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    Formatting a MAC hard drive for Windows

    I had a iMac that I recently parted out and it had a 2TB hard drive in it. I'm trying to get the HD formatted and usable for Windows but not having any luck. It shows up in Disk Management as Disk 1/Unknown/Not Initialized. When I Initialize as GPT it throws an error of The system cannot find...
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    Laggy pc, need suggestions on what to replace

    Hello! I want to start streaming video games and such, but my streams are always laggy, and really low frame rate. I need suggestions. Here are my internet and PC specs: Upload speed - 1.19 mbps Download speed - 12.2 mbps Processor - AMD a4 6300 APU with Radeon HD graphics RAM - 16 gb System...
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    Stains around my laptop keyboard

    I have a gaming laptop and recently the area around the keyboard has water stains on them. Please tell me how to remove this
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    IDrive Personal Cloud Backup Review: Best Overall

    IDrive is best for anyone who has multiple machines to back up. Just keep an eye on the 2TB or 5TB storage limit. IDrive Personal Cloud Backup Review: Best Overall : Read more
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    Need to recover data on broken HDD

    I reset CMOS, tried multiple SATA cables, multiple SATA ports, tried booting it on its own, tried booting the SSD on its own, checked to see SATA ports were enabled in BIOS settings and it occured when I installed a new PSU and GPU. I also installed the latest chipset driver. Old GPU: AMD...
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    DXGI Error - Device Hung - Unfixable?

    Hi there, When I installed my GTX 1050 Ti, all was well and I lived happily for a while. High fps and buttery smooth gaming for all. Then I did a fresh install of windows, keeping programs,files and settings. After that point I have been getting infrequent crashes in games along the lines of...
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    Gtx 950 vs 1050: benchmark issue

    I should first explain that my pc is not currently working. I bought a gtx 1050, but it would never work, or even register the card's presence. I have a friend who's working on fixing it who told me that the motherboard doesn't allow enough energy from the psu into the card, so he and i are...
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    When I restart my PC, my Netgear router freezes?

    Hey guys, So I have this weird problem where my NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 will freeze whenever I restart, or shutdown then turn on my main pc. I think something is happening when my pc is asking the router for its credentials? I'm not sure. I'm no expert on routers or networking, I need some...
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    Rx 560 will work on lga 775?

    I have sapphire pulse rx 560 oc 4gb, will this work on msi p45t c51? I read some stuffs that new gpu does not work on non eufi mobo?
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    Discord Calls lagging games?

    GPU: GTX 1050 2gb, CPU: I5 7500 RAM: 8GB MOTHERBOARD: ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS So I’ve been noticing that my frames are dropping in games whenever I’m in a discord call, now I know discord doesn’t use the GPU, (I did turn off GPU acceleration but that made no difference) One game in particular...
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    if increase the volume more than 22 there was a bad and trobelling sound come in my headphone

    if increase the volume more than 22 in my lap there was a bad and trouble sound came on my lap
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    23 Retro Arcade Games That Deserve Their Own Movies

    Arcade games are among the few properties Hollywood hasn't licensed en masse — yet. Here are some feature films we'd love to see. 23 Retro Arcade Games That Deserve Their Own Movies : Read more
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    RAM Adapter error 0xc0000428

    So, I recently bought 2 of these adapters: [url=] I installed them into my computer with these RAM...
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    Overclock no longer stable after new graphics card- has this a power supply problem?

    Hi all. I recently bought an RX Vega 56 after using an RX 550 as a placeholder for sometime. While the card works well, I found shortly after I got the card that my computer would freeze up seemingly at random- no BSOD, just a freeze. After much troubleshooting, I found reverting to factory...
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    How To How to Get Hidden Currency Converter In Windows 10

    With Windows 10 installed on your PC, you’re no longer required to install a third-party app or surf through the web to check the currency values. The built-in Calculator app has its own currency converter that helps you with this. However, since most of the times you’d be looking for the most...
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    Red screen crash after mouse stopped working

    I was about an hour into playing Killing floor 2 when my mouse stopped moving. The LED lights on my Razer Deathadder stopped working as well as the sensor, I unplugged the mouse in an attempt to plug it back in to see if it just needed a different USB port. Within a few seconds of unplugging the...
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    Msi Motherboard won't boot After OC

    Hello, so I am having this problem with my system.I upgraded my Computer to msi b350 mortar and R5 1400, everything is fine at first but when I try to overclock or change the ratio on bios even only a little bit and try to apply it, after the restart my pc won't boot, no display, no light on ez...
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    Laptop wont connect to my 5g network even with correct password.

    My laptop (an older IBM thinkpad) see's my 5g connection, but won't take the password that lets it connect to the same network on 2.4g. I know it will work with a 5g connection cause i had it on 5g when i was in hawaii. Please help
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    external hard drive 1tb to buy

    Hello Everyone about external hard drive 1tb to buy where do you contact number thank you
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    About u torrent and DLLs

    Ok... So I think there was malware in my u torrent app.... So I deleted it.... Now I'm not able to install it or the bit torrent app..... First error that comes is "C:\windows\microsoft.NET\framework64\v4.0.30319\wminet_utils.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an...