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  1. Z

    What does the (-P) mean on monitors?

    Hi I am thinking about buying a monitor however depending on which website i look on to buy it it either has a (-p) on the end or it doesn't, does anyone know what this means? Is it a separate monitor? The monitor in question is the LG 34UM95(-p?) Thanks for your help
  2. N

    Simultaneous transfers to 100mbps and gigabit devices slows down speed to 100mbps

    All 3 PCs are running Windows 10. I'm using a TPlink gigabit switch (only LAN transfers, disregard router) PC1 and 2 have gigabit NIC. PC3 have 100mbps NIC. I'm using windows SMB, PC1 is serving files to PC2 and PC3 simultaneously, but the total speed is only ~100mbps. I paused the transfers...
  3. nicholas0130

    trying to decide on a new tablet for school

    I'm in college and have been looking for a tablet that works well with a stylus for taking notes(mainly math) so that its easier and neater to keep everything together. I have a few I think I might choose between but not really sold one over the other. any other suggestions? lenovo thinkpad...
  4. T

    DDR3 or DDR4 for Z97 Asrock extreme6 3.1?

    HI there guys. First post, so bear with me. Also first build, so bear with me even more!! Firstly, massive thanks to everyone who contributes on here. You've really helped me out so far on my first build by reading existing posts, but for this one, I couldn't find an answer. So here goes. I...
  5. M

    My PC has a strange cold boot problem.

    Hello, I have this really strange problem that I can't seem to diagnose on my windows 7 pc. It seems that after an certain amount of time turned off the next time it cold boots, It refuses to load windows drivers at a certain point. It passes BIOS every time but it seems to hang at classpnp.sys...
  6. Z

    Question on old computer (upgrading gpu)

    Hello all! I just bought a brand new gaming rig and I was wondering if I could get a little more life out of my old computer while I wait for the new GPUs to be released and use the old one as a spare. I'm currently running a B55 (955) X4 overclocked to 3.5 paired with a powercolor 6970. I...
  7. L

    How Do I Get Unspecified Drivers from Lenovo So I Can Do A Clean Install?

    I have an 8 month-old Lenovo B50-30 All-In-One 24" Touch screen computer (bought it for my wife) that has a Sea--te hard drive that has developed a bad sector. I discovered this doing one of my regular "OS to SSD style clone" processes to backup her hard drive. Obviously the clone process...
  8. E

    GTX 780 oc

    can i run the Gigabyte GTX 780 oc on the seasonic eco 500 watt ? this is my psu link http:// i run on : gigabyte p75 d3 1 ssd hard 40 gb & 1 1T western blu king stone 4 g hyber x 4x2 = 8 g and core i5 2400 so can this psu run the gtx 780 oc in this machine ?
  9. T

    Why Is My Computer still Not Fast enough for Max!?

    I built myself a new pc, and to no avail it still wont run max on certain games (Rainbow six Siege, Batman Arkham Knight, etc....) it Runs Arma 3 just fine on max Though???. Here are my exact specs: AMD Athlon X4 860K 3.7GHz Quad-Core Processor (overclocked to 4.1GHz) Corsair H100i GTX 70.7...
  10. S

    Games lag after re installing windows7 64 bit.

    I used to run games (pes 16,dmc,batman AC etc. ) smoothly on my PC. But due to a problem with software I had to re install windows. I updated my gpu driver, dX (June 2010) , .net 4.6 and c++ (2008 and 2012). Still all games lag. Especially pes16. Plz help. Specs- Pentium dual core 3ghz 6gb...
  11. D

    i3 6100 vs i3 3220 upgrading

    Hi guys i have a pentium g2020 with gtx 750 ti and i want to upgrade my cpu what should i do upgrade it to i3 3220 or buying new motherborad and i3 6100 ( Asus H110M-K D3 )
  12. T

    AMD Driver install Causing computer crash on startup

    Hi all, Recently my Radeon HD 6950 has stopped working, and I love this card dearly. I found out that it works and displays just fine when the driver is not installed. After I install the driver, I have to restart the computer, just as everyone does. After I boot into windows, the computer blue...
  13. M

    What hardware do I need to install for better fps?

    What do I need to add to my computer to make my fps higher? What do I need to buy?
  14. Pandora20k

    Onboard Sound Chip versus a PCI Sound Card

    I'm working on a plan to purchase a pre-built Windows machine in the next 3-4 weeks. Years ago, I would have built something from scratch, but have been out of the game for almost 15 years and just don't have it in me to go that route. After reviewing plenty of "prospective" pre-builts, I have...
  15. B

    better GPU and would it fit?

    Is the Asus Radeon Strix R9 380 4GB DDR5 better than R9 280? And will the R9 380 fit the Carbide Series® Air 240 case?
  16. W

    My other laptop using ethernet can get speed up to 600 mbs but when i change to my this laptop, i only can get 100 mbs on ethe

    My other laptop using ethernet can get speed up to 600 mbs but when i change to my this laptop, i only can get 100 mbs on ethernet? Any idea? I updated all my drivers to the latest version already.
  17. advancedmixedgaming

    AMD Fx-8350 vs i5-4690k for DX12?

    I am so confused on this and a bit bummed because I just bought an i5-4690k with no returns. Is the Fx-8350 going to out perform the i5 on DX12?
  18. Z

    Problems getting custom PC running on any OS

    Hello, I have been fussing with a desktop I just built and would appreciate any help or direction. The pertinent hardware: Gigabyte Motherboard, i5, Nvidia MSI 960, 1TB HDD, no optical drive. No matter what I try, I cannot get a working OS to install on it. Something probably telling is that...
  19. E

    Can and ASUS motherboard work on other computers?

    So i found this amazing ASUS motherboard, but my computer isnt an ASUS will the motherboard still work? also another qucik question if my computer has an AMD motherboard can i change it for an intel thx :D im new to computers
  20. M

    which is better for my rig

    which will be better on my rig and which will perform well and which will last ASUS GeForce GTX 960 STRIX 2gb or MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2G My rig Gtx 960 msi or Asus(planning to buy) 8gb ram DDR3 1333Mhz(planning to buy) Mobo P8h61 M LX Rev 3.0 500 watts Psu