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  1. GanainyAlgamed

    Question will RX580 fit in HP 800G1

    i want to buy hp 800 g1 but was wondering if the RX580 nitro+ sapphire (2 fans) will fit in the case and work fine after i change the stock psu to a 600W psu? also if it fits will the cooling be normal in the case or the low space will make the components hotter?
  2. L

    Question Z390 X Gaming Rev. 1.0 CPU LED

    Hello, I bought a new PC from a scratch. I have i5 9600k and after firts star up cpu led is solid red and PC restart it self after few seconds. All other parts seems working well. Not even monitor will turn. Please help.
  3. N

    Question Super low download speed out of nowhere

    Internet has been fine for months, but has slowly deteriorated the past few days. Now it's just not working, or at least the download speed part of it isn't. The ping and upload speed are normal, but the download is very low. I have powered the modem and router on and off a few times, and have...
  4. C

    Question Does the CPU set memory controller voltage based on the XMP profile?

    Hi everyone, I'm having issues with some vengeance 1866 ddr3 part number: CMZ16GX3M2A1866C9 9-10-9-27 2T 1.5v Basically, it was fine and stable, now it's not. I can't run it memtest stable at it's XMP profile (which has been fine since 2014) though 1333 defaults is ok. I looked in aida64 and...
  5. N

    [SOLVED] Can I be sure my motherboard is broken? (and not my CPU)

    Hi, I've been putting together an old machine in my spare time with some old parts. I have a strange issue when sometimes it will turn on just fine. Other times nothing at all, no power whatsoever. Flicking the PSU off and on sometimes fixes it, but it's 1 in 20 if it will turn on. Once one it...
  6. 51Percentage

    Question Cant use 144Hz monitor Benq

    I have been trying to setup my new monitor Zowie Benq XL2411P. This should be a 144Hz monitor. I tried connecting them with a HDMI cable but its only 60Hz. But the problem is that I only got 2 ports on my GPU in my PC to connect monitors. They are both HDMI ports so I bought a cable where 1 side...
  7. Djackmix

    Question Why am I stuck in Bios screen ??

    I tried to update my Bios with the last version of Winflash (which came with a new Windows Update, my laptop is kinda new), but got stuck in the Ez Flash 3 Menu, so I rebooted and then I have no left Boot option, nothing seems to tell me that I still have my HDD parts. Is it a way to get some...
  8. A

    Question Motherboard does not recognize M.2 NVMe

    I have a Z390 Gigabyte Aorus Pro Wifi MoBo and a Samsung 970 EVO M.2 SSD. Ideally, I'd like to install Windows on the SSD. The motherboard doesn't seem to be recognizing the SSD, it doesn't show up in the BIOS or in the Windows Installer. I've looked around for people who've had similar issues...
  9. T

    Question CPU/ GPU low usage and performance problem?

    Hi, i am new at this forum. I recently bought a 2080ti to my system. I will list my system specs down below. Well when i tested it i saw that i was having less performance than other people in games. Arround 20-25 % lower fps. I then started my research and after using msi afterburner osd i saw...
  10. O

    [SOLVED] Overclock G630 Pentium?

    So, i have an Intel Pentium g630... 2,70 GHz.. I want to overclock it.. But im wondering if it will work.. I have Foxconn 2abf motherboard.. Its pretty old.. Thats why i ask
  11. M

    Question Corsair K55 and Razer Green switches

    Hi all, I'm wanting to buy the Corsair K55, but I love the sound of the Razer Green switches. Will they fit in the keyboard? TYIA
  12. Q

    [SOLVED] Headset Crackling when connected to USB HUB

    When my Steelseries Arctis 5 is connected to my USB HUB, the audio crackles a lot. But when connected directly to my Lenovo Legion Y720 the auido is fine. Is this the fault of the USB Hub not being high quality? Or is this a thing with all USB Hubs? My USB Hub is the UGREEN 3 USB port with...
  13. B

    [SOLVED] gtx 970 Gigabyte Windforce heatsink removal

    Hello all. I want to remove the heatsink from my GTX 970 from Gigabyte, Windforce OC edition (NOT THE G1 GAMING ONE) to change the thermal paste, but for some reason I'm not able to do so. I removed all the necessary screws from the bottom part (see picture below) View...
  14. F

    Question Do Samsung monitors flicker?

    Hi, i've been looking for monitors for my new pc, and i found this 1080p 60hz thats perfect for it, the model is Samsung LS24F350FHLXZB, or you can check here: However, i've seen a lot of reviews saying...
  15. fluflufrog

    Question How do I choose the drive where a program is installed to?

    Hello! I am trying to free up space on my laptop, (which has a tiny amount of storage on the C Drive (32GB I believe)) so that I can update Windows, download documents, and actually do stuff on my laptop. I have done multiple clean ups and deletions / uninstalls of temp / unnessecary files and...
  16. S

    Question Cant find the monitor I want, does it exists.

    I have been looking for a specific monitor, and had no luck. Maybe someone can find it or tell me there is no such monitor. I am looking for a 144hz 4k HDR +-35" screen curve or not G-Sync I tried looking for that but haven't found one with all 4.
  17. Kuya Faz

    [SOLVED] How long does it take to get graphics card back after they fixed it?

    can you help me guys, pls share your experience:). This is my first experience to have a defective graphics card and to use warranty too.
  18. A

    [SOLVED] PC Boots and shuts down 3 times before booting

    I have had this pc for about a month maybe alittle longer and i never really asked if this was a problem. When i turn on my pc i will turn the power switch on my psu on and then push the power button. It always boots and turns off 3 times before actually booting all the way. Is this just like a...
  19. BinaryGreen

    Question Game runs slower on laptop screen than external monitor

    I'm only using my laptop's screen to game on right now, and I'm getting lower fps than when I'm using my external monitor. In CSGO, I'm only getting ~90 FPS, when on my monitor I'd get ~280 FPS. Both screens are 1080p@144 hz, but the external monitor has gsync, though I don't think that would...
  20. ExoticX

    [SOLVED] 5GHz CPUs

    So most current cpus can easily hit 5GHz oc, but do you think that the next gen will have 5GHz base clock? Also does anyone think that 3rd gen ryzen will be able to hit 5GHz as easy as intel?