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  1. A

    Power supply sounds?

    I got a corsair vs450 PSU to pair with a gigabyte GTX 950, (don't judge me, my budget is extremely limited and no amazon where I live) after installing everything, they all seems to work perfectly, but the power supply is making very quiet electric sounds, (now sure how to describe them), I'm...
  2. H

    Keeping an old IP

    So I'm thinking of changing my internet plan or even the internet provider but I need to keep my IP address. Is there some way to do it?
  3. Y

    PC is just.... freezing?

    Hey guys, Basically; I was browsing the internet then both of my monitors lost signal with indication on screen as well as the windows disconnect sound at the same time. I started to think it was my GPU (beat up hd7850). Disconnected it and enabled my integrated intel graphics (i7-4790k Devils...
  4. N

    haswell-e or skylake for new build

    Ok guys I am in the process of building a new computer. I was looking at CPUs today and wondering which to go with. I would be looking at the 5930k vs the 6700k. I will be picking these up within the next month. I will be playing games most of the time, but want to make sure I future proof this...
  5. J

    Worst virus ive seen in my life taking over all electronics

    Hello my name is johan and i have a really big problem i was random surfing and noticed some slowdowns in page loading and decided to download tcpview , and there was alot of weird traffic going out from all sort of stuff and i got scared ofc couse suddenly my girfriend had same problem on her...
  6. N

    How much voltage is too much?

    I recently overclocked my FX 6300 using a Asrock 970m Pro 3 motherboard. I was successful in getting the CPU up to 4.0 GHz but I had to increase the NB voltage from 1.0625v to 1.2250v...is this a problem? Should I be concerned? Just need to know, so far the OC is stable and I used Aida64 extreme...
  7. E

    changing fan speed in Dual Intelligent Processors 5

    So my cpu is running really hot (up to 80c when playing gta) i also have water cooling but i have some problems with my fans. http://gyazo.com/83e10b3a58684a6e0f047bda865fccae My fan speed that i which to change http://gyazo.com/37396eb52ee524dc92b391119a31079b trying to change it and save it as...
  8. D

    Which Graphics Card is Better (970) is better?

    Hello, I actually have two questions... My first is what GTX 970 brand is the best? Asus Strix EVGA Gigabyte G1 MSI Gaming And which one would be worth spending the money on. My final question is, should I get this GPU or simply just wait for the new AMD cards coming out? I am trying to stay...
  9. S

    gaming problem lenovo y 50-70

    I bought yesterday lenovo y 50-70.. When my laptop not connected to charger some heavy games are not playing well.. Some pause Are comes..But it only occurs when charging is off..
  10. Z

    Is the Asrock H81M-HDS sutable for gaming

    am in the proccese of building a new Pc and i have found a good deal for a ASRock H81M-HDS and was wondering if it will stay cool while running games. I will be hopfully getting one of AMDs rumored gpu (if they come out) . i just want to know if this Mobo can handle it.
  11. S

    dvi to vga adapters

    We've got an ATi Radeon 2400XT B276 Video Graphics Card 109-B27631-00 102B2761700 256MB PCIx. I want to use a vga monitor. If I use a DVI-I, or DVI-A to VGA adapter would it work? Thanks.
  12. sandeezy

    Gigabyte G1 Boards

    Anyone here use or have and input on the Gigabyte G1 gaming line of boards? I'm looking to buy the Z97-X Gaming-5 one. I currently use a ROG hero maximus VII so I've mainly used ASUS, but this is a cheaper build for a friend. If you guys have better recommendations for boards in the $130-170...
  13. T

    Pentium/Celeron vs. i3/i5/i7 Processors

    I've been hearing people talk about Penitum and Celeron processors like they were completely different than i3,i5, and i7 processors. Could someone please tell me why this may be and how Pentium or Celeron performs compared to i3, i5, or i7. Thanks!
  14. Finnish3d_Crack

    How can i make this a decent gaming machine?

    Hello, So i'm really stupid young boy and i have bought these parts: AMD A6-6400K ASUS R9 280 3Gb TOP ASUS F2A55 G.Skill 8Gb 2133Mhz Arctic Cooler freezer 7 pro rev.2 Zalman 700Watt with 80+ Bitfenix Comrade And yes my part choices are really really bad. So can somebody please save my build...
  15. D

    Intel Rapid Storage Technology?

    I am running windows 7 Home 64bit with a Asus H87M-E Motherboard and have a Samsung SSD drive with all programs installed and a 1TB HDD with two 2TB esata external hard drives. My motherboard is set to AHCI mode. I am running HotSwap! so I can safely shutdown my drives. It seems this is the...
  16. V

    Random Rebooting of Computer

    Been dealing with a problem for some time now and am very peaved. My computer randomly restarts. Put together a computer with the ff. specs: i7-4770 CPU @ 3.50 Ghx 8.00 GB RAM 64 bit OS - Windows 7 Power Supply is Thunder M 620 W Hooked to an AVR No UPS It got really bad today randomly...
  17. G

    looking for a mobile phone

    How good is apple retina display? Is it better than htc m8 or S5 compared to iPhone 5s or 6?
  18. D

    My New Rig

    Hi guys im gonna list my rig down below and I just want you guys to check if everything would work well together and please be honest and give advice where you think areas could improve etc. My budget is around £600. I want to play Crysis 3 max and bf4 max as well as raiding on lord of the...
  19. S

    Fps on differrnt gpu`s

    hello every one , i have pentium g620 cpu with 4 gb ram and 1.5 gb inbuilt intel gfx i get fps in counter strike global offensive at low settings 60-80 which gfx should i buy
  20. R

    Which is better for me

    I want the msi r9 270x 4g, but i was looking at the r9 280x. if i get the 280x 3g would i be able to play at ultra settings. also i have a a10 5800k