Question PC is frozen on gigabyte load screen ?

Apr 28, 2022
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I have a custom loop. I drained, flushed, replaced tubes, and filled my loop again.

Before I have the system power I made sure everything was dry, all is well there. I finish filling the system and bring it back to my room and begin to plug everything back in.

I power on the system and it took longer than usual to load and then once it did it was frozen on the gigabyte loading screen prompting me for bios, boot menu, and qflash. I wait and nothing happens, I start trying to access bios and boot menu, nothing.

I turn the system off and try again, same thing but this time I let it sit and it just loops like that. I google some things and try doing one ram stick at a time and still no luck. I try flashing the bios using qflash plus and when I do it brings me to an “updating bios” screen.

Once that is done it takes me to the loading screen again and is just stuck there and will still just loop after a minute or so. I don’t know what to do at this point.


Ryzen 5800X
RTX 3080,
32 GB tridentZ RAM
500GB SN850 m.2 SSD (boot drive)
2TB sn850 m.2 SSD

Also, while it's stuck on the loading screen the VGA status LED is lit and I get post code A0
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