Question Will this GPU be compatible with my Dell Optiplex 7010 Mini Tower?

This seems to be the specific model:

Use the dimension information there to see if it fits your particular case.
According to this:
It looks like there won't be any problems, but I would still recommend you confirm for yourself with the available information.

One thing is you may need a new PSU as the EVGA site recommends 300W as a minimum requirement.
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Card should work, but Why does it say, ""Graphics chip GeForce GTX550 TI 2GB upgrade display GTX1050 TI 4G GP"" ? Which card is this actually, ?

Looks like a scam, and a dodgy product to me. I think someone flashed the VBIOS of some other card.
what about this one instead gpu
last one I promise! Will this work? Thanks for all the help! GPU
Both look legit. The cheaper one is an inferior 1050 non ti btw. With eBay buyer protection you shouldn't get burned with a fake.
I don't see that either need a 6 pin so they should work on your PSU with only 240w, although it isn't a best-case scenario.

Since you have the 7010 MT, either GPU should fit and both are compatable with your motherboard.