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  1. D

    MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard PCIe Question

    So I was looking to upgrade my system and throw in a second GTX 960 SSC ACX 2.0+ in my system to run SLI. But when I was being a good boy and actually reading up before just buying another card, I looked at my motherboards specifications. While it says the board is SLI compatible I'm not quite...
  2. A

    Can the OP override a mod's Solution pick for a question?

    My apologies if this is not the right section. It's past the allotted time that Tom's allows for questions with answer but without a best solution chosen. Can the OP select a different answer?
  3. E

    What software to encrypt a USB Flash Drive

    Hi there, I have a few flash drives branded 'kingston' and 'sandisk'. My question, what software would you suggest to encrypt all files? Would you suggest paid or free version software? Regards Modify message
  4. S

    Core I7 Overheating dramatically, even on idle.

    Hello, my core I7 is idly about 60C, which from my knowledge is pretty high for idle; not to mention I have a kraken x61 water cooler for the system with insignia heat grease. I went through all the solutions online I could find, lowering the processing max to 30%, and dropping the voltage...
  5. G

    Asus Blu Ray drive problem

    I have an Asus BW-16D1HT drive in my computer. I am using it to convert DVD's using Handbrake - so I can put old TV shows on my mother's iPad. The issue I'm having is that I have to insert and remove the DVD multiple times before it is recognized. These are purchased DVD's - the 20 season pack...
  6. C

    AMD Phenom 9600 For E-Sports Games, (My First Build)

    I am upgrading my parents old 2008 HP Pavilion PC and replacing the GPU, CPU, Power Supply, and adding ram. Will the CPU be able to handle games like Rocket League, CS-GO and Overwatch at 60fps on med/high settings? Should i expect there to be a serious bottleneck? I do not plan on overclocking...
  7. G

    AMD FX 6300 CPU and Gigabyte GTX 1060 G1 gaming 6gb gpu

    Hi i have a PC build and i was wondering if i could ever get a constant 60 fps with current games like Heroes of the storm and Fallout 4. my current build is 1. Amd fx 6300 (slightly overclocked to 3.9 ghz) 2. COUGAR Pioneer-X Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 3. Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3...
  8. T

    gtx 960 4gb ftw upgrade

    I am looking to upgrade my current gtx, in the price range of 200 to 250 at most. current setup fx8320 octacore 16gb ram 750 thermaltake psu I like my 960 but it is in need of an upgrade.
  9. Deniedstingray

    How high should i overclock to reduce/eliminate bottlenecking?

    So i was looking through the toms guide to bottlenecking and i noticed my CPU is said to bottleneck my GPU in extreme situations. For me this extreme situation is GTAV. How high should i go to fix the bottlenecking? 4.3-4.5Ghz? i5-4690k 1070 G1 Gaming 2133Mhz DDR3 16 Gb
  10. P

    Corsair vs650 power cable replace?

    Can i replace all cables from my corsair vs 650 psu, because it has ugly power cables with psu?
  11. _TheD0ct0r_

    Thermaltake Core V71 top 200mm fan not spinning.

    This case comes with 3 200mm fans hooked to a fan controller. 2 on the front, and one on the rear-top. However, the one on the rear-top isnt spinning. Anyone know if its a fixable problem? Or is the fan dead? (I hope I just forgot to plug something in) UPDATE: I found the problem. The wire from...
  12. R

    Corsair VS650 Wierd Sound (NEED HELP ASAP)

    I just fixed my PC 2 days ago, I bought a new GPU and PSU since those we're my only problems, but when I went to the washroom and come back, I heard this wierd undescribable sound coming from my Corsair VS650, this sound happens even if I'm not gaming. I'll try to find a way to let you hear the...
  13. IInuyasha74

    Evolution Of Intel Graphics: i740 To Iris Pro

    From i740 to the Iris Pro family, we look at the evolution of Intel's graphics technology over the last 17 years. Evolution Of Intel Graphics: i740 To Iris Pro : Read more
  14. G

    Does a VS550 Watt PSU Have an 8pin plug?

    Dear Community, Since I'm planning to upgrade my PC to a 1060 [which I already have, still not in the PC yet.] I would like to know if my Power Supply Unit has an PSI-E 8 Pin Plug for my MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X. My PSU has a 6 pin plug, which isn't good enough, obviously. I would like some...
  15. BlackIrish

    980 TI SLI ?? or other options tight budget.

    Okay I just ordered a Acer Predator Z35 35-inch Curved Full HD PC Build: MSI M5 Gaming MB I7-6700k - oc 4.4 Corsair H110i GT CPU Cooler 16 GB RAM EVGA GTX 980 Ti SC EVGA Platinum 850 PSU I am tight on money right now and wonder should I get another 980 Ti Sc or try to sell my 980 Ti and try to...
  16. SHDW Nightmare

    System Service Exception ntoskrnl.exe Windows 10

    I've been having several blue screens with System service exception codes, most appear to be caused by ntoskrn.exe, I really don't know what to do about it. I don't even know how to show the actual dump file, This has been a semi recent problem. I used Blue Screen View to find the cause and open...
  17. V

    Getting 10G speed with Synology NAS and ASUS 10g card?

    First time poster here and this site has been a massive help. I'm a long time Mac user who has switched to PC building my first PC with the help of this site. I've build a new PC based on the ASUS X99 WS 10G motherboard. And I have a DiskStation DS1815+ as a backup & server. My question is...
  18. T

    Pls help me with old camera

    GR-DX25E Hi. I got this really old camera which is using, Sony Mini Dv cassettes. I really want to transfer the videos to my pc. The camera came with a driver dvd, but it is for Windows Xp. I have Windows 8.1. I did actually try installing the xp drivers on my windows 8.1 pc, and 3 programs...
  19. L

    GTX1070 with old 520W PSU - will it work?

    PSU in question is Corsair 520HX and apart from 1070 it would (now does) power i5 4690k@4.2GHz. Will the power be sufficent for this GPU? Will there be no problems with the connectors? GPU I'm now using has 2x6pin. 1070 I plan to buy (Gigabyte G1) has 1x8pin. My PSU has 2x6+2 and i assume...
  20. G

    Windows 7 fails to find second hard drive even though Windows 10 and the BIOS see it

    I bought a new laptop with two drives in it. I'm not a fan of Windows 10, so I decided to dual boot and install Windows 7 (it's on the drive that Windows 10 is not on) Everything works fine except for the wifi not connecting (I'll save that for another question) and the fact that Windows 7 only...