Question Sudden FPS and CPU utilization drop ?


Jun 24, 2019
My CPU usage drops suddenly for few seconds along with sudden fps drop while playing Valorant. This also happens sometimes while playing on chrome.

But interestingly while playing (browser based game) when I unplug my laptop from power adapter I don't get any sudden fps drops. As soon as I plug it again fps starts dropping suddenly regularly.

Whereas it does not matter if my Laptop is plugged in or not. It happens at regular intervals when playing games like Valorant. There is NO sudden drop in CPU utilisation when I do regular tasks except gaming.

I had faced the exact SAME PROBLEM 1-2 years back when I used to play Fortnite but I don't remember how I fixed it. I remember struggling for many months but it solved itself (I guess) or maybe I did something back then.

This problem has started recently 1 month ago and I don't remember changing anything that might have caused the problem.
I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling old graphics drivers, updating to the latest ones.
I have also updated my BIOS (from the official Acer website) today but it did not solve my problem.
I set my advanced power settings to default.
I reinstalled the game.

Laptop- Acer Aspire A515-51G
Nvidia MX150
Intel Core i5 8th Gen
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