Question SSD with Windows not showing as boot option


Aug 17, 2015
I just installed a new Asus motherboard, the z390a, replacing my z370a. In the bios, the only boot option that shows up is Windows Boot Manager, which is apparently connected to my HDD, not my SSD which I always boot from. My SSD isn't even listed as a boot option. When I boot from Windows boot manager, it tries to repair, and then fails. I've tried resetting it and keeping my files, which fails each time. The BIOS shows that my SSD and other drives are connected by AHCI, so it's not that they're not working. I haven't run the chipset support disk that came with my motherboard yet. Someone said that my windows bootloader is on my HDD and that's why it's the only option showing up, but before installing the new mobo I've used the SSD to boot, as it has Windows on it. How do I boot from my SSD or reinstall Windows without losing any of my files?
Here is a pic of my BIOS
That's why it's good when installing Windows to leave only the SSD connected, and not all drives.
A not elegant option would be to install Windows on a HDD, boot from it, save all needed files from SSD, then disconnect HDDs, format and reinstall on SSD.
Another option - to try and connect the SSD and HDDs in the same configuration like in the old board.
Not sure if repairing the mbr on the SSD would fix it. But if failing, you might loose the files on the SSD.
Try googling for similar issues and ways to solve it.
How I would do it - the not so elegant option.