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  1. A

    can you tell me how much power smps will take from wall outlet ?

    hello, I am worried that my antec vp450p will consume more power and hence increase my energy bill . pc spec..- CPU-Pentium G4560 MB-ga h110m-s2 MONITOR- HP 22ES RAM-Corsair value select 2133 ram(2*4) CABINET- antec gx200 HDD-wd 1 tb 7200 rpm DVD DRIVE- asus 24D5MT SMPS- antec vp450p Thanks
  2. Z

    Sound randomly disappears during gaming.

    Hi All, When I'm playing games, like Witcher 3 or Diablo 3 the sound randomly disappears and after a few secs it comes back. This happens during gaming only, nothings wrong when watching FHD movies or listening to music. The problem is probably linked to my new monitor which is connected via...
  3. D

    Is it worth it for coffee lake

    Hi there, ive been waiting for coffee lake i7 8700k to be released for a while now, along with the new 300 series motherboards. My question is is it actually worth waiting for the i7 8700k or am i better off going with the i7 7700k or a i7 7800x? Im taking into account the price for coffee lake...
  4. King Mustard

    Modern games like Quake or Doom with campaign on Steam?

    Anything of much interest? Perhaps since 2010 or so.
  5. S

    Speaker plays even when earphones are plugged in my HP windows 10 laptop with Realtek HD Audio

    Hii, My HP laptop plays sound in the speakers even when earphones are plugged in.. It contains Windows 10 nad a Realtek HD Audio.. Plzz help me solve the problem.
  6. C

    System won't post, help needed.

    First i should say that english is not my native language so it may be broken. I already did all of this steps My config is: B250m-plus Asus Mobo i7700k 2x8gb ddr4 2400 hiperx Gtx 1060 6gb galax Corsair...
  7. O

    Mixing different ram brands

    Hello I wanted to know if it's possible to mix G.skill 8gigs 1600mhz value with a hyperx 8gigs 1600mhz cl10.
  8. K

    How can I get audio output from all speakers of my Sony home theatre,while viewing TV programmes through a set top box?

    Kindly guide me to get audio out put from all five speakers of my Sony DVD home theatre. Right now, i get audio only from the L and R front speakers and the Sub Woofer.the other three (centre, SR and SL) are silent. I tried using set top box for viewing TV and also tried playing audio CD in the...
  9. C

    Disk Management possible data loss

    I have a 3TB Hard drive with 332 Gb data on it. I tried to shrink the volume to 1TB with the 332 Gb and create a new blank 2TB disk. I used disk management. It was taking a long time so I cancelled it by using the stop option on disk defragmenter (a separate program I know but apparently...
  10. V

    ASUS Smart Gesture icon stuck in the control panel

    I uninstalled Smart Gesture, but its icon is still in the control panel, and it won't do anything. Any one knows how to remove?
  11. B

    Which GPU is better?

    I need help for choosing a right low profile graphics card. I found two low profile graphics card and want to know which one should i buy. The asus mini r7 360 2gb gddr5 or... Gt 1030 aero itx also with 2gb gddr5...
  12. S

    Google Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m keeps freezing and i get the message box page unresponsive

    While users working on application Google Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m keeps freezing and users get the message box "these pages have become unresponsive to do you want too kill pages or wait". This problem has been happening with more frequency and it is very frustrating especially when you...
  13. S

    Headphones works then automatically unplugged then automatically works again.

    I've always used handsfree on desktop computer but for last month, even after connecting it in the headphone jack, red Cross fades for few seconds and it works but then stops and red Cross shows again saying no headphones or speakers are plugged in. Then for a few seconds it automatically...
  14. H

    Professional computer installation

    Is their anywhere I could go for someone to build my pc for me?
  15. D

    Black screenafter overclocking the power setting...

    Guys I need help. So currently I was tinkering with my overclocks. I used to use msi afterburner. But recently I found out about zotec firestorm. And did some dumb overclocking, what I did is accidentaly setting the power setting to 10 and didn't realized it I was warned that it would cause...
  16. S

    Plz help me

    Hello guys i have corsair hd 120 rgb 3fans with controller and fan hub which has 6fans present i planning to buy another 2hd 120rgb fan.i want to know that does this 5fans will work in one hub??please help me as soon as possible.
  17. Q

    Razer Deathadder Elite or Corsair Glaive RGB? (Bad exp with Razer)

    ** Like the title asked, I'm considering between these 2 mouses. The games I play are both FPS and MOBA. The DA has a good form, and the Glaive looks pretty cool btw. Both have the same price also. Which has better quality? Quality is my first goal, then is convenient and comfortable. I don't...
  18. I

    help pls !!!

    can we play any game and upload it on youtube or live stream it, without purchasing it and without taking permission SO THAT TO NOT GET COPYRIGHT STRIKE eg- internet games , gta series , EA GAMES

    dual monitor setup one 4k rez the other 1080p

    wondered if id have much trouble setting up these two different monitors give that they have different rez. wondred if i can run each at there optimum rez one for gaming thew other for watching shows and such while gaming? think thats double to run a 4k and a 1080p at there individual resolution?
  20. K

    System thread exception not handled!

    It seems like no matter what I have searched I can't get a solution. So yesterday evening I downloaded a new amd driver for my rx480 and restated the computer. I get a BSOD telling me "system thread exception not handled" I'm like wth. My computer reboots and does it again Untill it tries to do...