Question Moved my OS to an SSD, now files on HDD are not showing when I search for them. Please help!


Nov 26, 2017
After booting off my new SSD, I no longer can find files in my HDD. It’s like they no longer exist. When I click on windows and search for applications and files that I have on my HDD they do not show up but hey are still there. I can still find the HDD applications that I have on it but when I click them there is an error and I can't open those programs or applications. All I have done is install an SSD, put Win 10 on it and make that the boot device in my BIOS and then boot it back up. I've not changed anything with the HDD.


They won't show up on the new W10 installation on the SSD because they don't exist in that Win10 world yet. You have to re-install all those apps all over again. Either on the HDD or (if enough room) on the SSD.

Maybe you should have cloned the HDD to the SSD. Then they would have been there same as before. But I suspect the SSD isn't big enough for all those apps.
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If the system still works with the HDD alone, you might instead reimage the HDD to the SSD with Acronis True Image, Macrium Reflect, or even Clonezilla (Clonezilla requires at least an equally large SSD destination drive, however, despite size of image on source/available space). If a Samsung SSD, migration software is included or at least available..