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  1. R

    Is it possible to install Windows 8.1 on Ryzen 2400G

    I am seriously pissed with windows 10 updates. I disabled updates via services, gpedit and still it updated itself to 1803 and made some programs incompatible. I want to know if i will be able to install windows 8.1 x64 on this pc including the display driver.
  2. G

    How do I get my account deleted from this forum?

    What other way can I get my account to this forum deleted when the delete account feature doesn't work? Do I have to berate somebody, hate speech? Call people names?
  3. F

    Help me decide which pc to buy !!!

    Hey guys ! , thank you first of all for helping me out . I want to buy a pc , never had a pc before so im a total noob . I need a pc for 1080p gaming , mostly league of legends . No shooting games since I have my ps4 for that . I also want to stream and recorde for YouTube . I have two...
  4. T

    Upgrading motherboard and cpu

    Hello! I currently have an i5 6500 with a asrock h110m-dgs r2.0 and I want to upgrade my pc to i5 8400 paired with an asrock b360 pro4 motherboard. My question is .. when i will replace the mobo and cpu, do i need to uninstall any drivers? (Like mobo drivers or chipset) or i can just leave...
  5. P

    Non-Dolby Audio From My Computer Doesn't Use The Sub woofer.

    The HDMI output of my computer runs from my RX580 to my Sony STR-DH770, from there I have 4 Klipsch R-15M speakers and a R-10SW. When I use the speaker test in the sound settings everything is correct, and the speakers play the test sounds in 4.1 surround. When I play the clips from Dolby access...
  6. cassini_huygens

    i7-2700k needs more voltage than expected when overclocking

    I'm currently trying to overclock an i7-2700k to somewhere in the mid 4 GHz range while remaining below 80°C and under 1.35V. At 4.3 GHz, the CPU crashed at 1.332-1.344V while running LinX, and the temperature was near 79°C. It may be worth noting that when LinX was running, the frequency...
  7. C

    Ssd could not be initialised because of an I/O error

    So,i have a kingston 120 gb ssd and whenever i try to initialise it by disk management, an error pops up- "the request could not be performed because of an I/O error". I tried to use diskpart to clean the disk and convert it to mbr but again the error pops up-"the request could not be performed...
  8. F

    BSOD Errors and PnP monitor.

    Hey, First time on this forum, however I've got to find help somewhere. I reset my PC the other week to get ready to sell it off, since it's quite outdated now and I'm looking to upgrade. After I reset it, I began to get multiple different BSOD errors, every time coming either on bootup or...
  9. V

    i3 6100 with GTX 750 Ti or i5 7500 with GT 610 ?

    I'm confused between i3 6100 and i5 7500. If I go for i3, I would be able to get GTX 750 TI. But with i5, I'll having GT 610. Which combination would be better ? I'm mainly looking forward to play FIFA 18 & GTA 5.
  10. S

    My lexar 64gb usb stick just downgraded itself to usb2.0 speeds :(

    Hello, I have a lexar 64gb usb 3.0 drive that worked well for a year almost, reading with almost 400MB/s and writing with about 250MB/s on average. Yesterday it just downgraded to usb2.0 speeds and reads/writes with 40MB/s . I tried format i tested in 3 different pcs with windows with linux...
  11. M

    Acer VN7-592G Black Screen

    Hello, I have problem with black screen on my laptop. I recorded video: As you can see, windows is running when i connect laptop to external monitor. Sometime screen is working. But its about +-20% of runnings. When screen is working and I flip the...
  12. J

    fujitsu esprimo e400 change psu

    Anybody know if the psu can be upgraded ? it seems like it uses standard 24 pin and 4 pin for 12 v but not sure about the size of it. its a sff so im guessing they are using a sfx psu?
  13. D

    Recently phone refuses to stay on home wifi (constant reconnecting)

    Hey guys, So as said in title recently my phone refuses to stay on my home wifi, it connects and reconnects in an endless loops. Other devices such as the TV or PS4 stay on the network just fine. I have not installed any new software so I have no clue what is going on. I can put my ip into a...
  14. K

    NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT and Dell xps 8700?

    Hi! Ya'll can laugh if you want as I know just enough to be dangerous and this may be a silly question. :-). I own a Dell XP8700 and just upgraded the RAM (24GB) and added a 3TB harddrive. (Yay me!) While poking around my electronics stash, I came across a new graphics card I had purchased...
  15. S

    I cloned my ssd but It Won't Boot!

    I recently cloned my ssd (Samsung 850 Evo 250gb) And when I go to check it, it says it has all the folders in it from my hard drive including the windows folder. But whenever I set it to #1 Boot Priority and try to boot with it. It'll give me a message saying change boot option even though it...
  16. R

    Input Lag due to lower FPS or a bad choice of monitor?

    Have recently bought a new Dell P2418D which is 1440p 24in IPS screen. Image quality is good and it's a great solution for daily computer tasks but the main reason for this acquisition was to get an even better image from X-Plane 11 Problem is my graphics card which was steady around 52 fps in...
  17. G

    Are these temperatures good?

    Hello, I am a bit confused with temperatures on my Ryzen 1700 with stock cooler (no OC). Basically I was cleaning my system, so I had cleaned off all old thermal paste and installed new thermal paste. I used the pea method (or dot). Anyways, to test temperatures, I ran a 10 minute stress test...
  18. D

    ASRock AB350 Gaming K4 Fatal1ty BIOS 4.6 problem

    Hi all! I've had the AB350 Gaming K4 ATX motherboard for a few months now, running a R5 1500X. It came with BIOS 2.40 already on the board. Over the last couple of days I updated the BIOS. I went from BIOS 2.40 to BIOS 3.00, and then from BIOS 3.00 to BIOS 3.30. I did it this way as there...
  19. P

    Decision on PC or Console

    Hi guys, ive posted here a few times as I decided to start pc gaming after a few years break with the ps4. Tho ive hit a srand still as I cant decide which id ratger stick with. Price is a big issue as gaming is a hobby something I do for a few hours a day but I hear a lot of people say pcs are...
  20. A

    How to boot Windows of another HDD?

    Hello guys, A week ago I have broken my MOBO, and know if I want to recover my digital certificate from the HDD that has been installed on my older system I have to do something. The certificate can only be recovered if I boot the windows, but I know if I put right now the HDD on my laptop, the...