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    Want to upgrade motherboard/cpu to get the best use of my 1080ti

    I built this PC five years ago, the one listed in SophieBeth100's first reply in this thread: Last year, feeling the age of the video card, I upgraded to a 1080ti. Now, based on some quick research, I believe...
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    USB PORT dead and no way to start up pc

    Heyo guys I was hoping for some quick help, this probably hasn't happened to many of u but basically my pc is up and running, the fans, cpu, gpu but basically to install windows I'm using a USB key, and well not a single one of my usb ports work, meaning that I can't physically access windows...
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    How do I watch a movie from my desktop HD on my android tablet?

    I have a storage drive on my desktop that I have ripped and converted all my movies to mp4. I have shared access to that drive so I can view them on my laptops via my home wifi network. I want to be able to do the same thing with my tablets and I haven't figured out how to do that. How can I...
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    Casting from Android MM to Windows 10

    I know that Microsoft has an app for that (connect). I don't think the name was a success cause it really doesn't help on my google searches neither the app itself. I knew it's existence for long time but just now i got word on what it's doing. Problem is "connect" doesn't seem to see my...
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    What Graphics Card Should I Get? 1070ti vs 1080

    Hey guys I've been planning on buying a new graphics card and noticed the prices are finally down to normal, some even below launch price. My current specs are: CPU: i7 6700k Skylake GPU: RX 480 8gb RAM: Geil Evo X 8x2 16gb PSU- 650w Gold Badge MOBO: MSI z170a gaming pro carbon SSD: samsung 960...
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    Windows 10 recovery problem.

    Hi, i have a little problem. My dad accidently deleted some files from his laptop and now its not booting. Only blue recovery screen and says that boot file not found or something similar. I tried literally everything and nothing works. Im also learning IT and know the basics. Tried USB boot...
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    gtx 680 driver problem

    my old graphic card is radeon hd 4890 , it work properly with the i7 860 and 8 gb of ram ( motherboard : biostar h55 hd ) i play gta v medium setting , i upgrade my card to gtx 680 but when i instal the lastest driver for gtx 680 its not working : when the windows start and when it show me the...
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    HDD from previous pc detected but no drive letter and inaccessible on new pc

    My pc's video was crapping out, so I bought a new pc. I backed everything up to a 5tb hdd I had on the old pc, which was working fine, and I put it into an external enclosure to bring all my files to the new pc. When I plug it in, via usb, I get the notification sound, but it doesn't show up...
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    PC won't power on

    So I have been having issues with my new build and I need help. I built a pc with a new AMD 1950x threadripper and the ASUS rog zenith extreme MOBO, also has a gtx 1080ti and 32gb of ddr4 memory. Psu is a corsair rm850x. My problem is that it turned on long enough for me to install windows 10...
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    Will the AMD FX-8350 Bottleneck my rx 560 4gb

    Currently I'm running a GA-970A-D3 Motherboard with an Amd phenom II x4 965 processor overclocked to 3900 mhz and an Aero rx560 4gb oc edition gpu with 16gb of ddr3 gskill ram. I have been playing a few games and have noticed that my cpu bottlenecks the crap out of my gpu. My question is if I...
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    Motherboard and processor upgrade

    Pls I ve a hp 2000 notebook pc with an intel HM75 chipset on the motherboard and an intel core i3 2.4GHz processor. I want to replace my motherboard cos is bad and also upgrade my processor to core i7 3.3GHz. Would this be possible on any hp 2000 motherboard replacement or would I also need to...
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    Overclocking i5-4690k, on h81-ds2

    Hello, i want to know if i could overclock my i5-4690k on my h81-ds2 motherboard (ofc with a cooler), i know that this is low budget motherboard, so that's why im asking, also if i can't overclock could someone offer a good but not much expensive mobo, thanks in advance.
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    Question about the different Asus Vivobook S510UA models

    Hi all, I'm looking for a Asus VivoBook S, but I'm not sure about its different models. Does anyone know the difference between the models BS51 vs DS51 vs RS51?, and BH71 vs DS71? I'm not sure if those letters mean the year or maybe the features the model includes, and it seems that information...
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    cpu replacement, help

    Hello! So i've been thinking about replacing my cpu, but i dont know how to take out my motherboard, do i need to take out my motherboard from my chassi to replace the cpu, or can it be in the chassi while i replace it
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    My OEM not working after motherboard change. (Tried the troubleshooter)

    The troubleshooter didn't work. What do i do now ? I also formatted it recently. Dont know which one is the cause.
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    Accidently Deleted Windows 10 From Toshiba Satellite Laptop

    Pertaining to Toshiba C55-B5299 Satellite Laptop Windows 10 was accidently deleted from my laptop, and I am trying to retrieve important information. I know there is a hidden recovery partition, but I don't know how to access it. Can anyone help me out? Thanks, in advance.
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    R9 280x unstable at default clock speeds. Display crashing and recovering

    Hi there, It's been a long few days of pc problems that simply started out as a shadow issue on a certain game, and after way too much messing about, I thought I had ruined this XFX R9 280X when it would immediately crash on every game. After of a long list of experiments and wiping away the...
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    Looking for an RGB Gaming Keyboard around $100.

    Hello, forumers! I’m looking to buy a gaming keyboard that features RGB for around 100 dollars. (Nothing over 125) I’ll give you a quick wish-list if what I would like Wish-List: RGB (obviously). I would like to have the ability to change individual key colors, like WASD only have Orange as an...
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    2 Versions of Windows installed, one is corrupt

    As titled, I have 2 versions of windows 10 on my PC somehow. i built this pc (first one) and installed win 10 off the bat. It worked fine for a couple months and then during a large update my os corrupted. Went through hell to fix it before finally giving up (I ended up in a loop of the...
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    "Repairing disk errors. This may take more than an hour."

    I got this Acer laptop for Christmas and for some reason t always crashes when I open the this pc part of files. Today I forgot and instead of crashing it froze so I turned it off with the power button. When I rebooted it said it was scanning and repairing C: drive but it got stuck on 58%. I...