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  1. C

    New to SSD's

    I am interested in building my next computer to have very fast storage... I am looking to use a Ryzen 5 2400G CPU, and do not know how to tell if a motherboard supports this or that storage... Motherboard I currently am looking at is the ASUS PRIME X370-PRO, and the storage I am looking at is...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Ram and motherboard compatibility..

    I need to know that, can I use 1 single RAM stick on MSI B450 Tomahawk motherboard? And the RAM is Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2400 cmk8gx4m1a2400c16r..
  3. erdo1993

    Ryzen 5 1600- GTX 970 HIGH CPU-LOW GPU Usage

    İ have this problem since i have gathered my pc (since 2015). At first i had fx 8320 with gtx 760, with this build i never had gpu usage over 80%. İ thought i had a bottleneck from one component. First i bought Gtx 970 then ryzen 5 1600 with a new motherborad. Even with the new system i never...
  4. I

    Question No video signal in going to monitor

    Basically I sold a PC to this guy and a week later he tells me that it's powering on and off. I told him I'd have a look at it. I unplugged everything and put it back in and the beeps and power issue was solved but the video signal is still missing. I replaced the gpu and tried putting in the...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] i9 9900K 4+8 pin power - should I connect both?

    I'm using an i9 9900k CPU and a Corsair AX1200i PSU. My motherboard (GA Z390 Designare) features 4+8 pin power connections for the CPU. Do I need both or is the 8 pin alone sufficient for moderate overclocking? If I do have to connect both: I don't have a single 4 pin port on the PSU, only 4+4...
  6. R

    Price Check - Need a ballpark

    I just built a new machine and am looking to offload my old one. I'm assuming I will need to put this on Craigslist but I'm at a complete loss on how much to price this. Any help would be much appreciated. PCPartPicker part list: CPU: Intel - Core i5-3570K...
  7. M

    What is power recycling mean

    Mt Hitachi sound bar light comes on but no sound
  8. T

    Connect my bunker hill camera to my android phone

    I just need to know how to hookup my camera to my phone
  9. N

    Motherboard doesn't have PWM based fan speed control?, what should i do if i want to have auto fan speeds?

    Been in the market for replacing my stock nzxt s340 fans for a while, they are connected via molex and are always 100% speed which gets quite loud. I was on the noctua website and found this page The little graphic titled "4...
  10. A

    ISO Old Console Game

    Looking for an old console game I played as a kid, don't remember if it was Xbox or PlayStation. Only really remember that it was an animated/cartoonish looking game, I want to say you could choose from multiple characters, but I only recall playing as a female one. It was a leveling game I...
  11. S

    Bluetooth Headset: Sound is of poor quality when using AUX

    Hey guys, thank you in advance for any help you can offer Ok, so I've been using the SY-BT1603 ( headset for the past few months. I'm an audiophile, despite being on a budget, so please forgive me for being a little picky perhaps xD The...
  12. T

    Need help urgently

    Hi, I have a Toshiba satellite Pro L50-A and it doesn't boot to windows but always to the setup page.. I did a full HDD clean up using the three supplied recovery disks but it still goes to the bios setup page.... Would appreciate anything at all... thanks and cheers Toua Papua New Guinea
  13. S

    How to run dual boot in laptop (windows and MacOS)?

    Hi guys, I am using lenovo P51 laptop i7 7th generation 2.4ghz 16 gb ram ddr4 2400 mhz m.2 256gb ssd 1tb 5400 rpm hdd 4gb nvidia quadro m1200 graphics card winwods 10 pro one more m.2 ssd slot is empty and I want to add one more m.2 120gb ssd and install MacOS, but I dont know how to do. I want...
  14. R

    Asrock z97 Oc Formula

    Does it have bluetooth tho? Cant seem to find a yes or no answer on google.
  15. S

    Z390 CPU power

    I just got an Aorus z390 mobo and it have a extra 2x2 12v along with 4x4 12v CPU power port. BUT my PSU is CM G650m and it only have 4x4 single cable. What to do ? will i need a new PSU ? :/
  16. B

    CS:GO stutter/slugish mouse/movement. high fps low ping

    Hi i am hoping someone can help as i have had this issue for months now and its driving me nuts. components: crusial 258gb ssd fx8350 gtx 1060 6gb oc edition windows 10 16gb hyper x ram nzxt x52 liquid cooler 70mb download 20mb upload 5ping. Whenever i play cs it starts off really smooth...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] Maximus XI Hero AIO pump header issue

    I'm using a new Corsair H100i V2 on my new build: Asus Maximus XI Hero Wi-Fi Intel I9-9900K 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200 Mhz XMP enabled, CPU at stock settings not overclocked. The motherboard AIO pump header doesn't detect the H100's pump that's connected to it. The cpu then overheats...
  18. E

    Transferring Hard Drive to a New PC

    Is there a way to transfer my data that's in my hard drive into a new computer that I will be buying soon? Or maybe just transfer the hard drive itself into the new computer? I'm trying to save time and avoid reinstalling programs and games
  19. D

    How to find the network security key on my android phone

    I am using my android hotspot, where can I find my network security key to use on laptop?
  20. M

    Help to update BIOS

    Hello, i have a problem, i want to upgrade my processor, and i was told i need to update my bios, before i put in a new processor, my bios ver. 1.70 MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon, Socket-AM4 I have downloaded from And...
  21. N

    Laptop so slow :(

    Please help, my laptop sucks and no one will hire me. I'm going insane because I can't even run roblox. Idk what to do. Its been 6 years of me begging my family for something and still nothing because we're all so poor. Is there anyone who has spare money or something? Please?! Removed...
  22. J

    I got a usb port for my new laptop ASus X507U but it does not work. Is there’s anyone could help me pls.

    It does not work my new usb port and cable on my Asus X5070. Don’t know what’s the matter. Anyway I’m using rj45 cable
  23. I

    CPU and GPU usage dropping along with frames in Fortnite

    Problem : After playing Fortnite for about 1 hour and a half, my CPU usage drops from about 20% to 11% ,GPU usage from 45% to 25%, causing FPS to drop from 200-350 to 120-180. System specs : Prime deluxe x299 i9 7900x @ 4.2 Ghz 4x8 gb 3200 MHZ corsair vengeance lpx XPM profile enabled 1080 gtx...
  24. N

    Audio output drivers

    My windows 10 laptop does not have audio drivers . Can USB headphone work ?
  25. M

    Lan not working

    X11DAi-N supermicro, xeon 8160 after install windows 10 lan not working Drivers installed Lan led blinking Lan cable working on another pc
  26. J

    question about the combination of msi m7 z70 and corsair cx750 m psu

    i was looking to buy a new set of custom psu cable and happend to not originally hook up the P4 cable on my mother board do to not originally having one to use, Is there something thats made to go from 6 pin connection in the psu to that 4 pin cpi power 2 P4 cable or is it not made
  27. N

    any upgrade suggestions for my pc?

    I use a 144hz monitor Specs: MSI GTX 1060 6GB GAMING X I5 6600K OC 4.5 250GB SSD, 2TB HDD 16 GB 2133mhz I want to play upcoming AAA games with 100+ fps:)
  28. K

    Orange light on motherboard

    My Asus prime B350M-A motherboard has a orange light on when I turn it on. It’ll begin booting then turn off but the light will stay on during the whole process. The rest of my specs are Ryzen 1400 Corsair Vengeance LPX 4GB Hipoint 550W power supply (it only has an extra 4-pin connector instead...
  29. L

    In-wall speaker suggestions

    Hello, needing some help with in-wall speakers. Home is premiered for 5.1 surround In family room. Currently bought a Martin Logan center channel, ELAC sub and yahmaha aventage 1070 receiver. Am trying to stay in budget of 700-800 total on the in wall speakers for the 4 total needed. Best Buy...
  30. U

    MSI B450-A Pro boot led is on/Monitor issues

    Bought a MSI B450-A Pro mother board and a msi radeon rx580 graphics card i dont have a hdmi port on my monitor which is a dell monitor which only has a VGA/DP port and DVI port. i've already tried moving the ram sticks around and nothing happens, tried booting without the graphics card plugged...
  31. P

    laptop charged but not booting up

    asus laptop 3 months old battery light green but not switching on
  32. Z

    Google Chrome Not loading webpages after 1803 update

    I recently reinstalled windows, and after updating to the latest version, google chrome became very inconsistent with loading any website - half of the time i get an error "ERR_TIMED_OUT", and the other half the page would load after 1-2 minutes of waiting. This does not occur with edge or...
  33. R

    Monitor in Power Save Mode After New GPU

    I've had a huge headache since buying a new graphics card. I've combed through these forums and other forums for help and have reached a dead end. Here's my basic set up: Intel 4770k CPU GTX1080 Ti Seasonic 80+ Gold 650W PSU 16GB DDR3 RAM Dell E228WFP 22" flat panel widescreen monitor (pretty...
  34. R

    Monitor flashes/flickers randomly

    Hi , I am having some flashes on screen from time to time , like two times per day since I turn on my pc The strange thing is that only occurs on window mode apps on 75hz , never had problems when gaming and I have more than 300 h on fifa 18 for example and the GPU is this one since I bought...
  35. V

    Very Strange Problem

    Experiencing a very strange behavior after switching out PSU and case, all other components are identical as before. After working on the PC, I typically put it in sleep mode, and when I want on again I simply hit a key and it wakes up. Now when I do that the monitor turns on for a second and...
  36. R

    Can't stream with these speeds?

    Hey folks, I just ran a speed test and i'm at 10 ping, 90 mbps download and 40 mbps upload and i literally am struggling to watch youtube videos at 1080p. I read somewhere that to stream 4k you should be fine with 50 mbps... so why is it I can't even stream 1080p? I've tried a different...
  37. F

    LF laptop under $400

    Hello all, I'm looking for a laptop under $400 USD for my grandfather. He doesn't use the computer much but would still like something of decent quality. He was also potentially interested in one of those 2 in one laptops. I've always been concerned with those 2 in 1 laptops being low quality...