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    Question how to simplify attendance using google forms?

    I have a csv file that has all the records of my students. Can i use google forms to make taking attendance easy? All they need to do is scan the QR code and just put in their id number in the google form and they will be marked present for the day? Manual attendance takes 15 mins of class...
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    Question Hide cisco 2821 router from network

    Hi! I recently started the process of moving my homelab into my college dorm and I noticed that they have a rule against personal routers in the dorm. I know for a fact that a couple of people have already been busted for having wireless routers, but what is the likeliness that they will detect...
  3. J

    Question What laptop should an online only college student majoring in computer science get for school?

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for a laptop for when I start school next year, but if I get a laptop, I want to make sure that it will still be fast enough to last me all through school so at least 5-6 years. On the schools website that have their minimum requirements but I was hoping to find a...
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    Discussion i3 1005G1 vs Ryzen 3500U

    Hello, I have the chance to buy either of two notebooks with the mentioned CPUs, and I can not decide which one is better. According to benchmarks, they're quite similar, with the Ryzen usually performing better in multi-thread tests, but worse in single ones. I would use the laptop primarily...
  5. steven37

    Question affordable school laptop

    Hello, I am trying to help my brother find a laptop for his schooling.. I do not know much of laptops but his budget is $600 or less I have found a couple ones that have intrigued me Asus Vivobook Ryzen 5 5500u HP...
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    Question Which Laptop to Buy for University?

    What is your budget? 600€-1200€ What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 14" or 15.6" What screen resolution do you want? 1920x1080 Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Portable - going to move around the campus a lot, so the lighter the better. How much...
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    Question Help choosing parts for a budget PC

    Hi. This is my first build that I need help with. All information is here. My budget is as specified 850 USD.
  8. M

    Question Best laptop for school and university?

    Hi, I had to take in my previous laptop to Harvey Norman due to the laptop malfunctioning and as it was under warranty they gave me a credit of $1300 to purchase a new laptop from them. I have been looking around and I have found two which seems appropriate for school and university but I would...
  9. asem1123

    Looking for an under $1000 gaming laptop

    Hi, even though the the title says I want a gaming laptop, I'm actually going to use it for mostly video editing and animation. My budget is $1000, and for that money I couldn't find a gaming laptop with a color accurate IPS panel. I don't really want high refresh rate, just the >85% sRGB color...
  10. O

    Question How to set up VPN in my school PC??

    Hello. So i want to set up VPN on my school pc,to connect to the school network from home.(external network) How can i do this???Any software where i can do this???? Im bit beginner in this theme.
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    Question Low cost Windows 10 PCs for Rural Andean School

    Good day all. I'm a local in a rural part of Colombia. The community are getting together to do up the local school. Resources are tight and we want to kit a class room our with PCs. I am thinking of setting up Raspberry Pi as the main platform. But everyone has agreed that the school should...
  12. Flame1

    RTX 2070 or Vega 64 LC?

    So I want to buy a new GPU and I can get a Brand new Vega 64 Liquid cooled or Gigabyte RTX 2070 Windforce, both of them cost £490. I have a Freesync monitor however I have heard that Nvidia will support G-sync on Freesync monitors. Things I do not care about: Ray tracing, power consumption...
  13. D

    Wifi password causes slow connection?

    I connected my linksys router to my belkin router via cat5 cable. I put the linksys router in bridge mode initially and tested my speed to be 16 Mbps but i didn't set my password on my router yet. When i set my password on my router through linksys router reset, I put the router in bridge mode...
  14. J

    please help, i want to DIY my 1st computer. its hard to see answers by just google.

    will a palit gtx 1060 3gb gddr5 fit in asus rog b250h ddr4 motherboard? Approximate Purchase Date: january or feb 2018 Budget Range: $1000 System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming and 4k vid editing. Are you buying a monitor: No Do you need to buy OS: No Location: City...
  15. K


    My system: Asus g501jw. Gtx 960m, intel i7 4720hq 16gb ddr4 ram, windows 10 64 bit. I've had my laptop for 6 months now and i recently noticed very low frame rates on overwatch and bf1. i get 40-55 fps on overwatch lowest setting 80% render scale, while my friend with same specs get 200fps on...
  16. G

    Get the Editors' Choice Magiove VR Headset for Just $18

    Our favorite budget VR headset is now over 60 percent off. Get the Editors' Choice Magiove VR Headset for Just $18 : Read more
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    Weird router issue: ipv6 problem??

    Bought a new Linksys WRT1200AC router, and encountered an EXTREMELY weird problem where I can NOT get to some web sites! I can get to Google, Yahoo, Facebook I can NOT get to Linksys, Amazon, Speedtest, Frys The Linksys has Ping and Trace Route capability: pinging Amazon would give...
  18. C

    Budget mITX build for a friend

    Hi everyone! What do you think of this build guys? Will I run in any trouble with only 430 Watt PSU and what temps I can expect on the CPU? BTW Any additional fans aren't included cause I've...
  19. J

    USB ISO Partition Removal

    So I was trying to clone windows to my newly purchased SSD and that failed so I created an ISO of a fresh copy of windows 10 onto a FAT-32 partition on my SSD of 32gb. My problem is I can not remove it and when I try to boot it is automatically set to boot into the install even though I disable...
  20. Ghythybhy

    GPU Suggestion help w/ my current specs

    My current specs are i7-2600k 1000W PSU 8GB RAM R7 370 I upgraded my monitor to a freesync 144hz monitor and i'm thinking of upgrading my graphics card Would a 480 be enough for 144hz gaming for games such as Dota 2, Overwatch? at max settings? would it bottleneck if i go for the 480 or 490?
  21. D

    Looking to purchase a gaming PC but have no clue about them.

    I am looking to buy a gaming rig in the budget range of about 600-800 euro, I have no clue about them. What you need and what you don't need. So any help or info on them is much appreciated and also another thing where to buy parts and whats the best way to go about it because here in ireland...
  22. A

    Lan network problem

    My net stops working in pc sometimes, but net is always connected and in between it keeps on working through wifi like in mobile or laptop. I tried changing my lan wire also but that also dint work , it still stops working in between but works good through wifi anytime of tha day. Plz help me...
  23. S

    asus z170-p vs gigabyte z170-hd3p

    witch one of these 2 motherboards is better?
  24. Z

    i5 6600k worth the 100$ more?

    Will an I3 6100 bottleneck à Gtx 1060, if it does should I go For the 6600k, or just go with a lower end gpu
  25. N

    Pc rebooting while gaming

    Since i upgrade from window 8.1 to windows 10 cant play after some minutes in game grafics card overheat and then reboots. My normal temp is 47 wile doing nothing when it retches 87 90 reboots i got a r9 290 In game got more than 120 frames Alredy unistal drivers and intaled again Driver...
  26. I

    Seiki 4K TV has odd looking dark colors.

    I recently purchased a cheap 4K TV from seiki and for a reason I've yet to figure out all the dark colors are replaced by lines. Everything else looks great, 4K videos look fine for the most part. Is this a problem...
  27. G

    Are these temps normal?

    Running 4.8ghz stable at 1.370v on a i7 6700k cooled by a Corsair h100i v2 with a Asus Z170-A. Ambient temperaturs is 23c. Idle temp is 27-30c. Im using the pre applied thermal paste. When running AIDA64 the temps spike up to 85c for half a second or so then they drop back down to 60-70c or...
  28. G

    Need a new monitor

    I'm looking far a monitor to replace my 5 year old one . I'm not up to speed on all the new tech for these monitors . A couple of features I would like . 27 inch or bigger It would be super if it had an actual button to turn on and of with rather than this motion sensor thing . I'm planning on...
  29. M

    Need Case & Video Card

    I have a Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 ATX AM3+ Motherboard and a (I can't recall the make/model right off) larger boxier 20 pin power supplies. What I am after: 1) A dual monitor video card (cheap end as I will only use it for some videos and to compare spreadsheets/databases) - meaning I can connect...
  30. R

    external keyboard problems

    hello! i have a laptop from HP, i use a external usb keyboard, it Works fine til i Plug in the Ac-Adapter. what to do? i just dont undestand why it Works fine when isnt charging. sorry for bad eng hope you can help me
  31. H

    Could i build a wolf in sheep's clothing type pc?

    Hi everyone! I want to do a super low budget gaming pc build, the family pc (dell dimension 5000) was recently retired from use and is sitting there, i think it would be pretty cool to have the ancient looking pc case, but a few hundred quids worth of fancy new internals. Im used to working on...
  32. B

    Audio for notifications but nothing else?

    Been having this issue with speakers plugged into my system. The problem occurs with both the front and rear audio jacks. Audio plays for system notifications but not for anything else. Youtube, games and other system sounds are all silent. Oddly enough, audio works perfectly when headphones...
  33. D

    Budget CPU for gaming | Intel g3528 vs Intel g4400

    from the title , i want to know which CPU provide more FPS when pairing with mid-end GPU like r9 280x 3gb ?
  34. overco

    Best 980 Ti Brand?

    I am looking to buy a 980 Ti and I would like to have good cooling and great overclocking room compared to the other brands.
  35. P

    650W or 750w psu?

    Hi, I Have an Intel I7 2600 (3.4Ghz), 8Gb DDR3 Ram (2x 4GB DDR3), GTX 750Ti, an 7200rpm sata Hard drive and 8 usb port. So is 650W enough for my pc or do I need to aim for a 750W psu (Both from the Corsair RM serie 80 Plus gold)? Thx for all!
  36. O

    Best WD 3TB Drive?

    I have no idea what the difference between these three are, if anyone could enlighten me, thanks [Price doesn't really matter, all in my budget range] WD "SE" 3TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal HDD WD "Red Pro" 3TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal HDD WD "Black Series" 3TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal HDD
  37. senthurpandian

    WiFi speed in iPhone

    Hi, I have 105mbps internet connection. I'm using Netgear N600 router. In my desktop connected using Ethernet cable, I get about 95mbps speed in speed test .net In my iPhone connected using 5G WiFi, I get only 20mbps using Speed test .net Is there any setting I have to tweak? Thanks in advance
  38. N

    How many watts does my computer's volume/audio give out to speakers?

    Just looking for an estimate for a typical Dell system (Realtek high definition audio or Dell audio), how many watts is it giving out to speakers/headphones? 5 watts, 20 watts, 50 watts?
  39. A

    Computer Black screens while watching youtube

    Recently I have this problem where my Display Driver will stop working. It's always when I'm browsing online, more specifically youtube. Sometimes it's when I load a video, other times it's when I try to adjust the quality. It never happens when I'm on a game. Sometimes it recovers itself and...
  40. K

    R9 290 pc rebooting

    Hello! I recently bought a Gigabyte windforce R9 290. After installing the catalyst drivers my computer started rebooting. At first i thought the problem was a faulty PSU since eventvwr showed kernel power errors. After trying 3 different PSU's, new ram, DDU and a full windows reinstall i...