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  1. L

    Info HPE to Acquire Supercomputer Maker Cray, Take on IBM

    Hewlett Packard Enterpris will acquire the supercomputer maker Cray for $35 per share in cash, or about $1.3 billion in total. HPE to Acquire Supercomputer Maker Cray, Take on IBM : Read more
  2. AndrewFreedman

    Info Windows Hello Gets FIDO2 Certification, Cross-Browser Support

    With FIDO certification and cross-browser support, Microsoft is taking Windows Hello one step closer to a world without passwords. Windows Hello Gets FIDO2 Certification, Cross-Browser Support : Read more
  3. OctaBotGamer

    Question How's my 'gaming' pc build?

    So hey guys I am back to tomshardware(i think you won't remember me...cause I changed my name :p So I recently upgraded my so called gaming rig, it's still worse for the gaming community :cautious: So these are my changes(some haven't changed)...
  4. AndrewFreedman

    Info Alienware m17 Laptop Review: Hot Rod Gaming

    The Alienware m17 is a strong performer with great audio and a lovely display, but it runs hot and very loud. Alienware m17 Laptop Review: Hot Rod Gaming : Read more
  5. R

    Question New Build turns on then straight off

    Hi, I have just built my first PC from scratch and when I turn the pc on everything powers up and then shuts off. It then try’s again and the same keeps happing. Nothing appears on screen? Any help? Thanks
  6. M

    Question Pc fails to boot up repeatedly and restarts automatically

    My pc is only 1 year old. This problem had only recently surfaced where my pc would sometimes fail to boot up. It would not boot pass the page where you can access bios from, and I have to restart the pc hoping that it would boot up. The problem first occurred 2 months ago and I thought it was...
  7. i try and budget

    Question Shadowplay videos freezing/laggy/stuttering???

    Hello everyone. This honestly has me really frustrated I have so many recordings just like little one minutes clips of my highlights and the videos are coming out very laggy especially at the "best" part this is ridiculous.. I have a gtx 960ssc fully updated with an I7 cpu and 12gb of ram. And...
  8. corndog1836

    [SOLVED] What do you think of my proposed new build? Check out this new build. Keeping all other parts in rig. SEE RIG BELOW... CM HAF X case. 240mm side fan, 200mm front fan and 140mm front fan and rgb red and intake fans. custom loop 480mm and 360mm rads with external 480 in push pull ----8 fans...
  9. R

    [SOLVED] Best gaming pc for £500? P

    Hi my girlfriends brother is looking for a gaming pc that will be used to play games such as fortnite and apex legends etc.. and I offered to help him as he had no clue into gaming PCs. He also wants to use it for school work and stuff like that Would there be any prebuilt, pretty powerful...
  10. joshhmusic

    Question HP Computer: Burning Smell + 4-beep Code with Red Light

    Hi, I googled the problem to no avail. I started my HP Z420 PC after a while and it ran fine for about 10 minutes. It suddenly shut off and started a continuous 4-beep code with a red light. On top of that, there was a plastic-y burning smell coming from the PC. The next time I tried to start...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] Can someone confirm this build please?

    Asking for a friend who wants to build his own pc. The current build he has made is this: And he wants to know if that is good, his budget is £1200 with possible upgrades later on. He is looking for a good build to play games on such as Black...
  12. ThePharaoh

    [SOLVED] New to PC and can't decide as I suffer from impulse buying

    I have always gamed on a console all my life. However, I have decided to switch to PC due to convenience and overall productivity. I am also studying software engineering, so having a PC where I can just game and work on would be great. I suffer from impulse buying, it's so bad to the point...
  13. How To How to Install Full Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi

    It’s something almost every Raspberry Pi fan has asked at one time or another: Can it run Windows? Microsoft offers an official build of Windows 10 IoT for the Raspberry Pi, but that OS is just for building maker projects and doesn’t have the ability to run regular apps or the traditional...
  14. News I Ran Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi So You Don't Have To

    Using a set of hacks, you can run full Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi board, but the user experience leaves a lot to be desired. Read more here. AVRAM PILTCH @apiltch Avram Piltch is Tom's Hardware's editor-in-chief. When he's not playing with the latest gadgets at work, you'll find him taking...
  15. News You Can Now Run Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi 3

    Raspberry Pi is finally ready for the full Windows 10 experience. A new installer lets you put Windows 10 on Arm, including the Pi. And it's made by the same people who got Windows 10 on Arm onto Lumia 950 and 950 XL handset. Windows Latest first reported the news. Read more here. ANDREW E...
  16. I

    Question CPU compatibility with ram

    Dear Fellows hope you all are great So after trying to research this on google i am still confused maybe i am new to computers thats why My question is i have i7 8700k with asus rog z390h mobo which supports XMP can i put 3200 Mhz ram something like tridentz corsair or hyperfuryx also in order...
  17. J

    Question Cloning OS partitions to other parition

    So I have a 1Tb hard drive containing my games, media etc. and an 500Gb ssd which contains my windows. I want to get rid of the ssd on this system, the plan is to clone my ssd into a partition on my hard drive. Windows reinstallation isn't an option. So is there any kind of tool that I can use...
  18. P

    Question Budget 24 inch monitor

    Hi everyone. I am looking to buy a new monitor. I am casual PC user who watches a movie here and there and plays not so demanding games (mostly sport games). Now I use almost 9 years old Acer V193HQ 19 inch monitor (1366x768). Decent budget upgrade would be 24 inch monitor 1080p. What are yours...
  19. U

    Question Xbox one x temperature

    I want to play 4k tv. What happened to the Xbox one x overheat 70°c max? I don't know Enough or Not enough
  20. Flomkato

    Question GTX 980: One display suddenly kills the other o.O

    Good day everyone! I have a weird issue with my PC: Since this morning, only one display works at the same time. If only my DisplayPort display is connected, it shows a normal image, but as soon as the DVI cable of my secondary display is connected, my primary display shows no image, until I...