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  1. J

    Question Are there any Mini COM Express Carrier Boards that have a x4 PCIe connection between Mini-PCIe slots?

    I have found a mini COM express carrier board (http://connecttech.com/product/com-express-type-10-mini-carrier-board/) but while looking through the specification sheet, (http://www.connecttech.com/pdf/CTI-X-COM-Express-Type-10-mini.pdf) I saw that the 2nd Mini-PCIe slot is connected to the main...
  2. O

    Question HDR requirement

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask some question regarding to the HDR, What exactly this is and what spec do i need for me to actually experience HDR. for example, if i have NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 Graphic cards with I5 intel core. will it be enough for HDR? Or, what more do i need to require? Thanks...
  3. Some Somehead

    Question Gt 630 Prototype specs

    Was just wandering whats the gt 630 prototype spec is? Since i used gpuz with mine and it said fake , wanted to match it. Pls answer asap if u can
  4. D

    Question Games freezing for 1 - 6 second randomly

    #1 Hello, When i play games like half life, Counter strike or any other; the game freezes for a few seconds randomly and then continues like nothing happened, and then does it again. This happens mostly in situations where explosions happen or even the slightest of effects. Normally my pc...
  5. King4bood

    Question can the Toshiba qosmio x500-123 play fortnite?

    Hey i was wondering if the Toshiba Qosmio x500-123 can play fortnite and apex and if yes then what settings?
  6. S

    Best headsets to use for gaming

    People say online hyper x cloud alpha is top notch for budget headset. Some people say a cheap headset with surround software will work almost the same. I am debating between the alpha with the 7.1 dongle from Revolver or free razor surround software and a 20.00 pair of headphones from amazon...
  7. M

    cloning windows to my new ssd which should I choose MBR or GPT?

    I just bought ssd 250gb yesterday and decided to make the ssd for my windows 10. I watch some of video on the internet on how to cloning windows from my current hdd to ssd. When I open up disk management, it said that I has to Initialize disk to MBR or GPT in order logical disk manager can...
  8. G

    Corsair Rolls Out DDR4 4,600MHz Memory Modules

    Corsair has joined the growing list of memory manufacturers producing DDR4 4,600MHz memory kits. Billed as the company’s “fastest ever production DDR4 kit,” these two new memory kits come in 4,500MHz and 4,600MHz kits. Corsair Rolls Out DDR4 4,600MHz Memory Modules : Read more
  9. J

    I believe my i5 4670k took a dump. Help me confirm

    To start off, here is my reddit thread on /r/techsupport if you would rather read that. https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/6fqx8c/started_with_whea_uncorrectable_error_now_pc/ Now, for my post here. About a week ago I started getting BSOD whea_uncorrectable_error. I had read that...
  10. T

    My budget PC build. Thoughts?

    Hi there, I've been looking to buy my first PC for a while now, and I would like some help choosing the components. Since I'm on a budget I want to skip the graphics card for now, and buy it later when I have some money again. For the processor I was going for the i3 6100, but since kaby lake...
  11. P

    Motherboard CPU Fan not spinning, but makes a squealing noise

    Hey, today evening in my one of my old systems, which has an Intel DG965WH motherboard, CPU fan suddenly stopped working and started to make an acute squealing noise from the fan's rotor. This happened because I tried to upgrade this system's processor with an E8400, which is incompatible with...
  12. T

    i can't complete my Toshiba recovery. although i have 5 DVDs

    i already have 5 DVD created by Toshiba recovery media creator. and now that my computer is completely wiped out and want to recover my computer using 5 DVDs it shows a problem during the process : when i insert 1st dvd and it asks for 2nd dvd then for 3rd DVD but after that it shows an Error...
  13. P

    Hyperx fury not booting

    Hi. I have a hm61 mb and just got 16gb (2 x 8gb) ram hyperx fury and the fans spin then it restarts and just sits there. The curgent ram runs on 1.5v will I need to up the voltage even though it's set to auto? UPDATE: I have GA-H61M-D2-B3 MB with r10 bios
  14. M

    amd athlon 5350 or e8400

    amd athlon 5350 or e8400 , which is stronger? for gaming .
  15. CombustLemons

    I ordered more ram to run in dual channel. XMP Questions,Ram speeds ect

    I ordered aa Crucial Ballistix Elite DDR3 1866 8GB stick to go along with my other 8gb stick of the same kind. I went into my bios before and changed my 1 8gb stick speed to 1333(default speed that mobo sets it to) because I thought the other stick would run at a different speed and I didn't...
  16. Vilinskis6

    Upgrading a gpu. Need help deciding!

    Hi, so I'll be selling my bicycle tomorrow and I will be getting 150 euros. I want to upgrade my gpu. My current one is AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series 1gb. As far as I know the best gpu's for this amount of money are R7 260x and GeForce GTX 750 Ti. Now, 750 Ti as far as I can see is not compatible...
  17. Z

    Dfi ut x58 t3eh8

    good or bad motherboard ? it mine got a corrupt bios chip but i ordered one already but is it a good board?
  18. L

    Hello! new here, just wanted to ask some questions.

    Hey! So about to build my second computer, but stuck on one thing, optical drives. Whats the difference between them? I know the basics, like support for blueray and such, but im stuck on which i should buy, i want to watch blueray movies on my computer, but still want to be able to read from...
  19. K

    GTX 970 or GTX 670 x2?

    Just a quick question - I am contemplating upgrading my GTX 670, but I'm not sure if it'd be more beneficial to pick up another 670 and SLI the two {I have no experience w/ SLI} or to pick up a 970 and just replace the 670. So, GTX 670 SLI or GTX 970? Or would you suggest a different GPU...
  20. G

    Audionic Headphone Bluetooh B-777 Driver is not installing in windows 7 64bit

    Dear all i recently purchased b-777 bluetooth headphone today, its is working perfectly w/o any trouble with my nokia and htc devices with bluetooth, but im unable to install in windows 7, i have purchased 2 different bluetooth usb devices for the new headphone, but still i found an error and...