Question B350M Mortar AUDIO PORTS


May 13, 2017
Hi Guys,

Just wanna ask a question about my motherboards AUDIO ports

I'm having problems dealing with the components of mine.
I currently have HYPER X Cloud II with mic attached using the 7.1 Surround USB on the USB port of the motherboard.
And Logitech Z121 External Speaker attached on the "REAR SPEAKER OUT" But I cant seem to properly use the speaker.
Is there a way, where I can use both headphone and Speaker at the same time? And I just recently bought a BM800 Cheap microphone
and its coming. And I wanna use it too at the same time. is there anyway I can do this or where should I connect the ports of the
Microphone, Headphone (without the 7.1 Surround and MIC) , and External Speaker on the Audio ports?

And when Im trying to only use the speaker. I can only hear the background music of the song / movie. I can't seem to hear the voices.
You can manually configure the ports in the realtek driver tool yourself, but the standard would be:

connect the speakers to the red line out port plus any USB port (USB is only the power source for this model)

connect the Mic to the MIC IN port

You can use windows sound playback and record settings to play/record with all devices plugged in.