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  1. R

    "Repairing disk errors. This may take more than an hour."

    I got this Acer laptop for Christmas and for some reason t always crashes when I open the this pc part of files. Today I forgot and instead of crashing it froze so I turned it off with the power button. When I rebooted it said it was scanning and repairing C: drive but it got stuck on 58%. I...
  2. P

    Is this PC good for epic quality graphics on any game ?

    Intel Core i7-7700 up to 4.20GHz, 16GB DDR4, 240GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX1050Ti 4GB or this one 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 3GB GDDR5, DVD-RW.....
  3. S

    CPU pin bending

    Hello I am building my first cpu and all my friends and people from youtube are telling me that bending the cpu pins affects it. I am wondering how it affects it.
  4. X

    Question regarding GTX 1080 on an old motherboard

    Hello. I have a quite old CPU build (from 2012, basically) with an i7 3820k, a GTX 680, 8GB RAM, and a Rampage IV Formula as the motherboard. So, in February of next year I will have the chance to get a new gpu and my question is - is getting the GTX 1080 even worth it at this point? I mean, the...
  5. S

    i5 2500k System Worth Graphics Upgrade?

    I have an old i5 2500k 3.3ghz based system with GTX 760 4gb and 8gb ddr3 ram. Is it worth it to get a newer graphics card? Will gaming performance be negligible? Thanks for any advice!
  6. A

    Graphics card undetected by computer

    My PC specs: Pentium G4560 cpu Asrock H110M-HDS motherboard Geforce GTX 1050 graphics card EVGA 430W power supply Seagate 1TB BarraCuda hdd I've been having problems getting my PC to detect my GTX 1050. Nvidia won't let me install the drivers for it, my device manager doesn't show it and I...
  7. L

    Pc turning off then on by itself randomly

    Hello, My computer turns off then on by itself (especially while playing games) I thought the problem was solved after i replaced the psu, cables and connected more fans. First i thought it was a heat or psu problem, but now i'm clueless. i've called the hardware provider multiple times too...
  8. P

    New to PC, Wondering if this build would work good.

    Here is the part list:
  9. T

    Moved from UK to Canada and computer didn't survive the shipping (sometimes boots all the way, mostly restarts without BSOD)

    So I just moved from the UK to Canada, and sent my computer in a shipping container fairly well wrapped up (although not 100% airtight, and not 100% knock proof). On arrival, it booted to the login screen fine the first time, then restarted without a BSOD after logging in. Sometimes it would...
  10. G

    X299-Deluxe with 1080Ti SLI and M.2 SSD not possible?

    Hello all, I heard that some boards (like the ASUS X299-Deluxe) wont actually let you do 1080TI SLI and M.2 SSD at the same time. Looks like the cards are too big that will actually block the M.2 slot. Is this true? I'm building my X299 setup with 1080TI SLI + M.2 and would like to know if...
  11. M

    Pc repair help required!

    Hi, i recently bought a 780ti ro replace my broken r9 280x and a noctua NH-L9x65 cpu cooler. However when installing the cooler the cpu came off with the hold heat sink and bent one of the cpu pins slightly. I managed to bend the cpu pin back into shape and the pc still boots with everything...
  12. P

    Help,dont know whats happening

    Hello everyone i need some pretty new to pc building and am about to finish my first build and am waiting for my hardrive to come in. Anyhow i decided to test/turn on my pc to see of it all worked so far and its making a beeping noise dont know if its becaue my hard drive isnt in there...
  13. M

    Remove data from a defective mobile

    Hi, the motherboard of my samsung galaxy s2 is not working. I wish to erase off everything from my phone memory. Is it possible someway?
  14. A

    Intel HD graphics

    I need Intel HD graphics for window 7 64bit on processor e5700
  15. kookie3010

    Laptop Gpu issues

    i recently bought an alienware 13 R1 with the touch 1440p it for quiet a bargain and works well.only issue is the dedicated gpu which is gtx refuse to work while on battery power and needs to be plugged in,then restart in order to get it to work.its detected in bios and device...
  16. C

    Is my pc spec

    Hi, I'm finally going to build my first gaming PC, and I need help with it since im no pro. I will build with the spec following: Mobo:Asus ROG Crosshair VI Hero GPUAsus GTX 1070 Strix OC CPU:Ryzen R7 1700 AIO:Corsair Hydro H110i or H100i v2 RAM: Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX PC 21000 2x8GB...
  17. D

    Do Samsung lock their monitors ?

    I am going to buy the Samsung C32F391FWU 32" monitor but it only has an 81hz reaction time. I want to know if its unlocked and if I could overclock it to a higher frequency.
  18. F

    need usb port help!!

    so ive had this computer since december. i built it all myself with used parts on ebay. sounds bad already but ive had to buy two motherboards and here is why. the first one i put in everything worked. the usb's in the back and the front of my case but my display ports didnt work. i asked a...
  19. Crypto6

    Updating Windows 10 to the latest version 1607 causes black screen and no cursor

    If I am on an older version of Windows 10- I can run it no problem. But as soon as I update to the latest version, during the middle of the installation process- the installation will just go black and will stay that way until I shut my computer off and turn it back on- no cursor, no nothing-...
  20. S

    problem in pc

    my computer has windows 10 os from few days it is restarting and off its own how can i resolve my problem