Question Pc suddenly shut down and wont start again

Apr 6, 2020
Hi! These are my pc specs
I5 6600k @ stock
Gtx 1070 @ stock
650watt 80+Gold Psu from Fsp (Fsp hydro GE)
msi b150 krait gaming mobo
8gb ddr4 corsair value select ram @2133mhz
Normal thermaltake cpu air cooler
128gb ssd

So this morning i started the computer it was fine and after few hours suddenly it shut off and i tried to start it again but it is not booting up, the pc starts for a second and fan moves just a little and that's it.
I have tried cleaning the pc
I have changed the cmos battery
I have removed the fans and tried to start the pc
I tried to change ram slot a and even tried to boot it without ram
I disconnected every component except the mobo psu cpu and ram and still no output
The only thing i can guess is that it is either the psu or the mobo
Psu had 5 years warranty and it is under warranty, i used it for about 3.5 years.
If it is a psu do suggest me a good unit under 80$
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The PC in the YouTube video you provided does not match the parts list above. The video shows an MSI B85M-E45 motherboard and a GTX 760 video card.
The PC in the video is very dusty. Perhaps all that dust is affecting the power supply or there may be dirt in the RAM and PCIe slots. You should give it a through cleaning.