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  1. A

    Question Upgrading an old Dell XPS 8700 to an RTX2060 GPU (need help)

    Hello, I'm looking to make some cost-effective upgrades to my old Dell XPS 8700 and would appreciate any help! My goal is to be able to run Nvidia Broadcast (System requirements: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, Quadro RTX 3000, TITAN RTX, or higher) and I also would like to be able to run some new PC...
  2. FlawlessVVVV

    Question Low GPU/CPU Usage ?

    Hello everyone. This is my first post. I have been having problems with my PC, since it does not use my gpu/cpu to the max. I have tried everything, even formatting windows 10 home completely, but nothing seems to work. When I built my pc, I saw a lot of videos where it didn't look like a...
  3. D

    Question Gpu fan noise and plastic smell, doesn't go beyond 400 Rpm while gaming, overheating upto 87C causing fps drop

    My gpu Zotac Rtx 2060 6gb GDDR6 is making weird fan noise (buzzing, clicking and some sort of crunchy noises) it is also giving off some weird plastic smell while both idle and and during gaming (it also gave some burning smell a few days ago), the fans rpm doesn't go beyond 400 while both idle...
  4. Lenaya

    Question Stuttering in games with an RTX

    Hello. I have an I5-10400F paired with an RTX 2060 6GB and 16GB of RAM. I just installed my new GPU to my pc and wanted to play many games that i havent been able to play, the games launch with high fps, but almost all of them stutters a lot. What do you guys think about this problem?
  5. Z

    Question Why do i get 20-30 fps in game but not in lobby? (Warzone)

    Whenever I play warzone and im in the lobby, i get around 100-300 fps but when im in game its at 20-30 fps and its rlly not good and really hard to play. This has happened all of a sudden and didnt use to have this problem. How can i fix? Im also running on a laptop. Omen 17 Laptop RTX 2060...
  6. U

    [SOLVED] How can I start my system and get into my Bios with my Rtx 2060?

    Hello, I built myself a pc system in the last days. My specs are: Intel Core I5 11400f, Gigabyte B560m ds3h v2, Msi Rtx 2060 Ventus, bequiet System Power 9 500W Psu, Crucial Ballistix 16gb 3200. I first built the system only with the motherboard the Gpu the processor and the ram sticks (also the...
  7. AshrafNouman

    Question bad graphics with RTX 2060 mobile

    i've got an OMEN by HP Laptop 15-dh 1033 with RTX 2060 6GB ddr6 my problem is with every single game i play , the game quality is garbage like i'm playing with low quality texture and low quality LOD and low quality antialiasing even if i maxed up everything on Nvidia control panel and the...
  8. Gatesssss

    Question Can RTX 2060 run dual monitor at different refresh rate?

    I recently bought a brand new FHD 165Hz monitor, and I have a seconday FHD 60hz monitor. I have a Ryzen 5 5600X, so I can't plug the second one to my mobo. My question is on the title of the thread: the RTX 2060 would be able to run both monitors (165hz by DisplayPort and 60Hz by HDMI) with the...
  9. I

    [SOLVED] GeForce RTX 2060 Crashing?

    I play games most days and in the past have had zero issues running them, but in the last few weeks ive had my games beginning to crash more and more frequently with various error codes all pointing to my gpu driver crashing, ive gone through several different drivers, recommended fixes, and...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Fps issues with Valorant and other games

    PC specs: Ryzen 5 2600 32GB RAM DDR4 RTX 2060 These last few months I have had fps problems with Valorant and some other game like Sekiro. In Valorant I use all the settings in low and I use the resolution 1440x1080 in full screen and if I have the Brave or Chrome open, discord and Valorant...
  11. 0

    [SOLVED] Problem with RTX 2060 disconnecting monitors trying to play high res games

    I currently am having problems with my RTX 2060 disconnecting from my dual monitors and my pc eventually crashing when trying to play any high res demanding games. all the things I have already tried are 1. reinstalling drivers and different and versions. 2. I have done everything with the gpu...
  12. Z

    Question Can't switch to RTX 2060 in MSI laptop

    Hey guys and gals! I have a very specific problem and I'm going to try and explain it in a very brief way. First of all, let me start with a sole fact that I have: MSI 15,6" FHD 144Hz - i7-10750H - 8Go - 512Go SSD - RTX 2060 The problem is that my monitor is only running at 144 Hz with...
  13. S

    Question GPU fans not spinning - Temp reaching to 86+ still no fans

    MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PLUS Intel i3 9100F Corsair Vengeance RGB SL (2x8GB) Gigabyte RTX 2060 Windforce 6GB OC (V2) Hi guys, I noticed that my GPU fans are not spinning at all. Even under heavy load, the temperature rises without the fans kicking in. The GPU is only 3 months old. I've tried...
  14. orodruin

    [SOLVED] ZOTAC RTX 2060 AMP! Temperature Condition

    Hello everyone, I have a Zotac RTX 2060 Amp model video card. I renewed the thermal pads and thermal paste. The average temperature I got in the Furmark test ranges from 72-76 degrees. Is this temperature normal? and It is at the same level in games. I have nothing to worry about, right? I...
  15. L

    [SOLVED] New cpu no improvement

    Hello, I'm looking for a help as I have upgraded my cpu from ryzen 5 2600 to ryzen 5 5600x(I'll put specs below) and there is no difference in performance at all. I turned on PBO without any oc. Please help me as I have no clue at all. Bios is updated as all the drivers. Gpu when gaming at 80c...
  16. P

    [SOLVED] Nvidia control panel power management mode only applied after restart pc

    Hello guys! I just want to ask that is it normal that in nvidia control panel the power management mode only applied after I restart my pc? I have a gigabyte RTX2060 wf rev 2.0. Problem reproduction: Go to NVCP Set power management to prefer max performance. Now restart the computer (to let's...
  17. R

    [SOLVED] BF5 UNEXPECTED Stuttering&Bottleneck (for any pc I guess)

    While I'm playing BF5 my GPU usage is always up to 62-63% in online. It never goes up. So it my CPU must be bottlenecking my RTX 2060 but I have checked for lots of bf5 tests for any kişnd of bottlenecks I have never seen a situation like that. It might be bottlenecking on those tests but not...
  18. P

    Question Weird sounds when my RTX 2060 fans turn on?

    Video footage: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10wOL5hS2xB7B4bmIfMSD5UsrrQGNp_aj/view?usp=sharing So I recently bought this 1 year old RTX 2060 from Ebay and once I turned it on to launch some less power consuming games, I was quite happy with the FPS difference compared to my RX 480 8Gb. Then...
  19. J

    Question i5-6402p and RTX 2060S bottleneck

    I currently have a GTX 1060 and is thinking of upgrading it to a RTX 2060S but I think my CPU (i5-6402p) isn't strong enough to support it and will most likely bottleneck the performance. Is the performance really going to be affected by CPU when I want to play games like Dota 2 and open...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Low GPU Usage on RTX2060

    hey everyone so i have had this card for about 6 months now, its was brand new when I purchased it so lets cross that off the list, when it comes to regarding games my highest GPU usage is 70% and thats the highest i have seen from this card, every other game is 40% or below in titles such as...
  21. T

    [SOLVED] Is a rtx 2060 6gb be engone for 144hz

    I have an RTX 2060 6gb(Specifically this one https://www.amazon.com/MSI-GeForce-RTX-2060-Architecture/dp/B07MQ36Z6L ) and I want to get a 1080p 144hz monitor. Will it be enough?
  22. A

    [SOLVED] Acer Nitro 5 (i7 9gen; RTX2060) repasting for first time

    Hello All, I repasted my laptop's CPU/GPU as they were heating over 95C while gaming. Since it was my first time I managed to screw it up. Now looking for help... I opened the laptop and unplugged the battery and removed the cooling solution and cleaned everything there. On the GPU and CPU used...
  23. omkar yepre

    [SOLVED] How Long Will i5 9400f last ?

    so i have built my pc last year with i5 9400 f rtx 2060 and 8 gb ram ... i just wanted to know how many years will my system be good enough for gaming ?? ... just asking this by considering the amount and quality of new cpus arising in the gaming world ... please do reply .. thankyou!
  24. AdriTSR

    [SOLVED] Will be my psu suplly be enough

    Hi i really need only 2 answers first I have a PC my specs: 16gb ram 2666mhz I5-8400 running at 3.80ghz and a gtx 1060 not oc and my mother board is a MSI BAZOOKA B360M my questions are: I wanna upgrade to a rtx 2060 Ventus XS 6gb OC and i was wondering if my 550 watt power supply will be...
  25. Equale24

    [SOLVED] What is GPU Temp and Power target, could keeping it low damage the GPU?

    Hello guys, I'm currently using ROG RTX 2060 GPU. And I am using GPU TWEAK II for ROG GPU's. I've seen that there was an setting of GPU Temp target and Power Target which are synchronized (you could unsync ofc). So here's the question, I wanna keep my GPU temprature as low as possible because...
  26. Arman Afridi

    [SOLVED] GTA 5 suddenly has more cpu usage than gpu usage

    processor - i5 9600k main board - Gigabyte Z390 aorus pro wifi Graphics card - Asus Tuf Geforce RTX 2060 OC 6gb ram - G.Skill Tridentz 8gb 3200mhz x 2 Power supply - CX Series™ CX650 — 650 Watt 80 PLUS® Bronze Certified ATX PSU First of all Call of duty...
  27. Zaporro

    [SOLVED] Lenovo Legion Y540-15 (GTX1660ti or RTX2060 variant) does it support external HDR displays.

    Hello, have anyone been able to hook up external HDR display to Lenovo Legion Y540 15" (GTX1660ti variant, i7 specifically) either using the Display Port or HDMI connector and have it work in HDR mode? (https://www.windowscentral.com/how-enable-hdr-settings-windows-10) Can't find any information...
  28. V

    [SOLVED] ZOTAC GAMING RTX 2060 with TU104 GPU ?

    Hi guys, Today i just upgraded from a NVIDIA GT-710 to an RTX-2060 graphics card. I knew that the GPU inside was a TU106 GPU and only the EVGA RTX 2060 KO edition GPU s were shipped with the TU104 GPU, but quite surprisingly the Zotac gaming one came with a TU104 GPU with die size of 545 mm2 as...
  29. T

    [SOLVED] Need help with RTX 2060

    Ok i know i might say alot of uneeded stuff for a question, but i got a RTX 2060 Gaming Z 6GB this week and i also got a new Corsair 550W power supply and i really Love Playing Rust, all my friends with the same graphics card get about 120FPS in the game which is amazing and im only getting 80...
  30. N

    [SOLVED] CPU change need advices :) and power supply

    First of all hello all ; Gonna make some changes in my computer except my cpu which is intel i7 3770k gonna buy gigabyte B365M auros elite intel motherboard along with DDR4 16gb ram and for gpu gigabyte geforce rtx2060 super windforce 8g and gonna put them all in new case Cooler master...
  31. F

    Question Need Urgent Advice for New Build

    So i am building my first gaming PC with about 1100 to spend on the PC itself. I aim to play MW, BF5, Metro and any future games that come out. Take a look at my build and tell me if its worth it rn and if its future proof and for how long. Please give me your opinion and what you think of my...
  32. A

    [SOLVED] Is my motherboard compatible with a rtx 2060 ?

    Hello everyone, i would like to know if my GA-H61M-S2PV (rev. 2.2) Motherboard is compatible with an Nvidia RTX 2060. I would like to buy a graphic card, at the moment i have a gtx 710 which is not good for me. If not can someone help me find a good one for my current motherboard. Thanks...
  33. J

    Question RTX 2060 Artifacting (or something)

    I got a brand new Acer Predator Orion 3000 just a week or two ago. I had a bit of trouble with Windows but eventually got it up and running. I was playing Forza Motorsport 7 and was experiencing some minor artifacting and some strange texture distortions. I reset the game a few times and it was...
  34. T

    [SOLVED] How do I get 144hz on my Monitor?

    I have an Acer GN246HL and I just recently got the RTX 2060 (Upgraded from the GTX 1070) on the GTX I used DVI to get 144hz but my RTX doesn't have a DVI port, it has Display Port only. My monitor doesn't take Display port, only HDMI, VGA and DVI so I got a Display port to DVI Cable and my...
  35. A

    Question dell optiplex 9010 mini tower upgrade to rtx 2060 graphic card and pcie 3.0 slot on motherboard

    i have dell optiplex 9010 Mini tower which has 16gb ram , 750 watt corsair powersupply and amd r9 270 graphic card . i want to upgrade my graphic card to rtx 2060. rtx 2060 requires pcie 3.0 i want to know that does optiplex 9010 mt has pcie 3.0 slot . previously buying r9 270...
  36. A

    Question Weird pixels in game

    Hi Recently I bought a new gpu RTX 2060 Gigabyte (https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-N2060GAMINGOC-PRO-6GD-rev-20#kf ) and when I am playing a videogame, for instance, TES Skyrim, I see these weird pixels like this: Notice the red pixels? I am wondering if my GPU is defective... I...
  37. T

    Question [MSI GAMING GeForce RTX 2060 6GB] Rebooting

    Hello! Its been a few weeks since I have finished building my PC and have everything working properly, however for some reason my computer randomly resets on its own(no BSOD just restarts) when playing 2 specific games so far. The games in question being (Red Dead Redemption 2 and Dead By...
  38. Y

    [SOLVED] Trying to upgrade computer

    Hello all, I have a very specific problem. I built my pc about 6 years ago and am now looking into upgrading ram and GPU mostly. Right now this is my computer: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/QWqMD3 with the exception that I have an SSD instead now. I want to upgrade my ram to DDR4 but my...
  39. M

    Question Is 83C too hot for this gpu? is it a safe temperature?

    I just got this gaming card and i have no knowledge on what is a reasonable temperature to run at. I was playing Borderlands 3 and it was averaging 83c
  40. Jubby

    [SOLVED] Intermittent black bios screen

    I have 2 PC's set up. One with MSI B450 gaming carbon AC and one with GA-78LMT-USB3 rev6. Both have Nvidia GFX cards. The MSI B450 has a MSI RTX2060 and the Gigabyte has a Zotac 1050ti. The B450 is connected by display port to a HP omen 25 144hz and the Gigabyte is connected to an Acer...