Feb 17, 2019
When I bought this graphics card it was working fine there was no issues. Suddenly my PC crashed. From that moment my PC starts crashing while playing games in about like 30 - 40 minutes everytime. Now after about 10 minutes PC freezes and every hardware accessories too like Keyboard and Mouse also freezes every time. I tried using my old GPU GT 730 again that is working fine.

🔸Sometimes my AMD driver crashes and restarts itself driver.
🔸I tried different AMD drivers 19.1.1 and 18.1.1 and 17.11.4 version all have same issues. (Installed every driver before uninstalling previous with DDU).

🔸Games runs fine with no performance issues Mortal Kombat XL and Battlefield 3 runs fully smooth on ultra settings but suddenly pc freezes.

🔸Also When i tried to open BIOS setup Error appears saying "This video is not supported for this graphics card"

My PC Specifications:
🔹Prebuilt Dell T3400
🔹Processor: Core 2 Quad Q6700
🔹Motherboard: Dell TP412 Precision T3400 Motherboard
🔹Ram: 8GB DDR2
🔹Graphics Card: MSI Rx 560 Aero ITX 4GB (i connect gpu to monitor using VGA to HDMI converter)
🔹Power Supply: Dell 520 Watts
Operating System: Windows 10 professional 64bit build 10240

💙 Any help would be appreciated 💙
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