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  1. PaulDundee

    [SOLVED] Wifi Gaming Problem

    Hey all Got a litting problem hopefully one of you can answer. I am in student flats and th building has free wifi.I have an Xbox One in my room and I can do everything with it. Watch YouTube and Netflix, use the browser, download and play games including Game Pass games. I have Live Gold. I'm...
  2. skyline4727

    [SOLVED] Transfer save files from Windows App to Steam

    So I've been playing Vampyr through the XBox App with GamePass but I recently picked it up on Steam. Anyone know how to transfer the save data from the Windows version? Edit: I checked in the WinApps folder and I didn't see a folder for Vampyr. I'm thinking it might be in the Xbox app folder...
  3. A

    [SOLVED] Unallocated Space on External HDD

    I'm having issues with My mobile Seagate 5TB external HDD. I used it on My Xbox for a while before upgrading, now I want to connect to My router but for some reason there was multiple partitions. I formatted the hdd but now there is 3 unallocated partitions, what did I do wrong? 1 of them...
  4. M

    Question Are the Gamesir G3 or Redragon Saturn controllers good?

    I bought a generic copy of xbox 360 controller to spare the original, and I thought I wouldn't be bothered by possible deadzones and quality overall. The LB and RB and YBAX are very loud, but the problem lies with the analogs for sure. Only about 40% of the way they start responding. You cannot...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Really bad lag when trying to play games with my brother

    This is an issue that's been bugging me for a while and I've not be able to figure out what's causing it. I can't play games with my brother because of really bad lag. I'm pretty sure this started around the time I switched to PC, but it could have also been the fact we got a new router because...
  6. ceriumin

    [SOLVED] Broken Xbox one wireless USB port?

    So I have an issue which just occurred not long ago. I have an Xbox one wireless controller given to me by a friend and it worked fine however I think I pulled my only working cable out too hard and now the controller will not work. I plug it in and if I cram the micro-usb cable it might vibrate...
  7. Schegg

    [SOLVED] Xbox One S Controller not working on PC trough USB

    Hello, first off I am sorry if this is in the wrong section or something because I am new here, also sorry for my English that may be bad sometimes :P I have an Xbox One S controller, plugged it in with an USB data cable in my PC and the controller gives a short vibrate and then just does...
  8. F

    [SOLVED] Xbox 360 wireless receiver stopped working?

    Hello, I have a xbox 360 wireless receiver and just recently it dosent let my controllers connect, I plug the receiver into a usb slot, press and hold the power button on the controller and it just flashes on and off. This is the case with 2 controllers and I dont know what is causing this. Any...
  9. ACF1994

    [SOLVED] Xbox One X - External HDD / SSD or Internal HDD / SSD?

    Hi all, I'm looking into expanding my Xbox One X console storage through external means. I'm looking to increase by 2 - 4TB however want to know a bit more about what to get. I understand that the Xbox One X default drive runs at 5,400 RPM and supposedly most External HDD drives match or...
  10. J

    [SOLVED] Massive difference between Xbox and Speedtest results and my actual download speeds

    Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble with download speeds on my new PC. I use a powerline adapter and switch it from my PC to my Xbox depending on what I'm using at the time. But, when I download a game on my Xbox I get speeds of 20mbs+ and usually into the 30s and 40s. However, when I use the...
  11. J

    [SOLVED] How close is this build to an Xbox One X?

    Hello, How close in performance can I expect from the following build: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Asus Prime B450M-K 8GB DDR4 2666MHz RX 570/580 (still deciding) 500W PSU If it's not close to a Xbox One X's performance what can I change to make it closer? Looking forward to your answers.
  12. A

    Question Xbox and PC on one monitor

    Hello guys, i want to ask your opinion about the situation i have :) So i have a Xbox One with HDMI and PC with DP and the monitor Dell U2414h. With the video situation is clear - just switching between different inputs on the monitor. The problem comes with Sound. Current situation is that...
  13. R

    Question What do i need to be able to use my Astro A40's on my xbox?

    I currently own Astro A40 TR's for the PC but have recently got an xbox one. I can get sound fine but cant use the microphone so right now I'm using earphones with the built in mic from my phone for voice chat but that gets very uncomfortable pretty quickly. I'm pretty sure I need the other...
  14. R

    [SOLVED] Spilled a little bit of iced coffee on xbox controller D-Pad..

    Hi, I recently got a new xbox controller for my computer to play some games, and i spilled a little bit of iced coffee onto the d-pad and i’m worried it will damage my gaming computer and damage the xbox controller. i wiped off as much iced coffee off the controller (just a few drops) and i...
  15. johnmiami6315

    [SOLVED] Xbox hard drive change

    I understand this isn’t technically a storage issue but I don’t know where else to ask this question. I was wondering if it was possible to remove the internal hard drive an Xbox one x brings and simply format and use an external drive as the main drive.
  16. hong_kong_dusk

    [SOLVED] Are xbox 360 and xbox 1 controllers interchangeable on steam games?

    I'd like to buy a new (genuine) wired xbox360 controller but they don't make them anymore. Why wired? Because the wireless one is kinda heavy when the batteries are attached, and I have carpal tunnel. So I have a couple of questions about getting an xbox one controller because I've read online...
  17. H

    Question USB Ports RESTARTING only when Gaming and trying to use a CONTROLLER

    Okay! So I don't know what's going on but suddenly 3 days ago as I was trying to play CONTROL for the first time, I was in the game with my PS4 Controller (emulating a XBOX Gamepad via DS4 WINDOWS) and suddenly about 5 minutes into the game my PS4 Controller got disconnected but also all the USB...
  18. L

    Question Campus WiFi works great but won't download any large file.

    So due to a new job I've moved onto a workers campus where I will be living for the next 3 months. The campus has provided WIFI and an Ethernet port in each room. The WiFi is great! and im able to stream in full HD with no buffering and play online on my xbox (Apex Legends ) and have great...
  19. Jeffzeh

    Question Faulty Xbox controller button

    Hi, I have an xbox replica controller from ThrustMaster. Since the past few months, the "B" button needs to be pressed really hard to get an input from it. How can i fix this issue? Thanks
  20. H

    [SOLVED] My Xbox One controller (for Windows 10) is drifting to the right side.

    When I press win + G (or the xbox button) and then I go back with the keyboard or mouse (!) it will be good. After that when I press any button on the controller I'ts drifting again. What I've done: windows 10 reinstall, controller calibrating, controller replugging, controller replugging from...
  21. LandoB

    [SOLVED] Xbox Game Pass Uncompatible

    So I can't install the Xbox game pass because I can't get the May 2019 update for windows. It says its a hardware issue. The specs for my PC is the Ryzen 7 2700, RX 570 8GB, and 16GB RAM DDR4. I was under the impression that my system would be fine to run the game pass considering AMD included...
  22. B

    Question Need help with connecting Xbox One S controller over Bluetooth

    Hi, I have an Xbox One S (Bluetooth enabled) controller that I am trying to connect to my computer with over a Bluetooth connection to play Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Windows 10. Most guides that I've seen seem to use an in-built Bluetooth radio inside of their PC, while I have an external...
  23. N

    Question Is this good for the price of £750

    I recently bought a pc that costed £750. These are the main things It has: Ryzen 5 2500X Nvidia gtx 1060 6gb 120SSD 8gb ddr4 ram. I bought this cause I wanted to switch from Xbox one to pc, so would this be better than an Xbox in terms of performance for gaming. Also is this upgradable?
  24. K

    Question Which Elgato to buy?

    Should I get the Elgato HD, HD60, or HD60s to record my Xbox One, given the specs of my laptop and pc? Hi guys I would appreciate your input on this. I am looking to start making Machinimas on my Xbox One and would like to get a capture card. My only problem is that my laptop isn't that great...
  25. mohitakundi

    Question Need Help ! Major GameDVR Memory Leak Issue.

    Specs : i3 5010u, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Geforce 930m In WIndows 10 1803, there used to be no issues. It used to work perfectly. I even recorded 1Hrs+ clips of my gameplay. But now, in 1809 and now updated to 1903, there is a major memory leak issue. within a few mins, RAM usage goes from 29% to...
  26. AndrewFreedman

    News Xbox Details Specs for Next Gen 'Scarlett' Console

    Microsoft debuted its next gen Xbox here at its press conference at E3. It has Xbox Details Specs for Next Gen 'Scarlett' Console : Read more
  27. A

    Is it possible to play xbox remotely?

    I've recently discovered the xbox app on Windows 10 which allows you to stream xbox games to your Windows PC and, in my case as I have a laptop, play anywhere in my house without having to move the xbox. However, I was wondering if there's any way you can make it work so that you can play from...
  28. C

    Question Benq GW2270 - Input VGA wont work

    So I bought one of these. Should have just gone with one with an HDMI but that's ok to late now lol. I built a PC and it is connected to the DVI port and works perfectly fine. To keep my xbox running and since I use an elgato to do fifa streams occasionally I decided to buy a HDMI to VGA plug...
  29. M

    Question DSL Internet/Xbox Party Chat Problems

    Alright I am finally to the point where I need assistance from people that know more about ISPs and networking. Around Christmas I purchased Sea of Thieves. It being a crossover game allows me to play on my PC while my friends are playing on Xbox. Sounds like a great concept and maybe for...
  30. J

    Question Can I partition an external hard drive for Xbox and PC usage?

    So my brother has an Xbox one 500 GB. he is going to save up for a 3TB WD external hard drive, but he wanted to use it for bother xbox and media usage on his Macbook. Can he partition the External hard drive where he can use 1TB for his xbox, and then when plugged into his Macbook, use the other...
  31. J

    [SOLVED] Could you turn an HDMI port to a PCIe port for input?

    This idea was created because the HDMI port has lots of GBps and also has PCIe lanes for low latency. So could you turn that HDMI port to a PCIe port for something like a Graphics Card to connect to? This post on Reddit talks about this: View...
  32. R

    XBOX Red-Green Flashing Lights with Error Code 16

    So my original XBOX has been tucked away for quite a while now. It's softmodded (I think), and now whenever I power it on, I get a red-green flashing light around the eject disk button and the error code 16. I know this means a clock error, but I have no clue how to fix it. All the online...
  33. T

    Question 750ti for 144hz?

    Hello. I just bought this monitor:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=3EC9LR3AE0OQQ&keywords=monitor+144hz+samsung&qid=1554017325&s=gateway&sprefix=144hz+sam,aps,168&sr=8-1 Now my question is , Can i use...
  34. C

    [SOLVED] My new RTX 2060 card slows down everything on my computer

    Setup: Windows 7 ultimate x64 Intel Core i5 3470 @3.20 GHz MSI Z77A-G41 (MS-7758) BIOS American Megatrends Inc. V2.4 DDR3 16 GBytes (4x4) NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 120 GB SSD for OS 3 TB HDD for storage 750 GB hdd for music + some games 500 GB external for backups Powered by Thermaltake TR2 600W...
  35. kol12

    Question SSD read speed for games?

    I just brought a Samsung 869 EVO to run some games off. The particularly game I'm playing only reaches a peak of around 250 MB/s read speed while the drive is capable of 570 MB/s. Wouldn't my game be loading faster if it was utilizing the maximum read speed of the SSD?
  36. B

    [SOLVED] P7P55D-E Unrecognized Memory

    I built a PC 9 yrs ago, for a friend, with an Asus P7P55D-E mobo and 2 G-Skill 4Gb memory modules. This week, he called to say he ordered 2 more 4Gb modules and wanted me to install them. When I arrived, the PC was on, and I noticed that Windows 10 only recognized 4Gb. I powered off the PC. The...
  37. D

    Question what gpu is best for i5 3470 4gb ram 3.20 ghz with generic power 500 watts?

    what gpu is best for i5 3470 4gb ram 3.20 ghz with generic power 500 watts?

    Question will ryzen 3 2200g and gtx 1660 Ti Bottlenecks ?

  39. G

    Question RX 580 at 1440P?

    So I currently have an MSI MAG 241C monitor. I'm getting quite frustrated with the ghosting it suffers from. I want to invest in a better monitor but feel silly buying a new monitor an not going 1440p. I want to keep my 60FPS game-play at the very least, but I'm worried My STRIX RX 580 wont...
  40. H

    [SOLVED] My bios does not detect my M.2 ssd but clonzilla and windows detect it

    Hello everybody. I tried to look for similar questions in the forums, but it either was not my situation, or the answers were not applicable (or else I missed some others). I recently mounted a new ssd Addlink S70 M.2 2280 on my Asus H97 pro gamer motherboard. My problem is that my bios does...