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  1. K

    Sounds are playing through microphone

    My friends noticed that they can hear my game sounds so I went and recorded my microphone and played a Youtube video at the same time, and it picked the video up. The first thing I did was disabling Stereomix and unchecking "Listen to this Device" but it still didn't help.Then I tried plugging...
  2. B

    CPU Clock Speed Underperforming

    lately i've been checking out my performance on video games like fortnite and csgo because i have just installed my new GPU, but i really came accross a big problem of my CPU bottlenecking like crazy. i checked my CPU usage and i saw it was on a 100% almost all the time. i have the A-8 7600 CPU...
  3. T

    Samsung 860 Evo vs 840 Pro?

    Hi all, I have a Samsung 840 Pro (256GB) that I bought around 6-8 years ago. It's still working great but there is an amazon prime day deal on for a 860 Evo (512GB) for £60 stacked with a discount code. Can anyone tell me if the speed differences and robustness alone will be worth the upgrade...
  4. R

    HP p6545a not showing any signal, only black screen after new gpu upgrade.

    I have a MS 7613 (Iona-gl8e) mobo which is a HP oem I have 8gb of ddr3 1333mhz 240 pin 10600 (4 x 2gb ram) i3 550 500 watt cooler master 80+ psu 1tb hdd 7200rpm GTX 660ti (upgraded from HD 5450) With the HD 5450 everything in the system works perfectly fine. Display output is working and audio...
  5. Jsimenhoff

    Gift Guide for the Programmer

    Programmers rely on logic and a core set of tools for their work. They are more interested in the bounce of their keyboard keys than any flashy gizmo. Minimally designed with a focus on utility, these gifts will get the programmer in your life plugged in, connected and focused at the task at...
  6. L

    New PC Need Help!

    Im new to pc building and i was wondering if it was possible to make a pc under $1200 aud that would be able to run VR and games like PUBG and Ark: Survival Evolved
  7. mustafa.islam1548

    Afterburner Vs Wattman

    Now i know there are loads of these types of threads but I want to know, now near the end of September 2017, with all the new AMD drivers and updates for softwares, which one is the best for RX 4xx cards? Afterburner or Wattman?
  8. A

    Identify Graphics Card

    I recently had a 1070 stolen and to confirm the thief need to find the serial number or some other proof. I did not write it down, but am wondering if there is a way to determine if the card is mine if found (such as the computer recognizing it immediately in a distinct way when plugged in), or...
  9. Z

    Corsair H100i V2 Possibly failing

    First it turned red, which I knew meant it was failing, but next it turned aqua. My computer BSOD with DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION. I know that's a driver issue, but why with the LEDs changing to aqua? I have a 6700k that is not overclocked.
  10. Z

    Is 52 Celsius good for a semi-busy Ryzen 5 1600 with Aftermarket Cooler?

    I just built my first PC and even though nobody here tried to help me with my mobo not responding, I eventually figured it out with the help of a friend. If you can be kind enough to help me this time, I'll appreciate that. I went for the beQuiet Pure Rock Slim as the reviews were really good...
  11. M

    ram upgrade to 16

    hello i wish to upgrade my rig with another stick of 8gb ram ..but i can't decide because i see 2 different models -KINGSTON ValueRAM 8GB DDR4, 2133MHz, CL15, KVR21N15S8/8 at 70$ -KINGSTON ValueRAM 8GB DDR4, 2133MHz, CL15, KVR21N15D8/8 at 55$ My rig contains : -i5 6500 -KINGSTON ValueRAM 8GB...
  12. S

    Installing a used hard drive for extra storage

    So I recently got a new computer, an upgrade from my old one. It's great, but my old one is not at all being used anymore and I was hoping I'd be able to take the hard drive from that one and put it in my new one. Obviously the problem is that all my stuff is still on that hard drive. I...
  13. R

    new pc build - black screen - PC doesn't boot

    My new build: Intel i7 6700 NZXT phantom 240 Kingston DDR4 8GB (1 modul) EVGA GTX 1060 SC 6GB H170 PRO4S KINGSTON SSD (SATA) DVD ROM (SATA) Power supply Cooler Master B500 After putting all components together PC started without any problems. PC was...
  14. C

    New Monitor (AOC G2460PF) Displays No Signal

    Yesterday i got a new monitor and was happy to use it. I plugged it in with the cable that connects to my power outlet, and also a display port cable. It all worked fine and i was enjoying the higher rehresh rate (144hz). This morning. When i turned my computer on, it just said "AOC" followed by...
  15. N

    G soni - Graphics driver

    dear frieds, Iam having g sonic ddr2 motherboard bios- american megatrends system model - to be filled by oem how can i find graphics driver pls help me
  16. B

    GTA V Broken!

    So I downloaded GTA 5 and had no issues, till i started trying some mods which essentially broke my game so i reinstalled. Now when im at the loading screen with all the game pictures after a couple minutes, my game crashes. This is the error im getting Faulting application name: GTA5.exe...
  17. A

    Is corsair 500WATT enough

    I have 500WATT for my build is it enough or should i get corsair 600WATT. I'm low on budget. here the my PC parts: Intel Boxed Core I5-6600 FC-LGA14C 3.30 Ghz 6 M Processor Cache 4 LGA 1151 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3000MHz Corsair Hydro Series High Performance Liquid CPU...
  18. D

    R9 380 Safe gaming temps. for hours?

    Okay so I recently got a PowerColor PCS+ 4gb R9 380, I launch my system (Windows 10) and I check the temp at desktop "61C"... I get a bit nervous but using the Radeon Software from AMD, im able to check the fan speeds, apperantly its around 35% - 38%, So I raise it, It balances out at around 53...
  19. M

    window 10 or window 7

    Which window better for Gaming ? i was 64bit
  20. J

    I'm getting no sound from my DVD player

    I have a element flat screen tv, and I have a Sony DVD player. I finally figured out why I wasn't getting any signal till this morning. I fixed that problem, but now I have a new problem that I am getting no sound when I put a disc in my DVD player. Also when I was asked to setup the DVD player...