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  1. hammer874

    Question NordVPN Dominates VPN Market Share, and That Will Likely Continue Looks like there's a clear winner in the vpn market game. Do you guys agree? Is nord really top dog?
  2. D

    Question Are these parts viable?

    Hey there yall I try to compose a PC on my own and I have my eye on a few parts but I dont know much about them. Ive seen a view reviews about the Ryzen 7 and the Asus Vega and Im quite happy with them. I know that a lot will tell me to take Nvidia instead but Im a AMD man and I wanna stick to...
  3. I

    [SOLVED] I updated windows 10 and now my PC won't boot.

    I got the notification that there was an update for windows 10 and let it do its thing while it was in the restarting process it turned on but I got no display. I've tried VGA and HDMI on both Mobo and GPU but neither show anything. I've removed the GPU to try integrated graphics but it doesn't...
  4. D

    Question Small form factor case... in a cabinet

    Hi all, I have a PC hooked up to my living room TV which I use with a Xbox 360 controller exclusively (Steam Big Picture mode, no desk or keyboard/mouse). My current case is the Fractal Design Arc Mini R2, which despite the name is colossal in size for a living room PC. I'm looking to downsize...
  5. J

    Question Where is this DHCP IP address coming from?

    I have a small network operating in a branch office. There are three desktop computers all using wireless, all connected to the same Sonicwall router that serves DHCP. Two desktop DHCP IPs: 192.168.1.xx (gateway) (dhcp server) Problem desktop using Intel(R) Dual...
  6. J

    Question PC slows waayyy down, and then shuts off without warning!

    This issue has happened a few times and I am starting to get concerned. Everything will be going well, and then my PC will start to run veerrryy slowly (everything lags out, even mouse tracking slows down and starts to become jerky) and then the computer will turn off without any error message...
  7. S

    Using 4 mixed Ram sticks with same specs

    I am very new to PC building. I have a DQ77CP motherboard with i7-2600 chip. I have a 650wat corsair power supply and msi 4gb graphics card. All memory sticks work perfectly fine in all 4 slots in different combinations but when i go to the maximum of 32gb the pc is in permanent reboot. Max it...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Accidentally made boot partition dynamic. How do I change it back?

    So i was trying to mess around with an external drive I had that has been giving me trouble so i tried turning it into a dynamic drive. Problem was, I somehow turned my boot drive into a dynamic drive. How can I revert this without wiping the partition and reinstalling windows? The drive now...
  9. S

    Want to buy $800+ laptop that cant even game!?! Rant

    Ok this is just a question/rant I had to get out cause I find it so oddly infuriating. So friend gets $800+ laptop. Laptop is 14inch 1080p display, 256gb ssd, 8gb ddr4, i7-8565u w/ intel uhd 620 graphics. Could someone please explain to me why the h*ll someone would spend 800$ on this when they...
  10. N

    Business and Entertainment laptop under 1.000$

    Hello, I initially bough a xiaomi notebook pro (i7/16gb ram,mx150), but the laptop never arrived because stock ended.After getting a refund I am lokoing for a laptop under 1000$ that can fill these requirements: -Clean look -Under 2kg(4.3lbs) -6+hour of screen time -Good...
  11. E

    Toshiba P55W RAM Upgrade

    Hello Toshiba Satellite P55W-B5220 Windows 10 Pro BIOS v 1.6 just installled 2x 8GB sticks of Crucial DDR3. System is running, but only showing 8GB memory. Thoughts?
  12. T

    Corsair H100i Pro Reapplying thermal paste

    I was wondering if I should remove the thermal paste off the Corsair H100i AIO cooler and reapply some Arctic Silver paste for a better cool. I was also wondering if I could mess anything up during this process and if using 70% isopropyl alcohol is okay to do in this process? Thank you.
  13. A

    Linksys RE6500 Stops Internet Access on Router

    So, I have gaming consoles and a PC that need decent internet connection to play the games I like. Problem is, my internet feeds through the front of my house and in to my living room, and I like to game in my room, away from the people I live with. I bought the RE6500 range extender from...
  14. X

    Problem after fan replace and thermal paste Strix r9 390

    I am getting what looks like memory screen problem after fan replacement and thermal paste on my ASUS Strix r9 390 Boots up and goes into repair mode in win 10, boot picture screen has vertical 1 inch memory blocky distorted graphics. Oh and yes it does it on other machines the same. Anybody...
  15. E

    HP graphic card

    Can I use a HP R9 350x in any pc?
  16. P

    Upgrading my pc

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking on upgrading my pc, but to do that i need to buy first the gpu or the cpu (i cant afford both of them at the same time). Observations Country: Argentina Overclocking: No SLI or Crossfire: No Games i usually play: Online: Dota2, rainbow six siege, rust // Story...
  17. Z

    Using optane instead of ram - Build a budget pc cheap with high ram + pagefile usage

    Hello, IMPORTANT NOTE - To begin with - ( If anyone doesnt want to read my long thread of questions, then please only give me advice on this) - IF ANYONE KNOWS of a better solution for such usage as mine (heavy browsing with chrome, with pagefile going over 32gb and 45gb +) (- even when...
  18. I

    Asu z97 died, can I get a micro atx mother? (Gigabyte Ga-b85m-d3h-a)

    I've been using a Asus Z97-pro for some time, it died yesterday, I'm having problems trying to find a ATX replacement, however I can find some options in the micro ATX format, this one for example: Gigabyte Ga-b85m-d3h-a. This is my current PC: - Asus z97-pro - Intel 4790k - Corsair h60 - SSD...
  19. J

    Ethernet slower than wifi

    I have an H96Max+ Android 4g/32g box - just upgraded my cable internet from 100mbps to 400mbps. My wifi signal is faster (282mbps) than ethernet (140mbps). It wasn't like that before I upgraded. Help?
  20. remixislandmusic

    GTA V Framerate issues

    My system specs are as follows: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 4c@3.7ghz 8gb 3200mhz dual channel ram PNY GTX1050 2gb (running a somewhat recent driver from December) I am having massive issues with stuttering and frame times in GTA V. I have a mixture of high and very high settings at 1080p, allowing me to...