Question Which CPU/GPU combo are better for performance.


Aug 13, 2015
Hello everyone,

I'm in the process of buying a new rig and was wondering which of the combinations is better for performance now/potentially the future.

Either a ryzen 5 5600x with a 3060 TI, or a I5-12000k with a 3060 OC.

Thank you :)

Cem Goker

Jul 3, 2013
At this point in time, getting the i5-12600K with the RTX 3060 is going to be better in the future as this combination will allow you to upgrade to the Raptor Lake (Intel 13th gen) without buying a new motherboard. You could also get a faster GPU down the road.
Either one will be fine. Basically with the 5600x you are at the end of that generation of cpus. So there that, but you are also getting towards the end of this generation of gpus. So the 3060ti will hold out a little longer than the 3060 but probably not a lot.

Another option, consider the 12600k and a 6700x if there’s enough room in the budget. On Newegg the 6700xt is slightly less than the 3060ti. I have a 5600x and 6700xt which is a good combo for 1080p 144hz it seems.


Very little difference in ability with the 3060 OC and 3060ti. A few fps at best in any resolution. Not something you can visually see in the slightest.

12600k and 5600x are close enough to be the same thing. In some games the amd cpu us better, in some the 12600k is better, but on average overall, basically no real difference worth mentioning. There are always exceptions to this, like Microsoft Flight Simulator does Not like Intel 12th Gen at all, many ppl have login issues making the game totally unplayable.

So overall the amd gets slightly better graphics ability, the Intel gets slightly higher average fps. Amounts to basically the same pc.

Most ppl don't bother spending out to upgrade cpus, not for 3-5 years, so 13th gen prices are very unattractive to ppl who've been on 12th gen for a few months. 9th and 10th Gen being a different story, but they'd not upgrade just the cpu, requiring a mobo too. That's what made AM4 attractive, you can stick a 5800x on a B350/X370 motherboard. Same will apply to AM5, 3yrs from now upgrade cpu.

Either choice will be close enough to amount to the same thing, but the Intel does have 1 possibility currently that Amd does not. DDR5. If opting for a DDR5 mobo/ram, chances of reuse in the future are better than the Zero reuse of AM4 with only DDR4 support. If you opt for the cheaper DDR4 Intel, that negates any reuse possibilities, same as you'd not be trying to reuse DDR3 anytime in the last couple of years.
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If the 5600x and 12600k are as close as the post above says, same for graphics as well, then what I think I’d consider is to look at the rx6600. For example consider the card below. Cost is right about 260. The closest 3060 seems to be about 350 give or

Below you see a video showing performance of the 6600 vs the 3060. If you want to split hairs you could spend a little more for a 6600xt.

Here’s a 6600xt for 299, still less than a 3060

Video showing rough difference between a 6600, 3060 and 6600xt


So I think I’d consider saving money by going with one of the 2 amd cards and then upgrading cpu to a 5700x or 5800x. You could go to a 5800x3d or 5900x if you wanted but those would probably be overkill given the class of graphics card you are shopping for. But an 8 core cpu vs the 6 core may not give you much extra performance today, but in a couple of years if you are deciding to hold on another year or so until the next socket for example, that extra cpu power could be what helps the pc stay relevant a little longer. Of course with the money saved, on Intel side you could also spring for the i7 for the same reasons.