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  1. J

    RX 480 4gb play overwatch stuck on 60-70 fps ?

    recently i upgraded my gpu for the gtx 750 ti to RX480 on the gtx 750 ti i can play overwatch on max setting 100% reder scale i got like 50-60 fps solid swap the rx 480 4gb (msi gaming x) run on max setting 100% render scale. No improvement and alot of fps dipping down to 30-40. specs ...
  2. B

    M.2 SSD stopped showing up in windows but still shows up in bios[WIN 10]

    I installed a intel 600p 128gb M.2 SSD to my motherboard and it worked fine until i restarted my PC. it still shows up in Bios and the standard NVM express Controller Driver fails to start and gives this error: This device cannot start. (Code 10) An I/O adapter hardware error has occurred...
  3. G

    Mother Board fan plugins

    Hello Today I updated my BIOS and noticed my cpu temp going through the roof. I restarted and went into bios. Notice my cpu1 and cpu2 fan speed was zero and my system fan 1 was going. I just have the normal stock cpu fan that came with the i5 6500. I notice that the cpu fan is plugged into...
  4. K

    Gtx 950 doesn't display new build

    So I built my pic and everything works but my gtx 950 will not display This is a new build, everything is brand new and I have never gotten my screen to display. I'm using an hdmi 2.0 cable but I have tried different cables and different monitors/TVs. The gpu gets power because I see the fan...
  5. D

    Unable to post no new components

    Asus m5a99fx r2.0 Amd am3+ fx-8320 Msi R7950 Thermaltake 600w Corsair vengeance 8gb 1600mhz Cooler master sepia 120m water cooler Roswell challenger 2 case Plenty or performance case fans My system has stayed the same for over 2 years and all of a sudden while I was browsing the Web it just...
  6. Mason1204

    Is This Fluid Okay For Water Cooling?

    I will start with 5 ltrs of Ultra Pure H20 and then add PT Nuke. I will use Mayhem Dyes to make it a green color afterwards. Will this be a good fluid mix for my loop? I want it to be an opaque color but if this makes it transparent that's fine too. If someone knows a better way to make it...
  7. A

    Think my build is alright?

    So I'm saving up for a PC. I definitely don't want to put anything as luxurious as a PC solely for my entertainment on my parents, so I have to budget for myself. I've never built a PC, so I'm not sure what's good, what's not, what's compatible, what isn't. I tried my best, so here's what I've...
  8. S

    Is my hardware bottlenecking?

    I've noticed that my system might be bottlenecking in a couple of games, these are Mafia 2 (after you've got out of prison) and World of Warcraft (patch 7.0). In certain places on WoW my GPU usage drops to about 50-80% and in Mafia 2 to around 80%, this gives me quite the framerate drop. The...
  9. E

    Motherboard not recognizing HDD unless in Sata 7 and 8 which are 6 gbs although Bios is not recognizing 7 and 8.

    I am finishing up a computer build right now and trying to install Windows 10. At the install point where I am asked to choose a hard drive my drive is not showing up. The HDD light on the case only lights up when the sata is plugged into sata 7 and 8 although the bios does not recognize these 2...
  10. DanTTTD

    Best GPU for sims and live rendering in Octane

    Hi team, I'm looking to upgrade my system, and am currently deciding which way to go with regards GPU. The goal is to run Octane renderer with smooth live rendering previews (I am also considering Arnold for the same purpose, though i know this runs off CPU instead). I am also wanting to...
  11. C

    New System Same Graphics Card As Before But Now Lag?

    Hello guys, I was wondering whether anyone else has experienced this before. I was originally running a 670 2GB, i7 3770k and 8GB DDR3 RAM. Just today, I upgraded to an i7 6700K and 16GB DDR4 RAM. This is prep for a GTX 1080. I am still running my original 670 at the moment. An still running...
  12. D

    Multiply errors, missing password prompt, laggy computer, blue screen, etc

    First, during startup computer there was no password prompt just with blue screen. Then, i restart and select fix desktop startup and left it overnight, came back with login screen, able to enter into desktop. Computer very laggy, then problem singature appear event name BlueScreen, i tried sfc...
  13. S

    Replaced AMD Sempron 145 2.8GHz 45W with AMD Phenom II X4 805 95W with same heatsink dkm-7D 52A-A1-GP. Cooling Issues.

    I replaced my sempron CPU with phenom X4 805. I already have this dkm-7D 52A-A1-GP heatsink ( I believe it is capable of cooling 95W CPU, came to know through ebay site). Problem starts here. I replace my sempron with phenom and didn't apply thermal paste at first just to check. With old...
  14. R

    best way to package RAM without an antistatic bag?

    so i just sold some of my old ram on ebay but i don't have any anti static bags. would it be safe to just put the sticks between 2 pieces of cardboard and wrap em in bubble wrap?
  15. A

    Which should i use?

    Hello! So which should i use? Amd A10 8700p(8gb ram) or i3 5010u (6gb ram) or i5 6200u(8gb ram)? I want to play Battlefield 3 and 4 on 60fps and all on low.
  16. A

    Board inside my Gateway M7305U laptop

    Hello, I have a laptop from 2008. I am going to swap out the 2 RAM boards to speed it up. My question doesn't concern the RAM though. When I opened up the back to investigate, I found another board that's by itself, next to a slot that's clearly ready for that board's partner. I wish I could...
  17. C

    New Mobo,CPU,Ram Windows Question

    Hello , I am going to buy a new mobo , cpu and ram in ~3 months . So should I format my windows (when the new parts placed) and install them again ?
  18. M

    Will this work with the i5-4460?

    I'm deciding on getting a i5-4460 with a Hyper 212 Evo for the cooler and a ASRock Z97 Extreme4 motherboard. I just want to know if there is any better motherboards that will be more suitable for the cpu. Thank you!
  19. N

    I need a gaming/animation/programming PC

    I'll be getting a Skylake i5 6500 for what's in the title above, but would I be better with an i5 6600K? I guess I know what I need for gaming, but my question is, what are good specs for animation/programming? Is 8GBs of RAM good, or do I need 16GB+ ? ANY tips would be great, thank you...
  20. B

    Upgrading to i7 cpu

    Hi guys quick question ... i currently have a dell optiplex 755 and i want to up grade my current processor to an i7 so i can run better games. Obviously the dell motherboard does not support anything past quad core 2. Do i have to buy a new computer or can i swap the motherboard out for one...