Question DVI I to VGA not working fine


Jan 13, 2018
I recently got one of these adapters I found for around 200 pesos argentinos, something like 4.5 U$ dollars cause I have been using another adapter from my cousin, he started asking when I was going to return it to him so I said well, let me get another one and I will give it to you, bought one, arrived home and plugged it in, the one that i was using reached 1920x1080, the new one only 1200x900, I returned it and got a different one and had the same issue, I uninstalled amd gpu drivers and plugged the old adapter that always worked fine, put it on 1920x1080 and unplugged it, plugged the newer ones and it worked fine at 1920x1080 but as soon as I installed the drivers the screen went all black and again at 1200x900, can someone please help me? my gpu is an amd r9 270x


With your friends adapter connected check what the Hz is set at under monitor adapter in Windows. Sounds like his cable can handle 60Hz in 1080p and not yours. Try lower Hz if Windows or Amd gives you the option and then see if 1080p is accepted.

Put in dvi to vga. There are some adapters suggested there might have better luck with.