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  1. Azor99

    Question Corrupted BIOS? - Bench Test UNSUCCESSFUL

    Hello everyone! Bench Test Video SPECS: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2H ( NO DualBios ) CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2 GHz ( Integrated Graphics ) RAM: HyperX Fury 2x 8 GB DDR4 RAM Sticks GPU: MSI GTX 960 2 GB PSU: Corsair VS550, 550 Watt, 80 Plus Cert. SSD/HDD: Samsung 860 EVO ( w/ Windows...
  2. Horizon254

    Question New build PC immediately turns itself back on after I turn it off ?

    Hey everyone, Just built a new computer for my mom, here are the specs: CPU - i7 10700K GPU - RX 6600 XT RAM - 4 x 8 GB Corsair 3200mhz M.2 SSD - Samsung 970 evo pro 250gb MB - Gigabyte Z590 UD AC (rev. 1.0) When I power on the PC everything seems good... though, when I power it off it...
  3. Gecko_Pirate

    Question PC won't turn on after instant shut down while CPU and GPU almost full load.

    About an hour ago, I was just encoding some videos with Handbrake, and I wanted to play BeamNG Drive a little bit while the encoding completes. I knew that I shouldn't do that. I just wanted to see how high the fps would be, and they were pretty high (100+). I then continued to play and the PC...
  4. P

    [SOLVED] "Last BIOS Time" really high

    My PC used to turn on in less than 10 seconds. Some days ago, it started to take a really long time in BIOS logo screen (around 80 seconds). I didn't change anything in BIOS settings and I only have 3 startup programs, that were able since I got my PC more than a year ago. I'm really worried...
  5. [SOLVED] Can't plug in power cable

    I tried to plug it in but it just doesn't go in fully. I can only get it a little bit inside but the cable always hangs out a bit. I've tried it with force but I don't want to do it too hard or else it might break. What should I do? Do I need to do something else first to get it in?
  6. N

    [SOLVED] Newly Built System Won't Turn On

    I recently assembled a PC for my girlfriend and have been having some trouble getting it to turn on. This is the second computer that I've built so I do, to an extent, know what I'm doing. I've ensured that the front panel connectors and properly attached, and in the right locations. My 24 pin...
  7. makitos

    Question MOBO AIO boot protection?

    Hi all! I have a "MSI Z390 gaming plus", the other day I changed the PC case, and surprise, it did not start. I think that the BIOS did not want to start for some reason, since the MOBO was powered, the usb was also drawing tension, and the different fans were spinning. I turned the case back...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Upgraded PC Now It Won't Power On At All (PLEASE help)

    Not a single sign of life when I press the power button. I've looked online for quick fixes but nothing has worked so far, does anyone have any idea what could be going wrong? Bought my z97 and i7 used off amazon and newegg so there's a chance they're damaged, but my pc was booting to BIOS...
  9. M

    Question Laptop doesn't turn on after resetting bios

    I was curious and loaded setup defaults in bios, after that my laptop is dead. it's not turning on or give any signs of any way. help please.
  10. D

    Question PC always enters BIOS when turned on

    Good day, I hope everyone is okay with this pandemic! My pc always goes to BIOS when I turn it on. I changed cmos battery and maked sure the battery is in good condition If i want to continue the boot I need to press discard changes and exit I checked HDD priorities and both my ssd and hdd are...
  11. pavlaras74ever

    Question Slow boot up after upgrading mobo and cpu

    I just bought the ryzen 7 3800x and mobo aorus x570 pro. Everything's good. I mean it works. But when i turn on the computer , it probably checks cpu vga dram and boot. This mobo has 4 small leds on those , and it goes from the one to the other. After cheking them all, the 2 small leds that my...
  12. R

    [SOLVED] PC doesn't turn on unless I switch PSU back and forth few times

    So recently my PC doesn't want to turn on after pressing power button, no moving fans absolute silence. I haven't switched any components recently, checked the motherboard and I can't see nor feel any swollen parts. Also checked frontpanel and other basic stuff. After I manage to turn it on it...
  13. M

    Question PC turn on problem

    Hello, Recently I have had problem turning on my PC. When pushing the power button the PC won't turn on, but a buzzing sound would come out from the speakers which are connected to the audio card. Note: My PC configuration is 8 years old, based on i5-2500 and an ASUS P8P67 deluxe MB. Turning...
  14. 9

    Question Computer Turning on and Off fault or not

    When i press power button Computer turns on and then off and then on again after that it works fine is it a fault or not. Because after that it just work fine even when i shut down my computer and turn it back on it cannot do on and off and on procedure note: it is shutting down the processor...
  15. Sachin_94

    Question PC power on; but won't boot at my place (home). But in other places it's working fine

    I have ryzen 3 2200g cpu with onboard vega 8 vga. It worked fine till yesterday. As usual I turned it on; pc starts, but didn't boot. Today I took it to the shop I bought from because it's under warranty period. But it starts normally without any issues. Then I brought it to home and turned on...
  16. T

    [SOLVED] PC sometimes shuts off immediately aftern turning on

    Hey guys, so I have a little problem with my PC. Sometimes, after I turned my PC on, it goes off a few seconds after but then restarts normally. This just happens sometimes, not every time. The first time I had such an issue was after I overclocked my RAM speed in Ryzen Master. First, I made it...
  17. W

    Looking for a compatable Subwoofer for Samsung HWF450 soundbar

    I am looking for a compatable Subwoofer for Samsung HWF450 soundbar. I bought the soundbar and remote at a garage sale and am trying to find a subwoofer to add to it. Other sound bars come with sub #'s PS-WJ450, PS-WM450, PS-WC450 etc; Will they work???? Ty
  18. C

    What's best to run a 3000 watt car amp at home

    Need to run a 3000 watt car amp at home
  19. T

    Are these components compatible with the Fractal Design Define C Window Black

    GTX 1050 TI Intel Core i3-8100 Prosessor ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. B85M-G (SOCKET 1150) (Motherboard)
  20. M

    Computer does not record microphone

    Good evening, As the community of tomshardware helped me out a lot before, I wanted to ask about an important issue again. Yesterday everything was working fine, but while using Audacity today, I noticed that it wasn't recording my microphone's audio and then I tested on other programs like...
  21. P

    UPGRADING (Need Help Please!)

    I want to be able to play new games, pubg, cod wwII ect. on high settings. Current setup: AMD FX-6300 Vishera 6-Core 3.5 GHz SAPPHIRE DUAL-X Radeon R9 280 Gigabyte 78-LMT rev 5.0 CORSAIR CX series CX500 500W Ballistix Sport XT 8GG RAM 100gb SSD and 500 GB HDD Also keep in mind, I have a...
  22. P

    Parts Puzzle: What Mobo Works Well With This Hardware?

    TL;DR: I have the following bits of kit, and am just looking for the input of people more knowledgeable than me for a motherboard that will let everything play nicely with each other: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel - Core i7-950 3.06GHz Quad-Core Processor...
  23. K

    After the free 1 year onedrive storage how does a user access his/her icloud storage?

    After the free year of 1TB on the OneDrive how does a user of the Acer icloud 4:access his/her documents
  24. M

    What Motherboard Drivers do I need for the Asus z170-A?

    I just built a computer and I was wondering what drivers I will need for it. I already have drivers for my GPU and my CPU, but I'm not sure which of the motherboard drivers I should download. Which of the drivers should I download from this page? I have an i7-6700k, a GTX 1070, and Windows 10...
  25. A

    Switching Nvidia to Radeon

    i have a geforce GT 730 and getting a new R9 290x Sapphire tri-x card what should i do in terms of pre switching cards out, and post switching card out

    W:hat's a playable FPS?

    Hi, my friend is playing stranded deep, and he said that he's getting around 10 fps is that playable?
  27. A

    Overheating and shutting down when gaming

    Hell there :( I got a pc with the specs as down in the picture. The problem is that when playing games like bf4 and cs go the pc gets too hot and shuts down or freeze if i continue to play. I tried to apply new thermal paste(bought it new from amazon) but that didn't help. Games like LOL and...
  28. S

    Fps less than expected

    Okay so with my stutter problem and other bulls**t I have been experiencing i now figure out that the problem also consist of overall lower fps even on a much better build than my previous, here some other post I made that led me here all of which are mine and yes i still get stutter ever...
  29. M

    Consistent Wi-Fi drops

    As the title says I'm getting consistent drops in internet connection, about every 20-30 seconds which last about 1-3 seconds each. I'm almost certain it has to do with my computer rather than my internet as I don't have this problem on other devices and still have the same problem when I try to...
  30. L

    Can I just wipe it?

    So basically, I have an old PC with and OS on the SSD and I have a new PC- how can I wipe the SSD on my old computer to put into the new computer so I can re use it? I will be re installing Windows just for the record!
  31. N.Broekhuijsen

    Asus At IFA: New ROG Hardware Includes Liquid-Cooled ROG Laptop, 4K Curved Monitor, 980Ti GPU

    Asus showed off a heap of new goodies at IFA 2015, and among them is a lavish new motherboard and a water-cooled laptop. Asus At IFA: New ROG Hardware Includes Liquid-Cooled ROG Laptop, 4K Curved Monitor, 980Ti GPU : Read more
  32. L

    Can I connect blu ray drive to my pc?

    Is there an internal drive?
  33. S

    Upgrading to Windows 10 on Lenovo y510p

    I was wondering if anybody knows if I can update from windwos 8.1 to windows 10 on my laptop. I get the icon to upgrade in the bottom but I was wondering if it is a smart idea to do so. Will upgrading cause drivers to not work properly? I looked for drivers and I could not seem to see anything...
  34. D

    Gotta love complications! 970 vs 980

    Romans, country men, I could really use some opinions here! Really debating between a GTX970 $500 and a GTX980 $670. Yes these are the over inflated prices, but at the moment there is nothing I can do about that ha-ha. I am really debating going to 2160p or atleast 1440p (Rocking a syncmaster...
  35. F

    Having issues installing Windows 10 TP on my laptop

    Having trouble installing Windows 10 TP on my HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15, which came with Windows 8. Had no issues installing it with the same drive on my HP Omni100 all in one, in a dual boot with windows 7. On myy laptop when I try to boot from the USB(Which works fine on my all in one) it...
  36. I

    Cpu is overheating

    I just got my GTX 970 and the install went fine. I start Skyrim and it crashes, so i turn off all the mods and that got it to work. The CPU is going to the same temp for skyrim as it did with integrated graphics. That was kinda weird cause i expected, and was told, getting a graphics card with...
  37. Shihanshu

    Cheap heatsink AM3+

    Looking for a nice heatsink to OC to 4-4.5ghz on my Fx 6300
  38. FranciscoWent

    Good PC build for some gaming?

    PCPartPicker part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3lsgQ Price breakdown by merchant: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3lsgQ/by_merchant/ Benchmarks: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3lsgQ/benchmarks/ CPU: AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz 6-Core Processor ($109.99 @ Amazon) Motherboard: ASRock 960GM/U3S3 FX Micro ATX...
  39. B

    I need a new gaming monitor, very new to monitors so not a clue

    ok so i just spent £1,600 on a gaming PC (gtx TITAN GPU) and i would like to have a monitor to play games on... im looking for good value (under £300) decent size if im sitting close (sat at a desk) 1. im from the UK 2. will be used for high end gaming 3. looking for FULL HD but only on a...