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  1. TechyInAZ

    Time Spy Won't Run on GTX 750 Ti

    Hey all, I just downloaded time spy on 3dmark but it won't run. I get an error every time I launch it. Meanwhile, I see other GTX 750 tis running the benchmark without a problem. What could be the problem?
  2. kernelfreak

    Looking for a good graphics card with good power efficiency and gaming.

    Processor : AMD FX 9590 Cooler : Corsair H80i for CPU, none for GPU. Case : Corsair 400r PSU : Corsair XFX 850watt RAM : 16gb. SSD : Samsung 6gbps SSD, Corsair Force GT. (Both 512gb) HDD : WD 2TB 7200RPM 16mb cache OS : Windows 10, Ubuntu 15.10 (Both X64) Hello friends, My graphics card died...
  3. R

    Upgrading a Prebuild PC??

    Hey, I have a Acer X6300 - one DIMM port is broken so i only can use 6 GB therefore thinking to get a new Motherboard - there is an I5 2300 inside the motherboard so i would just need to purchase a LGA 1155 socket MOBO But the question is, I would need to get a new Case, PSU, MOBO, GPU as...
  4. R

    AMD FX 6300 + GTX750ti + ASUS M5A78L-M LX

    Hey guys, i recently just installed a Zotac GTX 750ti 2GB and it bottlenecks my cpu (AMD Athlon II X2 260). will it helps if i buy the FX 6300? this is my desktop specs: Processor: AMD AthlonX2 260 3.2Ghz Motherboard: Asus M5A78L-MLX RAM: Corsair XMS3 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz Harddrive: Seagate 1TB...
  5. M

    Need some upgrade advice please

    Hello, I'm stuck in between a couple options and could really do with some advice from more tech-savy people. I'm upgrading my machine (forced due to hardware faults) in preparation for the Oculus rift. I'll probably run the CPU at stock, however may in future OC to 4.5/4.6 if there's a...
  6. K

    I want an opinion on the parts i am considering for my first build !

    So, basically i want an opinion to see if my build if good, and if everything is compatible! Thanks! The build: Processor: Intel Core i5 6600k CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming PSU: Corsair RM650x Case: Fractal Design Define R5 Black RAM: KINGSTON HYPERX FURY DIMM KIT...
  7. M

    HP Envy 750-247c Graphics Card Upgrade

    Tried to replace the GeForce 745 (OEM) with a AMD Firepro W5100. I upgraded the power supply (the W5100 only uses motherboard power but it was a good opportunity to upgrade right now). We have 2 of the HP Envy 750-247c at work so I tried in my upgraded psu tower and in the stock tower and both...
  8. J

    The truths about the old GTX 970 vs R9 390 argument. Need valid points on both.

    Good day, Wizards! I'm bringing up the old debate about Nvidia's GeForce GTX 970 VS AMD's Radeon R9 390. It's an old argument, I know. There are many posts asking about these two cards, I know. But the performances, and the debates about the two are so on par that I'm as confused as anybody...
  9. N

    What Each SteamVR Error Code Means And How To Fix Them

    You can experience more type of errors while you are using your VR device. This tutorial will show you what each SteamVR error code actually means and will provide you the solution for this errors. Read the steps bellow and you will find out what every error means. Step 1. Error 108 – Headset...
  10. M

    What is a suitable replacement for the DVD±RW for Sony Vaio PCV RZ32

    The current/original one is a Sony. What is a suitable replacement for it.
  11. D

    Acer ag3 Predator

    Hey guys, i bought the ag3 710 predator a little while back, and was considering upgrading some internals at some point. how would i go about choosing a new psu? also for this computer if i swapped out the existing gtx 950 that it currently has for a 980 how many watts would i be looking for in...
  12. P

    A Few Questions From a New PC Builder

    I'll be asking a few questions. They will be numbered for easy following! I've checked the forums and couldn't find a specific answer for my questions, so here it is! 1) For UK users, which are the best sites to buy PC parts from? I've currently built a list of what I need and want but...
  13. R

    PC - TV - ARC to Amp 5.1

    Hi people. I am having problems setting up 5.1 audio. I want it set up so its HDMI from PC to TV using audio return from TV to amplifier via HDMI. When I plug the PC into the TV it will not send 5.1. My PS4 does with no problems. The receiver does not have inputs for the separate front surround...
  14. I

    Is this custom PC worth getting?

    Hi, I am looking for a BEAST POWERHOUSE Gaming PC with a GOOD graphics card. I am interested in buying a new computer, I will mainly be using this computer for gaming and video editing. I want a computer that is powerful enough to do this. The main specs I am looking for are: - i7 processor (or...
  15. C

    Black Screen After Windows Logo

    Earlier today I was playing cs:go normally and then all of a sudden my graphics glitch out and everything goes grey. My pc stop responding and my cursor isn't visible and I can't access task manager. I restart my computer using the reset button on the tower. It runs through the BIOS screen...
  16. L

    MSI X99A Godlike Gaming overclocking issues

    My problem is simple, but I can't seem to fix it. I can adjust the cpu ratio using the plus/minus keys, however the system changes the settings the moment I turn OC genie on. No matter what I set the ratio to, it changes it to 39 at the highest. I'm using a I7-5930k processor, if that helps any...
  17. C

    Building A New PC

    Hey guys, I will be building a new PC in the summer, and I would like to ask, will I have to worry about static electricity and will I need an anti-static wrist-strap? And my specs will be Gigabyte Z97-D3H Motherboard Gigabyte Geforce- 970 Windforce Graphics card 16 GB kingston hyperX Fury...
  18. H

    Best PSU wattage for my build?

    My build: Intel® Core™ i7-5820K, Prozessor FC-LGA4, "Haswell-E", boxed ASRock X99X Killer/3.1, Mainboard Corsair Hydro Series H110i GTX, AIO Liquid Cooling G.Skill DIMM 32 GB DDR4-2133 Kit, RAM ASUS GeForce GTX TITAN X 12GB, Graphics Card Corsair Graphite 780T, Big-Tower Case Samsung...
  19. MyKeyblader

    What to do with extra GPU that is in the same series as the in-use GPU

    So I use two systems primarily for gaming and surfing the web. One of them has a GTX 650(non TI) installed and the other one has an HD 6770 installed. I have a GT 620 and an HD 6450 currently not in use. Is there a way I could use these cards to improve performance or for calculations or...
  20. Comi92

    Motherboard and PSU fried?

    Hello guys, i had some problems with my PC recently. I was playing a game one day and it just shut down. I could hear the pc working, but my monitor was black and light on it was just blinking. Since it is in warranty for another 4 years (i bought it about a year ago) i sent it back to the...
  21. G

    What FPS will this PC run the latest games on medium settings without visible lag??

    Here is the link: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=191847824861&globalID=EBAY-GB
  22. R

    Looking to upgrade my PC

    So as of right now I have this currently: CPU - Core i5-4690K (stock cooler) GPU - MSI GTX 980 Ti GAMING 6G RAM - Corsair Vengeance Red 16GB DDR3 (2 x 8GB) MOBO - Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3 STORAGE - SanDisk Ultra 480GB (eh something like that xD) 2TB WD Black 7200 RPM CASE - NZXT Phantom 410 Red...
  23. J

    If I re-buy windows 7 what will happen?

    So i got windows 7 for an old PC but then had problems with it so i never activated my key. I recently built a new PC with the same hard rive, however because of my new components i had to re-install windows 7 from my disk. I now need to activate my windows 7 key but do not have it, if i buy a...
  24. S

    Air Flow (watercooling)

    Hey Guys! I have a Question: I have done build my costume watercooled pc. Now i have a problem, i have 35-40° in Idle! I think this is quiet to much ... i have a i7 5820k (normal clock). I got the temperatures with HWmonitor, I also want to overclock the cpu soon, but i think its is to...
  25. Y

    Differences between motherboard headers, need help!

    Hello everyone, to begin I am new here. I am very sorry if this isn't the place for such a question. I will be building me first pc tomorrow and I have a corsair h75 as my cpu cooler. As you know, it has 2 fans for a push-pull config. My motherboard's headers are: cpu_fan (4pin) pwr_fan (3pin)...
  26. M

    Alright Is This Build Good?

    CPU- Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler- Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler Mobo- Asus Z170-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard Memory- Kingston HyperX Fury Black 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2133 Memory Storage- Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM...
  27. H

    Weird graphics on the screen

    Hey guys I have a problem like this.While I watch video in internet my screen is going like this ? Screen is going black etc. Amd readeon graphic card. My notebook is only 5 months old. Print screen below http://s28.postimg.org/3t5lrl6fx/fsf.png
  28. U

    MSI ge60 throttling and overheating

    (My specs can be seen on the benchmarktest) Hello, I have problem with the msi ge60 apache pro. I have already sent in my laptop to Ibuypower which they sent it to msi to fix. My original problem was that anything installed in my hard drive would result in fps drops no matter what program I...
  29. T

    HP AMD Laptop

    I was looking at this laptop I was hoping to get soon for college and was curious if there was any good reviews for it anywhere? I was also curious if it could video edit and render videos as well play decent games like World of Tanks, War Thunder, or maybe Elite Dangerous? Any feed back is...
  30. Abode Msarwe

    100% hdd usage

    guys i just cant take it anymore , i have tried each and every method in order to fix it but nothing works, firstly it was 100% disk usage while idle , but after fixing some little things i've got rid of the idle 100% usage problem , but a new issue showed up , which is when i do simple things...
  31. N

    R9 380 gpu on motherboard compatibility ?

    hello, i have this motherboard MSI p55-CD53 , and i want to install an r9 380 ; But this website doesn't list it : http://www.pc-specs.com/mobo/MSI/MSI_P55-CD53/1399/Compatible_GPUs Does it mean that i can't install it on this motherboard? please help, thanks :)
  32. J

    Blue screen of death when gaming. Need help.

    BSOD crash when playing games. Picture freezes, audio skips loudly and a bsod appears with this stop errors: 0x00000124 (0x0000000000000000, 0xFFFFFA800E1E7028, 0x00000000B2000000, 0x0000000000010014) It only happens on demanding games, even though, I occasionally experience second-lasting...
  33. TheOnlyVv

    GTX 970 FTW ACX 2.0 Fan is Absurdly Loud??

    I run two GTX 970 FTW ACX 2.0 in SLI in my computer. I started playing a new game (Black Desert Online) and after looking to monitor my GPU usage to see why my frames were so low, I realized that my temp of my first card was reaching about 75 C with ~90% GPU usage. Seeing if this was bad, I...
  34. M

    Question with my AMD build about mobo processor and ram..!!!

    Hi everyone, I'm getting an AMD computer so far i have an XFX R9 390 but i need advice with the mobo, processor and RAM. I have in mind the Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 and the AMD FX 9590, my real problem is with the RAM, idk which should i go for this set and i was searching for the mhz speed...
  35. L

    A game like Rage

    I've been playing Rage since it came out 5 years ago so after 1300 hours I'm ready for a new game, Any suggestions?
  36. M

    My computer turns on but nothing boots onto monitor

    I've built my PC in the summer of 2013, it has lasted me for a reasonable amount of time. My PC started to boot but wouldn't display anything on my monitor a couple of days ago. I first thought this was due to my Windows 10 going corrupt so i downgraded to Windows 7 but nothing has changed! I...
  37. CrazyGaming

    PSU Is Making Noises

    My PSU is making a very loud grinding noise even while idling. I have the corsair CX500.
  38. stl522013

    Turbo Cool 850 SSI Any Good?

    I know it is older, but at my local Goodwill there is a Turbocool 850 SSI for $70. Is it any good?