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  1. B

    Building my first gaming pc. Help needed!

    Hello. I am building a gaming pc for the first time and I would like some opinions. This is the build I have come up with so far. So please correct if I have done something wrong. Also I have a few "special" questions. Is there going to be bottleneck? Is the power enough (count in +1 HDD 650GB...
  2. F

    Ryzen 2600x build opinions, first gaming pc

    Attempting to make a custom PC with the new ryzen cpu and keeping it under $1000. The main use for the PC is for gaming. Let me know if you would use different components in the build or if it looks fairly solid. The components I am shaky on most are the psu and RAM with the motherboards. Thank...
  3. M

    why i get stuttering/tearing while gaming?

    Good day sir, i just noticed lately while i'm playing a game like Far Cry 4 and PUGB, my screen tearing when i turning around. i don't know what causes it or is it my pc build? this is my specs and settings of the game: Lenovo thinkcenter m91p SFF CPU: i5 2400 GPU: GT 1030 RAM: 8gb HDD: 500gb...
  4. boias_john

    Motherboard and components power on, no POST or error beeps

    I have a 1 and a half year old Z170-a Asus motherboard and overnight it spontaneously stopped working. At first, only one out of my six chassis fans, the CPU fan, the HDD and SSD, the graphics card, and the PWR_LED and XLED lights would power on. After removing the cmos battery, suddenly all of...
  5. D

    Do I still need an AVR while using an UPS?

    Good Day People, I need some opinions if some of you are using UPS. Do I still need an AVR? coz I'm planning to buy some to protect my PC, but I'm confuse because some UPS has TRUE AVR and some don't. Please enlighten me!
  6. H

    Will a Ryzen R7 1800x Fit into my motherboard?

    A'ight so I've recently upgraded my GPU, no issues there now. However I'm still running an intel i5 4460. I noticed that with amazon prime I can get the new CPU in question, however I'm not sure it'll fit onto my mobo? H81M-S2H is the system model. I'm aware it's quite old but I really have no...
  7. W

    Code 43 On egpu 1050 non ti card

    I just updated my nivdia drivers for the gtx 1050 and I restarted it and then I got code 43 and now I don't know what to do all I want to do is play on my pc at good frames instead of my laptop apu and I have a Toshiba laptop and 8gb of ddr3 ram and a dual core processer and I am running windows 10
  8. B

    What are the Molex cables used for?

    Hello. What are the Molex cables used for? Where do you put them in the motherboard and what they are exactly doing?
  9. testtube5

    What are the chances of destroying electronics with static? And...

    I live in NJ. I can't remember the last time I touched anything metal and got the little "finger shock" from it so I don't think my area generates a lot of static electricity. What are the chances of destroying an electronic with static discharge? Have you ever destroyed one yourself in that...
  10. D

    Upgrade a amd fx cpu

    i have a 9370 and i wanna upgrade from that since it gets really hot and it just sucks but idk what else is good for am3/am3+
  11. P

    RAM Bottlenecking CPU?

    So i have a build: http:// And i was told that the single stick of 2133MHz RAM would bottleneck my CPU Hard. Is this true? And if yes, is there any way to fix it? Like buy 2 x 4GB Ram instead? Also this is a budget gaming pc build. The budget is 1000-1100 (Maybe can go to 1150). The cost of...
  12. P

    Is a 650w PSU good enough for Radeon RX 580

    I am thinking when upgraded my PC to make it sort of top of line again. I will probably need more RAM and a better GPU, but I am not sure if my current PSU will be good enough for that top AMD GPU so I am asking here if it will be or will I need to probably buy a bigger PSU? Specs: Corsair...
  13. E

    What are the difference between those 2? which one is better?

    What exactly is the difference between those 2 monitor? https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824014398&ignorebbr=1 https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824014383&ignorebbr=1
  14. C

    Only one fan ever spins ||| Asus Strix 970

    Yes, I know only one fan spins when idle/under barely any stress, but no matter how hot the card gets, whether is be 60 degrees or even in the mid to high 80s, the second fan never spins up at all. I've tried with custom fan settings and I've adjusted them countless times but still nothing. I...
  15. G

    MSI X370 Gaming Plus and 2666 MHz DDR4 ?

    Hello everyone, I'm currently building a entire new rig and I've met some hardships while doing it. Let's say some doubt. Choosing the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X (3.6 GHz), I've seen that the MSI X370 Gaming Plus was told to be optimised for it. And then I was told the Ryzen would run even better if...
  16. A

    Is 89 degrees max core temp for i7 4790k safe?

    I’m overclocking for the first time with my i7 4790k. I have the hyper 212 evo. I was able to get 4.7ghz on all cores at 1.319 volts. My max core temps are 85,89,87,83. Are these temps safe and/or reccomended. I’ve got through 5 cinebench tests successfully.
  17. S

    SATA Hard drive not showing in disk management, but it shows in bios.

    I've been looking around the pass two days trying everything to get my hard drive to show up but nothing has worked. It doesn't appear in my disk management, it does show in my bios and device manager. I've tried unplugging the SATA cable and plugging it back in, uninstalling my SATA chipset or...
  18. G

    My dell inspiron 15 3000 series AMD A6 Service Tag F56QC12 when powered on asking for system or administrator passsword

    Was locked out of laptop with ID password, took laptop to technician, they flash it and now saying enter system or administrator password
  19. P

    Cant find a IDE DVD rw for old pc, it has no SATA connections

    where can I find a dvd rw internal IDE? I am using win XP and my pc didnt come with a dvd burner. I only have IDE connections NO SATA, and that is all I can find??
  20. S

    ssd,uefi problem,everytime freezing in game

    pc freeze,and after restart its saying about uefi map shell something,and sometimes "ssd" boot drive isnt there so i reconnect sata cabbles,but still happend sometimes,once in a day with idle browsing internet,and always when im in game, this start happening week ago,pc specs r9 380x sapphire...
  21. T

    Should I be able to run CSGO on high graphics with Radeon RX 470 and Intel i5-4570

    Exactly as the title says. I play at low on every graphics with anywhere from 60-100 fps with constant fps drops. Should I be able to run with higher fps? Thanks.
  22. B

    No video output on new pc build.

    No video output on new pc build. I recently built a new computer for myself around 2 months ago. No problem. Now I started building one for my brother, using close to the same parts, but the computer won't output any video from the built in outputs. Vgi or HDMI. I've gin through a full...
  23. Deepon Mitra

    Upgrading from AMD Fx System

    Hi All, My current configuration is: CPU: AMD FX 6300 GPU: Sapphire R9 270x 2GB DDR5 MB: ASUS M5A97 PRO R 2.0 RAM: 2x4GB DDR3, 1X8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance PSU: Corsair VS 450 I am looking for a best bang for buck mix of parts - not necessarily the best in class - budget may extend by $250...
  24. S

    how to recover data from formatted harddisk

    i accidently formate my 160 gb harddrive , before i formate i have 2 disk partition but now i have only c drive, i find online free software for recover files but all soft locate only c drive which is present in this computer but i want to recover data from my d driver, plz help me......
  25. S

    Is there a "silent timer" app for smartphones?

    I'm looking for an app for my phone. I want to set a particular time and count down from there. However, unlike my phone's default timer app, when it reaches zero, I don't want it to beep or or make any noise. I just want it to flash brightly so any audio recordings I may or may not be doing at...
  26. Z

    Can I replace  sony vaio Laptop Processor

    hi Can I replace  Laptop Processor From Core i5 3210m 35w to Core i7 3630qm 45w My laptop is sony vaio sve1512s1ew My laptop support HM76 socket 988B rpga the question it's is my laptop support 45w processor or i must use only 35w processor
  27. P

    GTX 1070 + i5 or GTX 1080 + i7

    Hi there, this is my first post and i try to add partpicker link, Looking for a good gaming PC (WOW, Overwatch, BF1 and so on...) Bought a new Acer Predator for 144hz g-sync gaming and don´t want to upgrade anything maybe GPU in lets say 2-3 years. https://de.pcpartpicker.com/list/vqR2Cy Any...
  28. Deniedstingray

    "Audio enhancements have been disabled"

    I get that message every time i go into sound devices on control panel. I click enable everytime the message pops up but when i reboot they get disabled again. What can i do to stop the message from popping up?
  29. H

    Is this build optimal for 144hz gaming at 1440p?

    Been researching parts for a build and I think I've got what I'm looking for, but before I go ahead just like to make sure everything fits together and ask the more experienced lot of you for potential advice Here's the build: PCPartPicker part list: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/fwyy2R...
  30. F

    Enter CMD commands remotely?

    Hi, I have found a Kahoot flooder that actually works, but it needs to be interacted with through the command line in windows 10. The problem is the only computer I have access to during school is a Chromebook that is connected to the school's domain. I have tried connecting with my server with...
  31. A

    NEW Laptop Is Very Slow !!

    My New HP PAVILION AB516TX (8GB, Win10, nVdia 2gb, Intel HD 520) is too slow to work, can not run more than 3 or more apps simultaneously, it hangs drastically. Disk, Memory & CPU usage are always high. Please help me find the solution. Thanks in Advance
  32. G

    Amazon's Top-Selling Wireless Mouse Is Now $5

    This no-frills mouse is both cheap and competent. Amazon's Top-Selling Wireless Mouse Is Now $5 : Read more
  33. A

    Need a Build Approved plz

    Hello I made a build on pcaprtpicker and I just would to get it approved by someone reputable. Here it is https://pcpartpicker.com/list/TJjmpb (Updated: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/62QpLD) Also some suggestions to the build would be nice this is my first time. Thx Its a Build For Gaming...

    Powerline adapter affecting television signal reception.

    Hello everyone, I bought some powerline adapters last week after plugging the powerline sockets in the wall (no extension leads). A family member complained they couldn't get a television signal. After switching the powerline adapters off they could watch tv again. how can i fix this issue...
  35. I

    What graphics card can be used in a system with a 160 watt PSU?

    I have an HP Slimline s3407c desktop PC. A few months ago, the VGA port came loose from the motherboard, so I can't use the internal 6150SE graphics. A quick and dirty solution I made was using a USB to VGA adapter so I can get some video output. There are many problems with it. For one, it's...
  36. S

    Laptop not turning on battery

    Hello! i was playing a game(db xv 2) on my Toshiba satellite laptop on battery.After a while it completely turned off without any kind of warning and this was first time it happened.Now, my laptop wont run on battery rather only when it is plugged in.Please help me..........:heink: i will send...
  37. N

    Asus ROG PG27AQ or PG278Q?

    I might buy a new monitor in the future. currently using 1080p 60 Hz IPS monitor with Sapphire RX 480 4 GB (might upgrade the GPU as well later on). As the title implies, Which is a better choice? what are the trades off? how about the GPU power requirements? Do I need to run dual GPU to get 144...
  38. J

    Patch panel vs switch

    What are the pros/cons and which is ideal for my home network: A patch switch or patch panel? 8 rooms with ether net jacks.
  39. D

    how do you reply back to people

    How do you reply back to people, new to this
  40. M

    is my graphics card dying or its monitor?

    Hello, just strange thing happend. Was playing overwatch and suddently my computer start going crazy, fps was droping from 150 - to 5 in random numbers. Restared my computer and now in my monitor corner is this white lines. even when i open any games theyr are still here.but i did screenshot...