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  1. Drakathz

    Question My audio software dont work on chrome

    My audio software doesn't have any effect on audio from chrome, firefox, edge or any other browser really. The only thing it changes the audio is from videos or music i have downloaded and games. It is quite anoying as i like to play a lot of music from browser and i want my software to have an...
  2. D

    Question New Motherboard. Realtek Speaker not working.

    Hey guys, first time posting here. I've searched everywhere and nothing really helped me, so I figured I got to make my own post. I'm running Windows 10 Home. I just installed a Gigabyte H370 HD3 motherboard into my Corsair Carbide Spec Alpha case. Everything is working fine, besides the...
  3. S

    Question Realtek Audio Control App Issues

    New build with ASUS mobo that uses the Realtek Audio chipset. When I plug headphones into the front panel port, I get a blue Windows 10 popup window that says: This App Can't Open Check the Windows Store for more info about this app. I click the link it gives which opens the Microsoft Store...
  4. R

    Question Windows 10 All videos getting out of sync.

    Hi everyone, First of all please excuse my English it is not my primary language. When I play any video on my pc all of them is getting out of sync, whether be it's from MPC-HC, YT, Netflix. I already tried all the solutions that was posted on other threads here and all the solutions google...
  5. Question Microphone refuses to work on Windows 10; Detected but does not input sound

    Hello, I have a computer here and I am trying to get my microphone to work. Although I have the correct drivers installed obtain through the manufacturer's website it just absolutely refuses to work. If I go to input devices my microphone is detected, the Realtek audio manager even pops up and...
  6. C


    so i recently installed the ryzen 5 2600, and upon doin so everything was dandy :D until i noticed my audio was not working. so i did hours upon hours of research and found one "solution" saying to uninstall all realtek related things (which i did) and then to restart, thus windows installing...
  7. Question "No Speakers or Headphones are Plugged in" how to fix it?

    i had this problem for couple of days. it is not showing the on board audio. i tried reinstalling with new drivers as well as clean, installed windows again. it is showing only AMD High Definition Audio Device as available audio device. my bios is up to date and drivers are updated regularly as...
  8. H

    Question Asus B360-F gaming audio drivers not detecting rear speakers

    Hi All, I built my new PC couple of months ago. With the latest audio update I noticed that it won't detecting rear speaker pair. I have a creative 4.1 speaker system. In the supreme fx, I can tap on rear speakers and it will give that sound. But when I play a song only front speakers work. In...
  9. L

    [SOLVED] Realtek HD Audio Manager

    I reinstalled my Windows 10 because I just installed a SSD I'm using Asus H97M - E motherboard and each time I installed sound drivers from their website before it came with a HD audio manager with a lot settings, it appeared in notification bar with black icon but I just reinstalled it twice...
  10. J

    Can I transfer my OS and specific games from my hdd to my ssd?

    Hi, im getting an Samsung 860 evo ssd and I dont know if im going with a 500gb one or 1tb one. Since the prices for the 1tb one is so high compared to the 500gb one I wonder if I can only transfer my OS and specific games from my hdd to the ssd. My hdd currently has 2tb with over 500gb used so...
  11. M

    PC wont output a signal when graphics card is installed

    i recently made a new PC form parts i ordered online. the information here that i think is relevant is, the motherboard (MSI B150A) and graphics card (MSI RX Raedon 480 4gb), and the fact the monitor detects no signal from the PC, when the cable is plugged into both the motherboard and the...
  12. S

    Is everything here good and going to work?

    Just want to know if this build is going to be successful. I'm aiming to stay on the 1080p side of gaming so i went for the Gtx 1070 as i've seen its decent at that. I have already bought the case. Harry
  13. F

    max bandwidth limitations

    I wanted to know how max bandwidths affect ram upgrades
  14. I

    No CPU frequency downscaling

    I have an i7 4790k OC to 4.6GHz and was wondering I just turned off a power save feature in the bios and it stays at 4.6GHz are there any side effects? In terms of responsiveness, how would it fair against scaling the CPU clock? -- I am assuming this in marginal
  15. M

    Case fan inquiry

    I am planning a build and the case that I am going to use is the DIYPC N8. I was reading somewhere that the case fans that are preinstalled use molex connectors instead of 3 or 4 pin connectors. Is this true? If not, is there a way to connect them to the motherboard to be able to control them...
  16. J

    What are the signs of static electricity damage?

    im building a new computer and im just wondering what are the signs of static electricity damage?
  17. F

    Will my psu handle gtx 560 ti

    Hello, I would like to know if my psu can handle gtx 560 ti video card.