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  1. R

    Question Having problems with my Xbox one controller on my PC

    Hello, I've been having issues turning on my controller while on PC, it's an Xbox one controller that needs to be wired. I plug it in, and there's a small light right above it's power button that turns on. But when I go to turn the controller on nothing happens. I've tried uninstalling it and...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] Strange Issues With Wired Connection After new Modem/Router Install

    First off, some basics. The new Moden/Router is the Netgear Nighthawk C7000. I have Xfinity gigabit internet (can't remember the exact plan name, but it's up to just shy of a gb/s) There are currently a total of thirteen devices connected to the router. Six are wired and seven are wireless...
  3. briansalinasssss

    [SOLVED] Question about Wired Connection vs Wireless

    I recently got a 80ft ethernet cable. After multiple test I noticed my wireless connection was a bit faster on download speeds but the latency was lower. Is it always better to keep my pc wired for gaming or should I go for the slightly higher download speed? I have a very small knowledge about...
  4. B

    Question Wireless connections won't connect but wired is working?

    Mobile devices specifically won't connect when there's a certain number of people using them at the same time. The two computers do work as normal. There are about 8 mobile devices connected to the router, two wired computers and one smart tv connected every day. The issue goes away once I...
  5. kappisto

    Quick question about new EVGA 1080ti FTW3 possible noise,whine issues

    After a day of work ive noticed a light backround "whine" on my new card. I cant really place the sound where it comes from, but when i switch fans to 0% its gone so i guess fans?! It looks like it is worse when the fans are under higher load(60%+). Also i cant tell if i just got good hearing or...
  6. S

    build a subwoofer box with 2 subs one front one down firing? bad idea?

    build a subwoofer box with 2 subs one front one down firing for home theater. basically im thinking of building a sub box with 2 subs 8" or 10". divide and port the box the to the front lower corner have one firing down and one firing front. plan to use it with home theater system(hooked to pc)...
  7. M

    Aorus 1080 Power Connection

    Hello there fellows ! Please excuse the noobness. I wanted to ask if the Aorus GTX 1080 8G can be used with the Rosewill Capstone G650 PSU which comes with these cables: 20+4-pin Motherboard: x1 4+4-pin CPU: x1 6+2-pin PCIe: x4 SATA: x8 Molex: x4 The graphics card shows an 8 + a 6 pin power...
  8. attacus

    No boot, no beep, no bios, no video

    I've already followed the 23 steps posted here (http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-post-boot-video-problems). Unfortunately, my mobo doesn't have internal graphics, so I have to use my GPU, which I've tested in another machine so I know it works. Everything is...
  9. K

    Whats the best CPU i can get on a budget

    Hi im looking for a new CPU, it needs to be the correct series as im running a MSI A78M-E35 Military Class Motherboard and it has to be atleast 6 or more cores, i currently have a AMD A10-6800K 4.10 Ghz quad core and its not good enough, thanks
  10. G

    Power supply help

    Hey guys in the UK will a 125v power cord that came with a 110-240 power supply work in the UK with just an adaptor for the wall socket ? Thanks
  11. A

    Controller for android please help

    Hello everyone! I have a logitech f310 controller (PC) I bought the cabble to connect that to my tablet (Samsung Tab A) and I am trying to use it but I am having a lot of difficulties is there any ways I could make it work? Thanks in advance
  12. K

    BIOS bricked any tips?

    So, I tried to mod my bios. It restarted and it boots up to a black screen. I have a lenovo y410p Methods I have tried I've tried removing the battery and holding on to the power button. http://blog.jimsjump.com/2016/02/07/lenovo-y510p-v305-bios-bricked-crisis-recovery-solved/ any help plz
  13. C

    i3 6300 vs Fx 8370

    I bought a gtx 970 So, am looking for a motherboard plus cpu combo, and my budget is just 250$ And i have a 8gb ddr3 ram, and should i go with the i3 or the fx with what motherboard with my current budget.
  14. E

    GTX 1070s SLI in a Carbide Spec 03

    Hello, I actually have a Asus strix gtx 1070 and I want to get another one to make an sli, but the problem is that I don't know if the sli will fit in my case, a corsair carbide spec-03 (led). My 1070 fit well into the casearch by I don't know about the other. Does someone have this specs or...
  15. S

    How many ampere does corsair vs550 has on its 12v rail?

    I want to buy a new psu and currently hv my eyes on this vs550 from corsair :)
  16. S

    Should i change thermal grease in this case ?

    I was installing my cpu water cooling (DeepCool maelstorm 240t) for my Core i7 6700k CPU. When i pushed the heatsnik to the cpu i realized i have screwed mounting plate wrong so i had to pick it up again so that the thermal grease left on the cpu. It got 2 minutes to re-screw the mounting...
  17. T

    do i need to change the fluid in my 295x2 radiator?

    i've had the card for over a year just wondering if it is time to change the liquid and do i put normal tap water in it?
  18. J

    I'm Looking for Utilities/Tips to Troubleshoot a Sporadically Problematic Internet Connection

    Hi! For the past year, I have been experiencing weird network problems 3-4 times a day in which my packet loss and ping spike extremely high for around 10 minutes. Sometimes I lose connection entirely. If I restart my router (Linksys WRT54G), my modem (Cisco 2203C [Provided by Time Warner]), and...
  19. O

    CPU overheats to 92C within 20 seconds of start in bios. please help!

    Hi i need help. My CPU is overheating as soon as i start to 92 degree celcius within 30 seconds. I got an i7-5930k hexacore with an asus x99pro usb 3.1 motherboard and a corsair hydro H110i GTX and a EVGA Supernova 1000 P2 power supply. I havent changed the bios when it first happened before...
  20. P

    Asus Hyper m.2 x4 Mini doesn't read card

    I'm trying to test a samsung 950 pro that I took out of my laptop because randomly my laptop froze, and after restarting it would freeze sooner and sooner until it was freezing at the homescreen after booting. Program manager said it was running at 100% load when it happened. To cut to the...
  21. J

    CPU/Motherboard for a GeForce GTX 1070

    My current build is: GPU: GeForce GTX 1070 CPU: AMD Athlon x4 760k Quad Core Memory: 12GB OS: Windows 10 PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G2 80 Plus Gold Motherboard: A68HM-K Asus Also, I know my current CPU is bottlenecking my GPU hard and am in desperate need of a new one. Will these two parts be...
  22. A

    What headphones to buy (more info inside)

    Hi! What headphones + mic do you recommend me? (The mic can be apart) My needs: - 50% Games: CS:GO (Good soundstage is a must), ArmA 3, Battlefield. WoW... - 30% Music: Trapstep, Chillstep, Dubstep, EDM... (I have the Sennheiser cx 300-ii which I use on my phone, so im kinda used to their...
  23. A

    Need Advice for my Build!

    Hey everyone I've recently out together this pc on part pickers and plan to build it in the next few weeks, I'm fairly new to. pc building scene, so if there is anything wrong with my Build please feel free to leave some constructive criticism. And also how the current CPU I'm using is 3.7 how...
  24. M

    U i o p j k l m keys r not working

    In my Acer aspire one D270 notebook the u I o p K L and m keys r not working.when I am pressing these keys they did not work.like I am pressing u then it's written 4..Pls,help me...
  25. I

    Chrome Windows 7 64 bit... Page Unresponsive kill or wait buttons help

    Page unresponsive pop up message, for the past few days. I have tried system recovery, updated Windows 7 and Chrome updates automatically. Scanned for malware with my own antivirus esat and malwarebytes recommended by Chrome, used Google clean up tool. Cleared cache, cookies, etc...
  26. R

    mouse pointer is working but selecting the icon is not working why? and what is the solution?

    the mouse pointer is not clicking the icons while we choose the icons. the pointer is selecting the icons but it is not performing the functions why? give me the solutions for this problem
  27. P

    compare intel hd 4000 graphics to nvidea cards

    I have a PC with an i5 4460 chip and use the built in graphics. Where can I get a comparison between this and dedicated video cards? I have tried googling, but can't quite get exactly what I want. I know a GT 720 is just a bit better, but is it worth buying? I only play old games from way back...
  28. RoMee187

    PC won't wake after new graphics card

    I have a Dell XPS 8700 and I just installed a MSI 750 Ti. The problem is when I try to wake up the computer from sleep, it won't wake up or the monitor won't detect a signal. My question is, is it a faulty graphics card or is it windows 10? This never happened with the old nvidia 635(OEM). I...
  29. J

    Getting a new motherboard, what should i do?

    I am getting a new motherboard for my pc, is there anything i should do in advance like back up anything to my hdd that will make it easier for when i wipe my ssd? Thanks
  30. K

    looking for a low budget graphic card

    Plz suggest a 2gb DDR5 128 bit graphic card which will fit best with AMD 6300 processor, if not will it be able to play high end games like call of duty advance warfare fifs 16 etc on it without lag on high setting? Kindly suggest..i hav a tight budget of GPU and PSU of 10k. My specification-...
  31. D

    Graphics card under-powered?

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my graphics card from a GTX 680 to an MSI R9 290 4GB. (OC) When I upgraded, I also formatted to fresh copy of windows with all most up to date drivers. I use a DVI-D cable and 120hz monitor When changing my refresh rate from the default 60hz to 120hz, the screen...
  32. Human Being

    Want to limit bandwidth #Router

    I own a router and internet connection,daily seven devices are connected to my Router (Netgear is manufacturer) and I want to limit bandwidth to several devices as they're only used to surf the web and basic needs.But they suck more bandwidth and that makes internet surfing and downloading slow...
  33. P

    my Bluetooth+wifi working fine but now both stops working & it is also missing from wireless section in dell inspiron with win

    Bluetooth & WiFi both not working in windows 8 with dell inspiron. Is it hardware or software problem
  34. J

    Help with Custom-Build Gaming PC

    Hello ! I'm building my first gaming desktop & needed some help. I don't want to bother with overclocking, so please keep that in mind. So far, I'm thinking about: CPU: i5-4690k CPU Cooler: CM hyper 212 evo (i heard it's good & it's pretty cheap) GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 G1 Gaming 4GB...
  35. T

    SFC error in win 7

    I got an error message when I ran SFC. How do I fix it. Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them.
  36. B

    Building a new pc

    I'm looking to build a new computer mainly just for gaming etc, I was wondering if anyone could possibly build me one on " https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/ " I currently live in the UK so could you please keep it to "£" currency etc :) My budget is only £800-900.. Thanks in advance
  37. S

    Best PSU 750watt which is semi modular, for under £70.

    I am looking for a new PSU for my new computer. I have worked out that I need at least 486watts but I would like to be able to expand my computer by adding a second GTX970(I have not decided which one). I have come to 3 choices and I what to know what you think...
  38. O

    Pc Randomly Blue screen

    Hello,can you help me identify the problem? this happens to me often, when i open a video in Youtube, or Open a web page, i thought Java was the one causing it, but it's not always the cause, even while doing nothing the bsod appears... I don't know what causes it. Sometimes the video adapter...
  39. N

    i5-4440 + gtx 970 vs. i5-4690k + gtx 760

    i5-4440 + gtx 970 vs. i5-4690k + gtx 760 I don't have money for i5-4690k with gtx 970. So, which combo is better for gaming? I will play only in 1080p. Mobo: MSI z97-g43 ("Z" for future). PSU: Chieftec B-550BC Case: Zalman z9 u3 or Zalman z11 plus (Didn't decide yet.) Sorry for bad english.
  40. F

    Gigabyte X79 UP4 memory channel issue

    Hi, guys. I have a weird issue, searched for it over the internet but can't find anything similar. Back in the days I was using a 24GB RAM, one is 16GB corsair dominator platinum 2400mhz kit and another one is corsair vengeance pro 8GB 1866mhz. I was running both at 2133 mhz. not to overload...