thing , then were back to the start. Then I launch a game and repeats the same thing.
  26. jkholloway47

    [SOLVED] 3 post lights; random restarts

    Hi guys, for a while now my PC has been getting random restarts at random times for no particular reason it seems. It will restart when I'm playing a game or when I'm just on the desktop. It will come up with 3 post lights but still launch. The three lights are CPU, DRAM, and VGA. My build is...
  27. lebu4982

    [SOLVED] Blue Screen and Random restart

    Hi, Recently I have bought an old setup for my brother, it has a Chinese g41 series motherboard, (brand: speed), core 2 duo processor and 4gb of ddr3 ram. Sometimes I get random restart and whenever my brother tries to play video games like call of duty 2 after 10-30 mins blue screen appears of...
  28. S

    Weird fan noises

    My Acer Predator G3 makes weird noises comming from the area of the fan. The noise disappears or gets less loud when the fan has to turn faster. Should I solve this? if yes how? https://youtu.be/JYBw-_HXzTQ
  29. mikeisdaman66

    What is a "knock out" PCI slot?

    I was looking into buying a new case that offered alot of case slots and had a tempered glass side for cheap. I found this case for $50 that offered 7 case slots. I read the reviews and I kept reading this one term that I didn't understand, and I could never find the term anywhere else on...
  30. T

    Pixelated Vertical Pink Line on startup and win 10 wont start (R9 280X)

    Hello Guys, I am posting in Tom's Hardware Forum 2nd time in my life, last time it was 3 years ago, The point is when i started my pc today i saw 2 pixelated pink vertical lines on startup then after windows loading screen the display has gone. I accidentally got mobility radeon HD 4300...
  31. O

    Debating graphics cards for new PC build

    Currently trying to decide the between a GTX 1050TI or a GTX 1070. If I don't plan on moving from a 24" to a 27" monitor, do I really need to get the 1070? from what I can tell the 1050TI will support 1920x1080 with a 144Hz or GSync monitor just fine. the extra $300 for the 1070, plus the cost...
  32. J

    Wireless Antennas/WiFi Card Issues

    After having difficulties with the internet connection on my PC, I decided to move my computer next to the router and modem to test (couldn't move my router/modem due to the cable and power access). First I connected my ethernet cable to the PC, and the internet worked perfectly (5MB/s and...
  33. J

    Connecting GPU via 6-pin Sata/Peripheral of PSU through molex

    I have a Seasonic M12II 520W Evo PSU, and a few months ago I lost my 6/8 pin PCIE power cables that go along with it. From where I have the PC right now, I bought a 6-pin to 2x 3-pin Molex adapter, but can't find a 6/8 pin adapter that connects to the PCIE slot of the PSU directly. I just...
  34. A

    Soundcard / Z170 / SLI?

    Hey guys I'm currently interested about purchasing a sound card for my current setup but unsure if there's a way to accomodate it without sacrificing performance. My specs are as follows.. MSI XPower Titanium Z170 Motherboard i7 6700k SLI 1080 ASUS Strix OC Edition I'm using a pair of...
  35. M

    Guild wars and black desert crashing

    Just built anew computer tested all the parts tested with differnt parts drivers are up to date ssd is clean. I randomly crash all the time sometimes its a nonresponsive crash and sometimes i get a report the report will say cant read memery 00000000d0 or something like that. And lighting ran...
  36. S

    Intel 4980HQ processor questions

    Hi, I'm having some doubts about one specific processor, when I compare to others the numbers are great and very similar to some "high end" and "most known good processor for rendering". I'm talking about the 4980HQ. As long as I have a Bootcamped Macbook pro (Mid-2012 - i7 3720QM, 2.6Ghz...
  37. O

    My Battery Precentage keeps going Up and Down?

    I recently started using Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS on my Asus K53E laptop, and it was working pretty well since September. But in November I noticed the original battery started get old & hold less of a charge when it hits 100%. So I decided to get a new OEM battery. Once I received the battery in...
  38. S

    Pc not turning on

    I recently changed my cabinet. So I disconnected everything and started installing it to my new cabinet. I connected everything in its place but now my pc won't turn on. No beep nothing... It's just dead Thanks in advance
  39. wkitchen

    WTB: Radeon R9 280

    Good Morning Folks, My GTX 560 ti pooped the bed. I'd like to upgrade to an R9 280 if possible. I'd like to buy a used one. My budget is capped at $150. I understand this might be a stretch but maybe someone has one. Let me know and thanks for reading! :)